🔥🤬 Woman Puts Friend's Rude Girlfriend in Her Place: Was She Justified?

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We all have that one friend who brings a new partner into the mix, and sometimes, they just don't fit in. In this case, a woman (24F) found herself at odds with her friend's (M25) new girlfriend (F20). Known for her blunt and sarcastic sense of humor, the woman tried to give the newcomer the benefit of the doubt, despite her fake and brutally honest attitude. However, things took a turn for the worse when the girlfriend began making things up and talking behind her back. 😠💔

The New Girlfriend's Attitude

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Trying to Give Her a Chance

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The Girlfriend's Inappropriate Behavior

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The Confrontation Begins

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A Rude Comment and a Clapback

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Setting the Record Straight

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Defending Her Choices

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The Girlfriend Doubles Down

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The Final Straw

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The Aftermath

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The Conflict Continues

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🤔 Was She Right to Put the Girlfriend in Her Place?

After a series of rude comments and fake behavior, our protagonist had enough of her friend's new girlfriend. She didn't hesitate to call her out, even using some colorful language. 😬 The girlfriend ran off crying, but the party went on. Now, with another encounter looming, the woman wonders if she was in the wrong for standing up for herself. 🤷♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Friend defends against rude girlfriend, gets support and witty comeback.

Aggressive-Scale1157 | Aggressive-Scale1157

Friend's girlfriend talked behind her back, she stood up for herself. 👏

Master-Manipulation | Master-Manipulation

Commenter initially thought OP was in the wrong, but ultimately agrees NTA 🤝

epostiler | epostiler

Comment section is a dumpster fire 🔥 with ESH and NTA judgments.

batistafan1998 | batistafan1998

Negative and sarcastic attitudes fuel a toxic friendship dynamic. 🤬

prairiemountainzen | prairiemountainzen

Friend stands up to rude girlfriend, justified in putting her in place 👏

Aw_bull_nuts | Aw_bull_nuts

Commenter calls out double standards in argument, no resolution reached 🤔

vixi5000 | vixi5000

Commenter calls out OP's immaturity and irresponsibility with savage examples 💥

FunOnAita | FunOnAita

Commenter acknowledges some fault, but defends new girlfriend's misreading.

attaboy_stampy | attaboy_stampy

Comment section filled with immature drama and toxicity 😡

Relevant-Economy-927 | Relevant-Economy-927

Commenter thinks everyone sucks here, calls out condescension and rudeness.

throwRAhelp331 | throwRAhelp331

Commenters agree: everyone sucks here in this exhausting situation 😒

couchmonster2920 | couchmonster2920

Commenters agree: this party sounds like a nightmare 😱

BeneficialName9863 | BeneficialName9863

Both sides have flaws 🤷‍♀️

crawling-alreadygirl | crawling-alreadygirl

Comment section full of immaturity and pettiness 😒

NotAnotherThrowback | NotAnotherThrowback

Friend's girlfriend is ESH, OP called her out, needs communication.

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

🤦‍♀️ Both are unbearable, no wonder they attract each other.

rolypolyarmadillo | rolypolyarmadillo

🙄 Annoying and insufferable behavior from everyone involved. #ESH

zonedoutcat | zonedoutcat

Commenter calls out everyone's behavior and sarcastic humor.

Dearcantaloupeplay | Dearcantaloupeplay

Commenter and reply agree: everyone sucks in this situation 😬

ChucksandTies | ChucksandTies

🗑️ Trash talk ensues in this heated comment section. 🤐

bellydancingmarlin | bellydancingmarlin

Commenter suggests everyone is being catty and oversensitive 😐

Weeber23 | Weeber23

Everyone sucks here. 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter called out for hypocrisy, both are TA 🤬

Esmereldathebrave | Esmereldathebrave

Act like an adult, not a high schooler. ESH 🤬

pajanaparty | pajanaparty

Commenter receives tough love for their own rude behavior 😬

WinnieCerise | WinnieCerise

Red flags raised about commenter's personal life, not girlfriend behavior 🤔

mo2573 | mo2573

🤦‍♀️ Everyone is acting immature in this situation.

keykey_key | keykey_key

Is the impolite girlfriend really the problem here? 🤔

Alia_Explores99 | Alia_Explores99

Both sides at fault, but woman's retaliation went too far 😬

ImpressionSeveral877 | ImpressionSeveral877

Commenter calls out group for being insufferable and rude.

Appropriate_Pickle94 | Appropriate_Pickle94

Parenting advice from a blunt ESH commenter 🤷‍♂️

robocopsafeel | robocopsafeel

Commenter calls out immaturity and lack of manners in group.

inara_weatherwax | inara_weatherwax

Commenter calls out OP for their behavior, warns of consequences ⚠️

Ok-Mode-2038 | Ok-Mode-2038

Drama alert! Commenter thinks everyone sucks here. 😕

lynnejanet | lynnejanet

Is the commenter being a gatekeeper? 🤔

rudegyaldem | rudegyaldem

Someone's had enough 😒

downvotingprofile | downvotingprofile

Commenter calls out rude behavior with a sassy response 👏

IDrinkMyOwnSemen | IDrinkMyOwnSemen

Immature feud between friends and girlfriend. ESH. 😒

tranceorange91 | tranceorange91

NTA shuts down rude girlfriend, internet cheers 🎉

roostercalhoun | roostercalhoun

Upstairs neighbor drama: ESH comment section gets spicy 🤬

Tambug21 | Tambug21

Commenter calls out OP for bullying and not being a role model 🤔

tmzand | tmzand

Commenter called out for hypocrisy and insults, 🤔

kcamms97 | kcamms97

Commenter calls out OP's pettiness and judgmental behavior. ESH 🤔

Amy14here | Amy14here

👏 Brutally honest friend stands up to rude girlfriend. NTA.

ChamomileBrownies | ChamomileBrownies

Commenter calls out use of misogynistic language in argument. 👏

leeanforward | leeanforward

Imagining the scene with an 🇦🇺 accent 🤬😂

YouCommercial4519 | YouCommercial4519

OP and girlfriend both have some sass, but girlfriend worse 👎

Ninja-Storyteller | Ninja-Storyteller

Commenter calls out double standard in friend's behavior. 🤔

Lorraine221 | Lorraine221

Commenter calls out hypocrisy and unpleasant behavior of both parties 😒

OpenMessage3865 | OpenMessage3865

Y'all deserve eachother. 🤷‍♀️ ESH.

Love_life_bisou | Love_life_bisou

🤷‍♀️ Everyone's insufferable according to this ESH comment.

Adorable-Ad201 | Adorable-Ad201

Mixed feelings in this section, ESH.

RTSchemel | RTSchemel

Evaluate who you spend time with to avoid unnecessary drama 👍

OutlandishnessNo9868 | OutlandishnessNo9868

Is it cultural? Exploring the weight of the c-word. 🤔

mysteriousNinja2 | mysteriousNinja2

Friendship over? 🤔 ESH comment sparks no hope for reconciliation.

50_shadesofTay | 50_shadesofTay

Commenter accuses OP of being a 'pick-me girl' 🤔

VanilleeMacaron | VanilleeMacaron

🤔 Is this comment calling out the insufferable behavior of all parties?

virekin | virekin

Friend's rude girlfriend put in place, friend needs to wise up 👏

MouthwashAndBandaids | MouthwashAndBandaids

Commenter calls out immaturity, but supports OP's actions. 👍

meowderina | meowderina

Joining her in her place? 🤔 Wise advice though.

GlassPavement | GlassPavement

🤷‍♀️ Can't we all just get along?

Better-wash-out | Better-wash-out

Friend stands up to rude girlfriend, calls out her behavior. 👏

MythicalNickie | MythicalNickie

Commenter calls out toxic behavior in friend group. 👏

GingerBanger85 | GingerBanger85

Both sides acted immaturely 🙄

Username6721 | Username6721

Commenter calls out OP for being the a**hole. 🤬

GlitteringHappily | GlitteringHappily

Commenter calls out OP for unfairly targeting girlfriend. 🤔

theatrewhore | theatrewhore

Comment section needs some adulting 🤷‍♂️

Bob-was-our-turtle | Bob-was-our-turtle

Whose sense of humor? The comment section is divided 🤔

itisitsyouknow | itisitsyouknow

Commenter suggests girlfriend was trying to fit in, ESH.

Professional-Band323 | Professional-Band323

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