Sister Snubbed from Wedding: Can This Family Drama Be Resolved? 😱👰

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Imagine growing up with two older half-sisters who you adore, only to be left out of one of their weddings. That's exactly what happened to a 19-year-old woman who has been struggling with her relationship with her sister ever since. The family drama began when the younger sister was snubbed from her sister's wedding festivities, including dress shopping and the actual ceremony in Italy. The reason? Her sister's mother, who has always ignored her existence. 💔 Now, four years later, her father is asking her to talk it out with her sister. But can she forgive and forget? Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story. 😢

A Family Divided

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Sisterly Love

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Wedding Bells Ringing

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The Dress Shopping Snub

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The Painful Realization

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Left Out of the Big Day

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The Silent Treatment

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Distancing from Sarah

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No Contact

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Dad's Request

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Sarah Reaching Out?

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The Dilemma

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Still Accessible

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Past Exclusion

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Not an Affair Child

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Dad's Support

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To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

After years of silence, the young woman's father is asking her to consider talking to her sister, Sarah. He believes family is important and wants them to get along. Sarah has also been trying to reach out, but the younger sister is unsure if she can forgive her for the wedding snub and the pain it caused. 😔 The question remains: should she let go of the past and try to mend their relationship, or is it too late to heal the wounds? 💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this heart-wrenching situation...

NTA, the sister should reach out if she wants to reconcile 👍

grandoledog | grandoledog

NTA. Valid feelings and no obligation to talk to sister.

Selenophile91 | Selenophile91

NTA. Family drama persists despite the desire for resolution. 👰

bumblebee7310 | bumblebee7310

Family drama ensues as Mary forces Sarah to choose sides 👰

lynypixie | lynypixie

NTA. Sister excluded OP from events, but father wants reconciliation. 😕

tysontysontyson1 | tysontysontyson1

Sister lied and snubbed you from wedding? NTA, continue NC 🙌

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

NTA, her failure to communicate is the problem 👍

calystarose | calystarose

Sister snubbed OP's wedding, now wants forgiveness. NTA stands firm. 👏

userabe | userabe

Dad's 'family is important' speech backfires, sister excluded from wedding. 😬

HunterDangerous1366 | HunterDangerous1366

Sister didn't invite her to wedding, NTA suggests NC email 📱

Dresden_Mouse | Dresden_Mouse

Setting boundaries with family. 👍

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

NTA stands firm on sister's wedding snub, but considers closure.

Shoereader | Shoereader

Family drama unfolds as commenters debate if NTA or ESH 🤔

Limerase | Limerase

NTA, but family drama persists. Father's hypocrisy exposed 😒

Adept-Spirit4879 | Adept-Spirit4879

Sibling drama: Sister not sorry, just afraid of looking bad. NTA 👏

EmploymentBright9707 | EmploymentBright9707

Sarah's behavior was rude and cowardly. NTA. 👍

CriticalSimple3122 | CriticalSimple3122

NTA. Family drama ensues as sister is snubbed from wedding 😱

demonmonkey1313 | demonmonkey1313

NTA. It's up to you if you want closure with sister. 👍

Kitchen_Wolverine_61 | Kitchen_Wolverine_61

Middle options to hear sister out without contact. NTA 👍

ttnl35 | ttnl35

Family drama resolved? NTA sister snubbed from wedding

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Communication is key! Can they resolve this family drama? 📝

Fire_or_water_kai | Fire_or_water_kai

Cutting toxic family members out can be difficult but necessary 👍

Winter-Pudding-3999 | Winter-Pudding-3999

NTA. Sarah's behavior is unacceptable. Dad needs to stay neutral. 🙅

ApartLocksmith1 | ApartLocksmith1

Sister chose the coward's way out. NTA. 👍

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Clear judgement, but why? Tell us more, u/username! 🤔

Ladykaesong | Ladykaesong

Sibling solidarity! NTA commenter supports OP and condemns sister's behavior. 👏

FirefighterAlarmed64 | FirefighterAlarmed64

Wedding snub leads to family drama and unresolved conflict. 😔

AveryAverina | AveryAverina

NTA. Sarah chose mom's ultimatum over sister, now gaslighting. Therapy needed.

darthcatlady | darthcatlady

Commenter suggests ulterior motive for sister's sudden interest 🤔

Otherwise_Turn_869 | Otherwise_Turn_869

Cutting ties with toxic family member? NTA, good luck! 💯

Expert-Angle-8214 | Expert-Angle-8214

NTA. Going NC with someone who doesn't want you around 👍

crochetbug | crochetbug

Sister excluded her from wedding without any explanation. Dad wants reconciliation.

evilcatsorcery | evilcatsorcery

NTA stands up to family drama and refuses to be excluded 👏

netnet1014 | netnet1014

Sister excluded from wedding, advice on repairing relationship. 👆

behating | behating

NTA suggests a letter exchange to repair relationship with sister 📝

Artneedsmorefloof | Artneedsmorefloof

Moving on and leaving things behind. NTA 🙌

sonicblue217 | sonicblue217

NTA commenter empathizes with sister's wedding snub, calls for honesty 👏

Vanriel | Vanriel

Setting boundaries with family. 👍

buttercupgrump | buttercupgrump

NTA advises OP to communicate with step-sister for closure 👍

bambina821 | bambina821

Family drama at a wedding, but is NTA in the right?

Motor_Business483 | Motor_Business483

Sister's wedding snub sparks justified outrage and family tension 😠

JudgeJed100 | JudgeJed100

Commenter seeks validation for half-sister's mistreatment. Drama ensues. 😱

Comfortable-Battle18 | Comfortable-Battle18

Commenter suspects ulterior motives for young woman's actions 🤔

Guzzery | Guzzery

Sister snubbed from wedding, but NTA. Family drama resolved?

justtired2022 | justtired2022

Family drama at its finest. NTA, but major AHs around.

HarrisonFordsBlade | HarrisonFordsBlade

Sister snubbed from wedding seeks relationship for free childcare? NTA

Wanderluster621 | Wanderluster621

Doubts about family politics, but NTA and understandable reaction 👍


Dad's pushing for reconciliation, but OP is skeptical. 😐

mrbnlkld | mrbnlkld

Family drama: Sister's actions caused irreparable damage. NTA's stance firm. 👍

The__Riker__Maneuver | The__Riker__Maneuver

Sibling drama: NTA sister deserves a strong apology 🙏

maybemaybo | maybemaybo

NTA. Family drama resurfaces after 4 years. Is dad meddling?

FitOrFat-1999 | FitOrFat-1999

Communication is key in resolving family drama. 👥

LeReineNoir | LeReineNoir

NTA. Family drama and mental health should be prioritized 👏

for_whyy | for_whyy

Stand up for yourself! NTA 👏

ronearc | ronearc

No desire to talk to sister, NTA 🤷‍♀️

Unagi-86 | Unagi-86

Excluded sister NTA, but will she exclude them from wedding? 👰

Longjumping_Pain_470 | Longjumping_Pain_470

Setting boundaries is key! 🙌 NTA for doing so.

JustinBarba | JustinBarba

NTA stands her ground, but open to resolution. 👍

SalamanderHot2799 | SalamanderHot2799

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