Man Refuses to Let Ex Give Up Baby for Adoption, Now Everyone's Mad 😲

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Imagine breaking up with your partner, only to find out you're expecting a baby together. That's exactly what happened to this man and his ex-girlfriend. Despite their split, they agreed to be friends and raise their child together. But when the ex tried to rekindle their romance and he rejected her advances, things took a dramatic turn. Now, she wants to give up the baby for adoption, but he's not having it. Is he the bad guy here? Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions and find out. 🎢😬

The Breakup and Baby News

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Agreeing to Co-Parent

[deleted] | [deleted]

Romantic Advances Rejected

[deleted] | [deleted]

Anger and Accusations

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A Drastic Decision

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Adoption or Bust?

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Heated Confrontation

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Family Members Get Involved

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Standing His Ground

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Full Custody Offer

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Dad-to-Be Stands Firm, But Everyone's Furious 😤

This dad-to-be is in a tricky situation: he wants to raise his child, but his ex-girlfriend wants to give the baby up for adoption. After rejecting her romantic advances, she's furious, and now her family and even his own are giving him grief. He's offered to take full custody, but she's not happy with that either. So, who's in the right here? Is he being unreasonable, or is he just trying to be a responsible father? Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotional dilemma. 🧐🍿

Commenter seeking moral advice advised to get a lawyer instead 👨🏻‍💻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Man refuses to let ex give up baby for adoption. Commenters debate child support and gender-neutral laws. 👨🏻‍🎤

liddelpegger | liddelpegger

Should OP try to make ex share custody? INFO needed 🤔

walkingthrones19 | walkingthrones19

Discussion on parental rights and financial obligations after signing away.

Poekienijn | Poekienijn

NTA for not giving up your *baby*. Ex and family are assholes. 😒

missmegsy | missmegsy

Supportive comment suggests getting a lawyer and counseling for ex. 👍

SmellsLikeWetFox | SmellsLikeWetFox

NTA, but only if willing to be sole parent. Hope she's responsible 👍

HonPhryneFisher | HonPhryneFisher

Man wants to co-parent but needs to accept being single parent 🙏

RyoukonTheSpeedcuber | RyoukonTheSpeedcuber

Supportive comment suggests seeking legal help, condemns partner's actions. 👏

CulturedPhilistine | CulturedPhilistine

Man intends to have full custody, hopes ex will be involved 🙏

Ricoret | Ricoret

Supportive comment advises legal precautions and family communication. 🤝

thesilenceofthetrees | thesilenceofthetrees

Step up and be a single parent. NTA. 👨‍🎲

bloodinthefields | bloodinthefields

NTA stands up for his right to co-parent 👨🏻‍📺

[deleted] | [deleted]

Debate over financial obligations in co-parenting arrangement sparks controversy 🤔

ADarkStormyNight | ADarkStormyNight

NTA defends himself against manipulative ex trying to give up baby.

Vast_Lecture | Vast_Lecture

INFO: Couple's readiness for parenthood determines if NTA or YTA.

kkoreto1991 | kkoreto1991

ESH, but OP seems manipulative and should coparent well.

ladeeda3685 | ladeeda3685

Complicated custody battle sparks debate over parental responsibility 🤔

VioletTurner26 | VioletTurner26

Ex-couple's blurred boundaries lead to a messed up situation. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Deracinated | Deracinated

Man wants ex to give birth but not be involved. 🤷‍♂️

sirensong150 | sirensong150

INFO: Consider the long-term impact before fighting for custody. 👨‍🍳

QuantumDwarf | QuantumDwarf

Adoptee defends adoption, father defends keeping his child. 👨‍👦👦

strangerthaaang | strangerthaaang

Ex wants revenge, but OP willing to take full custody. NTA 👍


Can he raise the baby if the mother relinquishes rights? 🤔

conneers | conneers

ESH: Commenter acknowledges blame on both sides and highlights potential risks.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter questioned about taking full responsibility for the baby 🤔

Cat_got_ya_tongue | Cat_got_ya_tongue

NTA for wanting to raise the baby but YTA for expecting her to be on board with parenthood with you 😔

Giovana_C | Giovana_C

Curious commenter asks for more details about the situation 🤔

chibs92 | chibs92

Commenter accuses post of being MGTOW fanfic, sparks debate 🤔

randomizeplz | randomizeplz

Determined dad-to-be plans for full custody 💪

bitchy_barbie | bitchy_barbie

NTA for wanting to keep the baby, but get a lawyer 👨‍🍳

invisibuni | invisibuni

NTA for refusing ex's baby adoption, accusing her of baby trapping. 😍


Father willing to take primary custody, civil discussion ensues 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Harsh judgement in comment section for baby adoption dispute 😔

wolfy321 | wolfy321

NTA, but taking full custody and removing her name from birth certificate 👍

EhDub13 | EhDub13

Commenter criticizes OP for not allowing ex to give baby up for adoption

potamoschrysou | potamoschrysou

NTA takes custody, but ex wants full adoption. 🤷‍♂️

bossyjudge | bossyjudge

Legal action advised in custody battle. NTA.

SnoemanKing | SnoemanKing

Concerned comment urges reflection on ability to raise a child 🤔

TheRussiansrComing | TheRussiansrComing

Dad fights ex's adoption plan, seeks legal advice. NTA.

jseqtor12 | jseqtor12

Legal counsel advised for complex custody battle. NTA. 🙌

FreedomDragon01 | FreedomDragon01

Debate on gender and child support, who's responsible? 🤔

datman510 | datman510

Single fatherhood is great, but be prepared for the challenges. 👍

stuckinnowhereville | stuckinnowhereville

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