Deaf Dad's House Party Drama: Was He Wrong for Not Disclosing His Disability? 😲

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Being a single father to four kids is no easy task, especially when three of them are deaf. But this 39-year-old dad, who is also deaf, thought he had everything under control when he organized a slumber party for his 11-year-old daughter. Little did he know, a confrontation with one of the guests' moms would lead to an emotional rollercoaster and leave him questioning if he was in the wrong for not disclosing his disability. 😕🎂

Deaf Dad's Dilemma 🤔

aita_throwit | aita_throwit

The Slumber Party Plan 🎉

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The Invitation 📱

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The Unexpected Encounter 😳

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The Argument Begins 🤬

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Driving Debate 🚗

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Parking Tickets and Interrogations 🚔

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Language Barrier Concerns 🗣️

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Spanish vs. Sign Language 🇪🇸

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The Ultimatum 😠

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Callie's Phone Fiasco 📵

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The Dramatic Exit 😢

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The Aftermath 🥺

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The Deaf Dad's Slumber Party Showdown: Who's Right? 🤷

After a heated argument over text, the mom reluctantly agreed to let her daughter stay at the slumber party. However, she continued to call and text her daughter incessantly, leading to a dramatic exit when she stormed into the house without knocking and demanded her daughter leave. The daughter was left in tears, and now our deaf dad is left wondering if he could have avoided the entire situation by simply disclosing his disability earlier. Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotional showdown... 💭📲

NTA dad faces ableism and sexism for being deaf and single.

Kruisi | Kruisi

Engaging story of a mom who learned sign language. NTA

redmooncat15 | redmooncat15

NTA. Commenter rightfully calls out ableist behavior with strong language 👊

MorganLeSlay | MorganLeSlay

NTA dad receives support for inviting daughter's friend despite ableist mom.

blockparted | blockparted

Deaf dad stands up against ableism at daughter's birthday party 🎉

Lily2404 | Lily2404

Deaf dad defended, commenter calls out ableism. 👏

itchybottombees | itchybottombees

Deaf dad called a creep for being deaf? NTA wins 🎉

nonbinaryunicorn | nonbinaryunicorn

Protecting your child from a nut job. NTA wins!

enonymousCanadian | enonymousCanadian

Deaf dad not at fault for not disclosing disability. Mom overreacts 😒

NYCQuilts | NYCQuilts

👍 Mother's fault? Commenter thinks deaf dad is not the a**hole.

musicteacher45 | musicteacher45

Deafness doesn't affect driving. NTA. 👍

SqueezyYeet | SqueezyYeet

Encouraging response to deaf dad facing discrimination at party. 👍

nerdforest | nerdforest

Deaf dad's NTA verdict marred by safety concerns 🙁

Silent_Tome | Silent_Tome

Unanimous agreement: Deafness doesn't make him an a**hole 👍

kazle | kazle

Commenter defends deaf dad, calls woman an a**hole. 😈

Dull-Community | Dull-Community

Deaf dad called a "sick creep" for protecting himself? NTA 🤔

Living_la_vida_hobo | Living_la_vida_hobo

Mom's behavior towards deaf dad is T A. Lock your doors.

saucynoodlelover | saucynoodlelover

Defending NTA commenter against potential false accusations 🙁

psychotickitty78 | psychotickitty78

Deaf dad drives safely, NTA for not disclosing disability 🙌

roliravioli78 | roliravioli78

Explaining disability may help avoid future misunderstandings 🤔

abcwva | abcwva

Deaf dad not wrong for not disclosing disability. NTA. 👍

waterlust87 | waterlust87

NTA comment shuts down judgmental mother with a burn 🔥

RagingTails | RagingTails

Deaf dad judged for not disclosing disability. Supportive NTA comments.

Maddie215 | Maddie215

Documenting crazy lady's behavior: NTA, but stay safe! 😲

raiseyourspirits | raiseyourspirits

Teachable moment missed? NTA dad proves otherwise. 👍

willrun4cheeseburger | willrun4cheeseburger

Commenter calls woman a psychopath for judging deaf dad. 🤯

juniperberry52 | juniperberry52

NTA. Dealing with ignorance about disabilities and setting communication expectations. 🙌

verminiusrex | verminiusrex

Commenters suspect missing information or fictional story. 😕

daphnedewey | daphnedewey

Deaf dad's safety questioned after not locking door 🤔

Cedlic | Cedlic

Supportive comment and advice for Deaf Dad's party incident. ❤️

Agent_Scully9114 | Agent_Scully9114

In-laws are deaf and amazing. Mother is ignorant and ruining daughter's opportunity. #DeafCommunity 🤟

Ok_Principle_6640 | Ok_Principle_6640

Deaf party host called 'NTA' for not disclosing disability 🚯

Bemo2k | Bemo2k

NTA comment shuts down ableist criticism with empathy and reason.

Fyrefly12 | Fyrefly12

Support for NTA, police intervention suggested to prevent rumors. 🚨

thicklover | thicklover

Sharing his deafness would be helpful for logistical reasons 👨‍🗢

Lilkiska2 | Lilkiska2

Deaf dad's house party drama ends with NTA verdict 👏

FalseAwe | FalseAwe

Breaking stereotypes: Deafness does not hinder driving abilities. 🙌

SmartFX2001 | SmartFX2001

Deaf dad not wrong, daughter's friend's mom is ableist 😒

Curious-Condition-66 | Curious-Condition-66

Supportive comment defends Deaf father against ableist mother-in-law 👏

AmethysstFire | AmethysstFire

Deaf dad receives support and a practical question from commenter.

M0506 | M0506

Defending inclusion and diversity against ableism and xenophobia 💪

DazzlingTurnover | DazzlingTurnover

Disability disclosure: NTA for not mentioning deafness before party 🙌

iKidnapBabiez | iKidnapBabiez

Challenging ableism and ignorance, questioning correlation with perversion 🤔

Babycatcher2023 | Babycatcher2023

Hosting a sleepover means making everyone feel safe, but ESH slightly.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ableism towards disabled parents is unfair and untrue 😢

ordinary_comrade | ordinary_comrade

Commenter sympathizes with child, supports deaf dad. 😢

lacyjacobs | lacyjacobs

Protect yourself from false allegations. NTA, but disturbing attitude 😠

axiswolfstar | axiswolfstar

Commenter defends deaf dad and criticizes ableist behavior. 🔥

brita998866 | brita998866

Excluding a child for their parent's behavior: NTA or ESH? 🤔

Queen-Ham | Queen-Ham

Woman shames deaf dad for not disclosing disability. Commenter defends.

josiane_jolene | josiane_jolene

Commenter empathizes with daughter, calls woman 'closed-minded ignoramus' 😒

greengrassblacksand1 | greengrassblacksand1

NTA shuts down ableist comment with no mercy. 💯

bi-snowflake | bi-snowflake

Parenting with a disability: NTA dad faces minor concerns 🙂

nrsys | nrsys

Heartfelt support for victim of discrimination and her children 👏

thisizthebadplace | thisizthebadplace

Protecting children's friendships from ableist adults 👥

thehorridsubotnik | thehorridsubotnik

Commenter defends dad, calls woman 'weird'. NTA verdict.

MediocrityAlive | MediocrityAlive

Support for NTA comment in deaf dad's party drama 🙌

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Bigotry called out: NTA for deaf dad's party drama. 👏

GeekyStitcher | GeekyStitcher

Deaf dad not wrong for party, but lock your doors! 😜

HoustonJack | HoustonJack

Supportive comment section empathizes with deaf dad's party drama. 😞

mytwocentsworth01 | mytwocentsworth01

Short and to the point. No a-hole here. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends deaf dad and insults ableism with disgust.

sjsksjsiausisjs | sjsksjsiausisjs

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