Mom's Battle Over Special Dish Brush: Office Drama Unfolds 😱

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Imagine being a nursing mother in a male-dominated workplace, trying to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your baby's feeding equipment. Now picture a coworker using your special dish brush, meant for cleaning breast pump parts, to wash their dirty dishes. 😡 That's the situation one woman found herself in, leading to a heated office conflict. The question is: should she take it to HR or let it go? Let's dive into this drama-filled story. 🍿

The Special Brush Routine 🍼

handsoffmyboobbrush | handsoffmyboobbrush

The Hidden Brush Spot 🕵️‍♀️

handsoffmyboobbrush | handsoffmyboobbrush

The Uncomfortable Encounter 😬

handsoffmyboobbrush | handsoffmyboobbrush

The Brush Misuse 🧀

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The Polite Note 📝

handsoffmyboobbrush | handsoffmyboobbrush

The Sacrifice and Replacement 🔄

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The Brush Thief Caught Red-Handed 🕵️

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The Sink Showdown 🚰

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The Boss's Opinion 👨‍💼

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The HR Dilemma 🤔

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The Context: Health Matters 🤒

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To HR or Not to HR: The Great Brush Debate 🤷‍♀️

Caught in a whirlwind of office drama, our nursing mom has a decision to make. Should she take her coworker's dish brush misuse to HR, or should she let it go as her boss suggested? While the coworker's actions are infuriating, she's unsure if she has solid grounds for a complaint. 😕 With her baby's health on the line, this isn't just about a brush – it's about respect and understanding. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Creative solution proposed for dish brush dilemma. NTA confirmed.

chicagoman9876 | chicagoman9876

NTA breastfeeding mom targeted by creepy co-worker. Report to HR ASAP 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

👍 Keeping the brush in a labeled lunch box in the fridge

collegekit13 | collegekit13

NTA. Start a paper trail. This guy is aggressively antagonistic. 😡

ricebasket | ricebasket

NTA! Breastfeeding mother targeted by co-worker for special dish brush 😠

ThrowAwayCatBalloon | ThrowAwayCatBalloon

Stand up for your rights! NTA 💪🏼

jupedya | jupedya

Mom battles office drama over labeled breast pump brush. NTA wins!

hidinginthepantry | hidinginthepantry

Suggests bringing up the issue to HR to document harassment. 👍

kumquatt22 | kumquatt22

Nursing mothers face misconceptions about 'extra privileges' 😢

vocabulazy | vocabulazy

Breastfeeding discrimination at work? NTA, go to HR 🚨

Dududidu2 | Dududidu2

Commenter shares experience of toxic masculinity in the workplace.

katiecatalina | katiecatalina

Commenter suggests going to HR over hostile work environment 😠

steamingpileofpooh | steamingpileofpooh

Standing up for personal property in office, NTA wins 🙌

braw_mince | braw_mince

NTA for removing personal item from shared space, coworker is TA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Office thief gets called out for touching other people's stuff 😒

okayish_22 | okayish_22

Standing up for safety: NTA defends special dish brush 🧼

Claspers69 | Claspers69

NTA: Commenter suggests filing a grievance with HR for hostile work environment 👍

The__Riker__Maneuver | The__Riker__Maneuver

NTA. Coworker's discomfort with lactation is not OP's problem 🙄

peaches0823 | peaches0823

User suggests locking up special dish brush in office for laughs 😂

EvilOverLordEly | EvilOverLordEly

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 Let HR handle the drama. NTA.

Shitsuri | Shitsuri

Concerned commenter advises filing HR report over tampering incident.

sonicblue217 | sonicblue217

Gender divide in comments, but commenter is NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report the a**hole coworker who used the special dish brush 😠

QuackLikeMe | QuackLikeMe

Power play over dish brush in office drama. NTA wins.

OkPhilosopher1313 | OkPhilosopher1313

Stand up for yourself! NTA, report that horrid coworker 💪

Havokenn | Havokenn

Passive aggressive power move? Not cool 😑

Disneyfreak77 | Disneyfreak77

Clever solution to office brush drama with a touch of sass 😎

MeanestGoose | MeanestGoose

Supportive male ally encourages complaint submission in male-dominated workplace 💪

theplippityplops | theplippityplops

Create a paper trail and throw away unusable brushes 💪

SparkAxolotl | SparkAxolotl

Sharing office supplies can be tricky 😕. Personal items should be labeled.

Rural_Bedbug | Rural_Bedbug

Stand up to bad leadership. NTA commenter has your back 💪

Zealousideal-Owl-459 | Zealousideal-Owl-459

Fair game? 😱 Revenge tactics in the office kitchen.

Resagarden | Resagarden

Office etiquette: Personal items are off-limits, especially breast pump cleaners 😱

Kiyohara | Kiyohara

Supportive comment receives no replies, HR intervention expected 🙏

OutlandishnessIcy577 | OutlandishnessIcy577

Commenter calls out sexist behavior in office over dish brush 👏

Krellous | Krellous

Keeping personal items in break room is common. NTA. 👍

vde2027 | vde2027

Protect your property at work 👍, make a paper trail 📝

PaperOperator | PaperOperator

Protect your office supplies from passive-aggressive weirdos 😱

Twallot | Twallot

Nursing mom fights back against office bully. #NTA #BreastfeedingRights 💪

Anithica | Anithica

Standing up to office misogyny like a boss 💪

StephenNotSteve | StephenNotSteve

Fight back! Get a lawyer to school your boss and coworker 😎

TheRealSkeeter | TheRealSkeeter

Boss tries to manipulate employee over dish brush 🤭

Real_Editor_7837 | Real_Editor_7837

Man's obsession with dish brush causes office drama 😱

knapen50 | knapen50

Report the weird flexer. NTA wins the battle! 👏

Fickle_Map_3703 | Fickle_Map_3703

NTA, keep the brush safe from petty and nasty coworker 👍

CaliLemonEater | CaliLemonEater

Asserting ownership over office dish brush sparks gendered conflict 🤪

Ravenmorningstar76 | Ravenmorningstar76

Serious accusation of sexual harassment in the office 😱

crystalfairie | crystalfairie

NTA for reporting stolen breastfeeding-related brushes in a toxic workplace 😱

StorytellingGiant | StorytellingGiant

Brush drama: Commenter calls out lack of common sense 😕

cookieenmelk | cookieenmelk

Keep your personal belongings safe from office a**holes 👍

tinny36 | tinny36

Breast pump sponge? NTA calls out strange office behavior 🤷

oofda666 | oofda666

Protect your property and report the offender 🚨

Hot-Opportunity4235 | Hot-Opportunity4235

Stand your ground and report the theft of your property 💪

immadriftersbody | immadriftersbody

Protect yourself with a mini drying rack and document everything! 🙌

Glad-Ability4018 | Glad-Ability4018

Stand up for yourself! Let HR know about the deliberate sabotage. 💪

sdbinnl | sdbinnl

Defending pumping rights at work 💪

owlsnarks | owlsnarks

NTA suggests using "reasonable accommodations" in HR talk 👍

SamGamgE | SamGamgE

NTA suggests petty revenge tactics, HR complaint, or acceptance.

RhuLynette | RhuLynette

Respect office rules! 🙅‍♀️ Don't touch what's not yours.

NeighBeach | NeighBeach

Breastfeeding mom faces discrimination at work, NTA suggests reporting to HR 👍

loopymunky | loopymunky

Keep the brush at your desk to avoid tampering 🤔

Candy4Mandy | Candy4Mandy

Keep a list and report to HR: NTA wins battle 💪

Few-Perception9731 | Few-Perception9731

Standing up to office bullies: NTA takes a stand 💪

Faded_Ginger | Faded_Ginger

Office break room etiquette debated over communal dish brush. NTA.

Coco_Dirichlet | Coco_Dirichlet

Pumping mom recommends convenient drying rack with all necessary brushes 👍

Fuzzy-Tutor6168 | Fuzzy-Tutor6168

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