Mom Kicks Out Daughter After Catching Her in the Act on Her Bed 😱

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Picture this: you're a single mom, doing your best to raise your rebellious teenage daughter. You've been patient, understanding, and have tried to enforce discipline. But one day, you come home early to find your daughter in your bed with a complete stranger. 😳 That's exactly what happened to this mom, who decided enough was enough and kicked her daughter out, sending her to live with her dad. But is she being too harsh? Let's dive into this story and find out. 🤔

Rebellious Teen and Disney Dad

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Discipline Falls on Mom

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Trust Broken

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Unexpected Discovery

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Tough Choices

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No Financial Support

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Am I Wrong?

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Sister's Opinion

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Shocking Comments

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No More Participation

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Death Threats

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Reporting to Admins

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Grateful for Daughter

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Daughter's New Home

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Mom's Breaking Point: Daughter Sent to Live with Dad

After years of dealing with her daughter's rebellious behavior, this mom reached her breaking point when she came home early to find her daughter in bed with a stranger. 😤 She decided it was time for her daughter to live with her dad, who had always played the 'Disney dad' role. Despite the tough decision, the mom is firm in her choice and hopes her daughter will have a fresh start. But not everyone agrees with her decision, with some even sending her death threats. 😨 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

ESH, but kicking her out is detrimental to your relationship 😔

327sk | 327sk

NTA for being angry about daughter having sex on her bed 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH. Reddit debates cultural differences in parental responsibility and consequences.

stunning-stasis | stunning-stasis

Commenter calls out OP for hating her daughter, suggests therapy 💆‍♀️

lifeofjoyciel | lifeofjoyciel

Commenter defends daughter, receives support from one reply.

Samlucas74 | Samlucas74

Money or not, kicking out daughter is a**hole move 😒


ESH, but kicking out an 18-year-old is damaging. Therapy recommended.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out parent for lack of empathy and understanding.

afeltner78 | afeltner78

Daughter kicked out for having sex on parents' bed. NTA according to commenters.

NachosSiempre | NachosSiempre

OP is called out for overreacting and being a bad parent 🤷‍♂️

hawkxp71 | hawkxp71

Daughter throws tantrum, breaks bed frame, gets kicked out. NTA.

sweetcampfire | sweetcampfire

Commenter questions mother's reaction, replies suggest it was cumulative.

wobblebase | wobblebase

Parenting is hard, but kicking out your kid isn't right. 😔

Writing_Rabbit | Writing_Rabbit

Commenter calls out parent for lack of care and empathy 😔

adpam | adpam

Commenter questions extreme reaction to daughter's mistake. Replies agree.

Just_me_maggie | Just_me_maggie

Punishing a kid by throwing them out? YTA. Interesting insight though 🤔

epsteinscellmate | epsteinscellmate

Parenting tip: Communication is key 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parenting gone wrong? ESH in this tough love situation 🤷

alanukis | alanukis

ESH. Daughter needs therapy, parenting intervention. Kicking out was AH move.

scrimshandy | scrimshandy

Parental overreaction, but daughter should face consequences. Heartwarming ending ❤

drerrie12 | drerrie12

Parental neglect and rebellion lead to strained relationships. 😔

randomredittor21 | randomredittor21

Commenter calls out OP for lack of love towards daughter 😔

Amazeballsaucee | Amazeballsaucee

Graduating late isn't abysmal, treating your daughter like sub-class is. ESH 🤷‍♀️

dmbass95 | dmbass95

User calls out OP's parenting and lack of support for daughter. YTA.

bheaans | bheaans

Commenter calls out OP for being too sensitive about bedroom

LotBuilder | LotBuilder

Engaging with the sentiment of the comment, a user argues that kicking out a child for being rebellious and having sex is not the solution and suggests that the mother should talk to her daughter instead. 👥👍

LiquidDreamtime | LiquidDreamtime

Parenting advice sparks heated debate 🤯

goofberries | goofberries

ESH but OP's reaction seems extreme. Punishment warranted, not disownment.

slimparrot | slimparrot

Debating whether mom was right to kick out daughter over sex.

StrongIslandPiper | StrongIslandPiper

Commenter pleads for compassion towards daughter, urges INFO for context. 😢

doe_gee | doe_gee

Commenter shares personal experience and criticizes parenting skills. 👎

farminggil | farminggil

Mixed feelings in this comment section. ESH.

Sxzzling | Sxzzling

Teens are definitely banging on your bed when you're out 😱

SongofIceandWhisky | SongofIceandWhisky

Sex on parents' bed: ESH, but kicking out daughter extreme 🤷‍♀️

Grimdarkwinter | Grimdarkwinter

Curious Redditor seeks clarification on mom's bed-kicking outrage 🤔

jnwebb0063 | jnwebb0063

Navigating tough love and tough decisions with irrational teenagers 🙅

emilypwc | emilypwc

Clean your sheets, YTA. Don't kick out your child 🙄

HauntingCat | HauntingCat

Commenter calls out mom for irresponsible parenting and being the a**hole. A reply suggests daughter may have used mom's bed for comfort.

JackPAnderson | JackPAnderson

Commenter strongly disagrees with the mother's actions. 😱

Itscameronman | Itscameronman

Commenter reflects on similar experience, questions mom's reaction.

ronearc | ronearc

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😢

KanaydianDragon | KanaydianDragon

Discipline, don't disown. ESH, but YWBTA if you do.

follower888 | follower888

Commenter calls out mom for disowning daughter over minor issue 🤷

lameassreddituser | lameassreddituser

NTA- Tough love is sometimes the only option 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parenting advice: YTA should discipline daughter and not kick her out 👥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter judged harshly with a red-faced emoji.

Fisheswithfeet | Fisheswithfeet

Daughter acting like a moody teenager, NTA needs a break 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parenting advice or judgment? The comment section debates.

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

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