Stepdaughter Lies About College, Blows $10k on Gambling & Weed 😱 Parents Demand Rent & Repayment, Bio Mom Cries Foul 🤯

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Imagine having a deal with your kids that they can live rent-free as long as they're studying or working, only to discover that one of them lied about attending college and blew $10,000 on gambling and weed! 😱 That's exactly what happened to this couple and their 23-year-old stepdaughter, Bea. Now, they're demanding that Bea pay rent and repay the wasted money, while her biological mom accuses them of being unfair and playing favorites. Let's dive into this dramatic tale! 🍿

The Family Deal 🏠

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Bea's Life Choices 🚫📚

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House Rules 🏡

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A New Opportunity? 📚💼

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The Shocking Truth 😱

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The Betrayal 🎰🌿

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Facing the Consequences 💔

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Bio Mom's Reaction 😡

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Bea's Situation 🚗💸

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Bea's Income 💰

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The Ultimatum 🚪

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Zoe's Logic 🤔

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Playing Favorites? 👩‍👧

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The Drama Unfolds: Lies, Betrayal, and Consequences 😲

After discovering that their stepdaughter Bea lied about attending college and blew $10,000 on gambling and weed, this couple is demanding rent and repayment. Bea's biological mom, Zoe, is accusing them of being unfair and playing favorites. Despite the new rent rule, Bea still enjoys many perks at home, but her parents insist that she must face the consequences of her actions and grow up. Zoe, on the other hand, believes that her daughter's actions shouldn't be a big deal since Bea's parents are well-off. The drama continues to unfold as the family grapples with the fallout of Bea's shocking betrayal. 💔🍿

NTA, time for Bea to put on her big girl pants 👕

Publius246 | Publius246

Stepdaughter stole $10k, legal action if she doesn't repay? 🤔

Square-wheel116 | Square-wheel116

NTA parent trusted daughter, who stole 10k for gambling and weed.

SendarSlayer | SendarSlayer

Tough love or too harsh? NTA kicks out conning stepdaughter.

Valkyrie131313 | Valkyrie131313

NTA parent praised for reasonable consequences, bio mom criticized 👍

theazurerose | theazurerose

NTA. Stepmother not at fault, biological mother is bad influence. 👍

Roux_Harbour | Roux_Harbour

NTA. Reasonable consequences for an adult who stole and lied.

The_Important_One_ | The_Important_One_

👏 Short and sweet. This comment cuts right to the chase.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA but daughter needs therapy, payback won't solve problem 🙏

curiousbelgian | curiousbelgian

Parental discipline or police involvement? Debate over punishment ensues. 🤔

Wrong-Construction40 | Wrong-Construction40

Facing consequences for bad behavior, not uneven parenting. NTA 👍

doesntevengohere12 | doesntevengohere12

NTA, tough love is necessary. Kick her out 👋

majorjayzer | majorjayzer

Parenting fairness praised in NTA comment 👍

14793759308 | 14793759308

Bio mom's ignorance won't change stepdaughter's theft. NTA.

nick_of_the_night | nick_of_the_night

Encouraging comment to stand up to stepdaughter's lies. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for holding her accountable for lying and stealing 👏

ttt_tia23 | ttt_tia23

Commenters call out Bea's lies about income, support parents. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Trust broken: stepdaughter stole $10k, NTA for demanding repayment 💰

dichingdi | dichingdi

Clear rules were set, actions have consequences. NTA 👍

Master-Tourist2238 | Master-Tourist2238

Commenter calls stepdaughter a thief and suggests kicking her out.

i-have-two-dogs | i-have-two-dogs

Parent holds lying stepdaughter accountable for her actions. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kick out the thief daughter, let bio mom deal with her 🚪💼

sarahhxmargaret | sarahhxmargaret

Misleading title, but refreshing to see NTA story for once 😊

BecausePancakess | BecausePancakess

Bio-mom defends daughter's actions, commenter suggests tough love. 🤯

No-Idea-Y-Im-here | No-Idea-Y-Im-here

Commenter jokes about high receptionist salary, teacher chimes in.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA demands stepdaughter repay $10k blown on gambling and weed 😱

Maleficent-Hand-815 | Maleficent-Hand-815

NTA - She lied and stole, consequences are necessary. Bio mom enabling.

Inevitable_Simple869 | Inevitable_Simple869

Commenter praises parent's fair treatment of stepdaughter, supports consequences. 👍

Fantastic-Focus-7056 | Fantastic-Focus-7056

NTA for not reporting daughter's lying and theft 😊

RyzenTide | RyzenTide

Father sets rules for safety, daughter blows money on gambling and weed.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA sets reasonable rules, comment section agrees 👍

the_small_one1826 | the_small_one1826

Commenter sympathizes with parents and calls out stepdaughter's behavior. NTA.

JonesinforJonesey | JonesinforJonesey

NTA suggests taking back car as recompense for stepdaughter's lies.

Tiny_Willingness_686 | Tiny_Willingness_686

Commenter calls out stepdaughter's fraud, declares NTA. 😱

Just-Like-My-Opinion | Just-Like-My-Opinion

NTA, but kick her out and don't expect repayment 😡

fantastic-cabbage | fantastic-cabbage

Valid question about payment method for college/adult center.

dracospunch | dracospunch

Part-time receptionist making $3200/month? Wake up call needed! 😱

gingerlee13 | gingerlee13

NTA suggests tough love for stepdaughter, sparks no replies.

no_nonsense_206 | no_nonsense_206

User suggests kicking out stepdaughter, NTA (not the a**hole) judgement.

KimmyStand | KimmyStand

Curious commenter questions job market amidst family drama 🤔

professionalmeangirl | professionalmeangirl

Time for Bea to pay up and move out. NTA 👍

co_fragment | co_fragment

Parents betrayed by stepdaughter's gambling and weed addiction. NTA for demanding repayment.

AffectionateMine2220 | AffectionateMine2220

Commenter expresses shock at stepdaughter's theft with expletive.

PhantomO1 | PhantomO1

NTA commenter suggests kicking out stepdaughter after $10k theft 🤯

Rude_Ostrich_503 | Rude_Ostrich_503

Bio mom defends daughter who stole $10k from step-parents. NTA claps back.

Sea-Honey9378 | Sea-Honey9378

Misleading title and not really AITA material 😑

Randa08 | Randa08

Stepdaughter gambles away college funds, NTA for enforcing consequences.

Nira_Re | Nira_Re

NTA! 🙅‍♀️ Involve the police since she stole through deception. Trust is gone!

EffectiveGold8273 | EffectiveGold8273

Tough love or too harsh? Commenters weigh in 🤔

ParkingOutside6500 | ParkingOutside6500

Stepdaughter's scamming deserves no sympathy. NTA 👏

megpal426 | megpal426

Stepdaughter blows $10k on gambling and weed, parents demand repayment. NTA.

AngryKittenKat | AngryKittenKat

Enabling a garbage lifestyle? OP's rules are fair and reasonable.

maggiemae83 | maggiemae83

Stepdaughter's $10k mistake: NTA parent teaches responsibility 👍

BBAus | BBAus

Bio mom enables daughter's bad behavior, NTA for demanding repayment 👏

UndeadArmy16 | UndeadArmy16

NTA. $10k stolen? Kick her out. Play stupid games...

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, setting boundaries is important and consequences are necessary.

Deep_Marsupial_1277 | Deep_Marsupial_1277

Commenter questions if stepdaughter can realistically pay back debts and rent 💰

scherre | scherre

Tough love or too harsh? NTA gives stepdaughter 30-day notice 😡

Euphoric-Round-5182 | Euphoric-Round-5182

Stealing $10k for gambling and weed? NTA for demanding repayment and rent. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clear judgement, but missing context. Need more info. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

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