Dad Marries Stranger 10 Months After Mom's Death 😱 Kids Threaten to Cut Ties!

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Losing a parent is never easy, and the grieving process can be long and arduous. But what happens when your remaining parent decides to marry a stranger just 10 months after your mom's passing? Two sisters from Australia are facing this exact situation, and they're not happy about it. Their dad is set to marry a woman from England, whom they've never met, and they're threatening to cut ties with him if he goes through with it. Let's dive into the story that has everyone talking. 😮

Mom's Tragic Passing 💔

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Mysterious Bride-to-Be 🕵️‍♀️

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Dad's Sudden Change of Plans 🔄

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Rapid Romance 💨

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Wedding Bells and Heartbreak 💔🔔

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Sisters' Ultimatum 🚫

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Are They in the Wrong? 🤔

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A Change of Heart? 💗

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Moving Forward 🚶‍♀️

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Dad's New Love Leaves Kids in Turmoil 😔

These sisters are struggling to come to terms with their dad's decision to marry a stranger from England, just 10 months after their mom's death. They feel abandoned and hurt, but after receiving some advice, they're starting to understand that their dad's grieving process might be different from their own. They still have mixed feelings, but they're willing to sit down and talk with their dad once he's out of isolation. Will they be able to find a way to move forward as a family? Let's see what people have to say about this emotional rollercoaster... 🎢

Daughter upset about dad remarrying, but commenters urge understanding and therapy.

IsThisRealLife201520 | IsThisRealLife201520

Grieving OP is gently called out for being too harsh 😔

Wood-lily | Wood-lily

Encouraging comments on the importance of happiness after loss 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends dad's decision, gets agreement from replies 👍

wobblebase | wobblebase

Engaging with empathy: Commenter defends dad's remarriage after mom's death ❤️

Demented-Alpaca | Demented-Alpaca

Commenter called out for selfish behavior towards grieving father 👏

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

Grieving kids call dad YTA for remarrying after mom's death 😢

etzio500 | etzio500

Commenter calls out OP for overreacting to dad's remarriage 💔

carolinemathildes | carolinemathildes

Grieving children deserve consideration, not a hasty rebound relationship 😢

Wileykid | Wileykid

60s and in a rush to marry? Dad's reason revealed 😳

Lipstick_On | Lipstick_On

Daughters criticize dad's fast engagement after mom's death 💔

Wordnord70 | Wordnord70

Overbearing kids can't accept dad's new marriage. YTA comment.

mindcontrolmanatee | mindcontrolmanatee

Understanding and empathetic comment on dad's remarriage.

lady_k_77 | lady_k_77

NAH. Personal experience shows it's difficult, but let him be happy 😊

Ginja_Ninja2 | Ginja_Ninja2

Commenters criticize adult children for threatening to cut ties. 🙅

CommonTumbleweed0 | CommonTumbleweed0

NTA. Family upset with dad's hasty remarriage after mom's death. 💔

DumbBitchJoos | DumbBitchJoos

Validating NTA's feelings after father's rushed marriage post-mom's death 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dealing with a parent's new partner after losing a parent ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter questions quick marriage, advises cutting ties. #NTA 😐

PinkSmol | PinkSmol

Agreeing with the commenter's NTA sentiment 👍

BrittaNity | BrittaNity

Grief rebound? Is it too soon? NTA says otherwise 😕

theforceisfemale | theforceisfemale

Child relates to post, advises tact, and gives NAH verdict.

mrs_yellow | mrs_yellow

Grieving is a personal process, NAH for not accepting stepmom 😢

SameSelection6 | SameSelection6

Insightful comment on men's dependency on wives after loss. 😎

Froot-Batz | Froot-Batz

Adult child sets boundaries with stepdad. 👍

notreallyme762 | notreallyme762

Don't be TA, let your dad find happiness 🙌

xkemex | xkemex

Commenter thinks dad's quick remarriage after mom's death is messed up 😱

Kay-Noctis | Kay-Noctis

NTA. Father's suspicious marriage 10 months after mom's death. Unwillingness to bond.

Achillespining | Achillespining

Supportive comment offers condolences and seeks advice on cancer diagnosis.

CathlinH | CathlinH

NTA. Commenter empathizes with OP's loss and criticizes dad's actions.

tdp0506 | tdp0506

Let dad be happy! 😊 Don't cut ties with him. YTA.

margery-meanwell | margery-meanwell

Red flags raised as commenters suspect gold-digging motives 👀

LilzHr0 | LilzHr0

Kids upset with dad's hasty marriage after mom's death. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

User shares personal experience, advises to give stepmom a chance 👍

poptart_divination | poptart_divination

Commenter called YTA for dictating parent's mourning period. Replies show realization.

SpecialDebate6 | SpecialDebate6

🤔 Studies show happy marriages remarry soon after spouse's death. YTA.

Pasque_Flower | Pasque_Flower

Commenter sympathizes with OP but suggests trying to understand dad's choices ❤️

SeaRavenSings | SeaRavenSings

Grieving daughter expresses concern over dad's rushed marriage 😢

Yikes44 | Yikes44

Commenter calls out OP as YTA for threatening dad's happiness.

Budma | Budma

Heartfelt condolences offered in comment section 😢

penderies | penderies

Compassionate comment encourages empathy for dad's new relationship ❤️

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

Complex emotions arise as dad remarries after mom's death. ESH.

ganja_pussy | ganja_pussy

ESH: Grieving family and dad's new marriage cause tension 😔

lozonloz | lozonloz

Dad breaks promise, marries stranger, kids threatened to cut ties. NTA.

anemotionalbreakdown | anemotionalbreakdown

Adult children upset dad remarried after mom's death 😔

mymak2019 | mymak2019

Let Dad be happy! Kids need to accept and move on.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sympathetic commenter advises against cutting off dad after quick remarriage 💔

graciewindkloppel | graciewindkloppel

Commenter calls out kids for emotionally blackmailing widowed father. 🔥

sdheik90 | sdheik90

Adult children upset over dad's quick remarriage and moving away.

Issvera | Issvera

Don't cut ties with grieving dad's new SO, YTA!

TTV_iamnormac | TTV_iamnormac

Commenter calls out adult children for being too controlling 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

👍 Impressed by open-mindedness and willingness to change based on feedback.

Rosieassspoonbill | Rosieassspoonbill

Commenter calls out OP for blackmailing grieving father. 🔥

PhraeaXes | PhraeaXes

Grandmother's experience shows importance of grieving before remarrying 😢

aTuftofRust | aTuftofRust

Commenter thinks dad is rushing into a rebound, ESH.

Indieye | Indieye

Commenter defends dad's right to remarry, advises kids to be understanding 🙌

Theburnedtree | Theburnedtree

Commenter calls out dad's lack of effort in new marriage 🤨

kelcity | kelcity

Commenter seeks therapy after being called YTA for behavior.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out manipulative behavior towards grieving father. YTA.

oksccrlvr | oksccrlvr

Commenter defends dad's quick remarriage, advises empathy for children. 🙏

sarumanvader | sarumanvader

Don't be selfish, let your dad find happiness 🙏

noimneverserious | noimneverserious

Grief is complex. Dad should've introduced fiancé to kids first 😔

9pmlmn | 9pmlmn

Commenter sympathizes with dad's quick remarriage after mom's death.

QualifiedApathetic | QualifiedApathetic

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