Grandma's Desperate Plea: No More Kids, Please! 😩

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Meet our protagonist, a loving 58-year-old grandma who, along with her husband, has been providing full-time childcare for her daughter's two kids. But when her daughter casually mentions trying for baby #3, grandma's world is turned upside down. 😱 She begs her daughter to reconsider, not wanting to start all over again with an infant. But is she crossing a line? Let's dive into this dramatic tale and find out! 🍿

The Childcare Agreement 🤝

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Sacrifices Made 💔

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Retirement and Childcare 🎓

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Feeling Taken Advantage Of 😒

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Lockdown Expectations 🏠

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Compromise and Complaints 😣

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Kindergarten Blowup 🌪️

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Pushing for Preschool 🏫

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Vacation Denied 🚫

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The Baby Bombshell 💣

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Assumptions and Arguments 😤

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Begging for Reconsideration 🙏

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Dreams vs. Stability 💭

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The Aftermath 🌩️

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Edit: Current Arrangements 📝

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Caught in the Crossfire: Dreams vs. Reality 🔥

So, here's the deal: our loving grandma never agreed to a lifetime of raising her daughter's kids, and she's feeling the strain. With her daughter casually dropping the baby #3 bombshell, she's forced to draw a line in the sand. 😤 She begs her daughter to reconsider, arguing that they're already financially stable with two beautiful children. But is she crossing a line by asking her daughter to choose between her dreams and reality? Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotionally-charged situation... 🌐

NTA. Red flags ignored as parents take advantage of free childcare. 😡

RefillSunset | RefillSunset

NTA grandma needs to set clear boundaries with daughter and SIL 👍

99999999999999999989 | 99999999999999999989

NTA! Refuse to be taken advantage of as a free nanny 😏

JoBenSab | JoBenSab

Daughter assumes grandma is free babysitter, calls it none of her business 😩

ThomzLC | ThomzLC

Sibling expects free childcare, stand firm and enjoy retirement! 😊

valkyrie_1290 | valkyrie_1290

Grandma deserves rest and boundaries from daughter's childcare expectations. 🙏

bunkbedgirl1989 | bunkbedgirl1989

NTA babysitting entitled daughter's kids. Time for personal sacrifices. 🙌

manimopo | manimopo

Set boundaries clearly to avoid future childcare responsibilities. 👍

Spectrum2081 | Spectrum2081

Setting boundaries with entitled grandma 🚫👵

EwokCafe | EwokCafe

Grandma's retirement time is hers, not her entitled daughter's. 😩

kcoinga | kcoinga

Grandma sets boundaries with entitled daughter about raising grandkids. 😊

Accomplished_Sun_258 | Accomplished_Sun_258

Don't be an unpaid nanny for your entitled grandma 😡

WildAphrodite | WildAphrodite

Grandma's had enough of being the daycare. #NTA 🙌

Tokugawa | Tokugawa

Grandparent boundaries respected, NTA. Don't be taken advantage of. 👍

BoarBrain | BoarBrain

Grandma not TA for refusing childcare for daughter's third child 👏

mcmah088 | mcmah088

Grandma deserves a break! NTA. Time for some bucket list trips 🏝🏝

Tiredmama6 | Tiredmama6

NTA, politely suggest they finance their own childcare and enjoy retirement 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for not funding other people's financial problems. 👏

Zimi231 | Zimi231

Enforce your boundaries, don't let them play hardball. 💪

starrylightway | starrylightway

Taking care of a third child without consent? Not cool. 😑

OrcEight | OrcEight

Commenter sympathizes with OP and predicts possible consequences. 😔

HeliosOh | HeliosOh

NTA retires early to help daughter, gets ungrateful response 😠

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Grandma deserves a break! 🙌 NTA for setting boundaries.

Historical_Gloom | Historical_Gloom

Grandma deserves a peaceful retirement, not more childcare responsibilities. 🙏

Mentalcomposer | Mentalcomposer

Providing free childcare for years, taken advantage of or appreciated? 🤔

Frosty_System_9715 | Frosty_System_9715

Responsibility lies with parents, not grandparents or in-laws. 👍

DragonsLoveBoxes | DragonsLoveBoxes

NTA commenter suggests a vacation for exhausted grandparents 🏝🍷

Traveling-Techie | Traveling-Techie

NTA. Free childcare? Insane! Grandma's plea is justified. 😱

BeautifulSelect8181 | BeautifulSelect8181

Set boundaries and give a deadline for their child care.

luster-bull | luster-bull

Stop begging and put your foot down. 'No' is a complete sentence. 👍

PaganDreams | PaganDreams

Setting boundaries with entitled grandparents. 🙏

Anxiousindating | Anxiousindating

Navigating grandparenting with multiple sets of grandchildren. 🧓👴

DubiousPeoplePleaser | DubiousPeoplePleaser

Stand your ground and say no to being a full-time caregiver. 💪

AstonianSoldier | AstonianSoldier

Setting boundaries for child care is reasonable, NTA. 👍

Evil_Weevill | Evil_Weevill

Parental sacrifice isn't a supporting role in your epic saga 😩

Wise-Butterscotch-81 | Wise-Butterscotch-81

NTA stands up to entitled grandma using them for childcare. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter celebrates someone being financially responsible with a beer emoji 🍺

StAlvis | StAlvis

Setting boundaries with family is important. 👍

domerjohn15 | domerjohn15

NTA stands firm on daughter's baby dependence. Retirement is earned 👏

HauntedPickleJar | HauntedPickleJar

Grandma wants more kids, but not the responsibility. NTA.

linerva | linerva

Retirement is for relaxing, not raising grandkids. 😊

The_Krudler | The_Krudler

Grandma deserves to enjoy her retirement. 🙌 Don't be inconsiderate.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Set boundaries for new baby care without being TA. 👍

RealTalkFastWalk | RealTalkFastWalk

Grandma being taken advantage of by daughter. NTA. 👍

Foxtrot_UmbrelIa | Foxtrot_UmbrelIa

Commenter argues against grandma's entitlement, receives rebuttal.

Morgan_Attano | Morgan_Attano

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