Overprotective Mom Ruins Teen's Date 😱 Can You Believe What She Did?

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We all know that one overprotective parent who just can't let go, but this mom takes it to a whole new level! A 21-year-old woman recently had a huge fight with her mom over her younger brother's (17m) lack of privacy and independence. The mother's favorite child, he's been coddled his whole life, but things took a turn for the worse when their mom ruined his first date in the most embarrassing way possible. 😳🤦‍♀️

Mom's Favorite Child 🌟

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Coddled for Life 👶

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No Privacy Allowed 🚫

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COVID-19 Under Control 🦠

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A Date to Remember 🌹

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Caught Red-Handed 👀

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Bathroom Barging 🚽

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Escalation Alert ⚠️

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Overprotective Overdrive 🌀

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Public Tears 😢

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Mom Won't Let Go 🤚

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Standing Up for Brother 💪

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Parking Lot Drama 🚗

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Seeking Refuge 🏠

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Mom's Reaction 😡

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Dad's Disapproval 🙄

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Overbearing Mom vs. Frustrated Siblings 🥊

This poor teen's first date turned into a nightmare when his overprotective mom followed him to the cafe, hid nearby, and even barged into the bathroom to break up a kiss between him and his date. The girl called their family a bunch of creeps and left, leaving the brother in tears. His older sister swooped in to save him, but not without a heated confrontation with their mom in the parking lot. Now, the brother is staying with his sister, and their mom is furious, claiming she was only trying to protect her baby. Even their dad thinks the sister's approach was wrong. What do you think? Was the sister right to stand up for her brother, or should she have handled the situation differently? 🤔💥

Brother tries to cut apron strings from overprotective mom 😱

Chance_Guidance_9066 | Chance_Guidance_9066

Commenter calls out overprotective mom's emotionally incestuous behavior. 😳

TheRestForTheWicked | TheRestForTheWicked

Sibling offers clever solution to overprotective mom ruining date 😎

rtgd_mmm | rtgd_mmm

NTA. Research emotional incest. Mother's behavior is possessive and creepy 🤯

Lalalalalalaoops | Lalalalalalaoops

Commenter defends teen, mocks misspelling, and sparks humor.

iMESSupCOMMONphrases | iMESSupCOMMONphrases

Overprotective mom treats teen like a perma-toddler 😬 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Blessed to be the favorite, even if it's overbearing 😊

Intelligent-Bread777 | Intelligent-Bread777

Helpful suggestion for teen's future independence. Grateful OP.

AugustNClementine | AugustNClementine

Teen's overprotective mom drives him away, brother seeks refuge with him. #NTA

Frostitute_85 | Frostitute_85

Commenter offers to take in teen after overprotective mom interferes 👏

peacerobot | peacerobot

Commenter calls out overprotective mom for creepy behavior 🤯

BodaciousBonnie | BodaciousBonnie

Commenter empathizes with OP and predicts future problems with mom. 😬

chipsandsalsa_stat | chipsandsalsa_stat

Concerned comment suggests mom's behavior is unhealthy for all involved.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom ruins brother's date, commenter calls out her disrespectfulness. 😱

ultimatecharizard | ultimatecharizard

Teen's mom's overprotective behavior is deranged and disgraceful. #NTA 😱

Uruzdottir | Uruzdottir

Commenter sympathizes with the boy, calls out overprotective parents. 😱

searching-4-peace | searching-4-peace

NTA. Brother needs to plan and strategize for dealing with mom 👍🏻


Teen's situation is serious. NTA offers solutions and support.

XxmsmaliciousxX | XxmsmaliciousxX

Standing up to an overprotective mom: 100% NTA 👏

oopsiepopsicles | oopsiepopsicles

Supportive comment acknowledges emotional abuse and encourages therapy 👏

Banditsmisfits | Banditsmisfits

Commenter suggests mom needs therapy for overprotective behavior 😕

theresbeans | theresbeans

Commenter jokingly questions mom's behavior with playful tone 😆

HelenGonne | HelenGonne

Dad calls out OP but not overprotective mom? 🤔 NTA

Not_Good_HappyQuinn | Not_Good_HappyQuinn

Overbearing mother ruins dating life. Sister is NTA 👏

Mr_Darcy | Mr_Darcy

Supportive comment, recommends therapy for overprotective mom. NTA.

PumpkinPepperLatte | PumpkinPepperLatte

Commenter suggests scholarship to escape overprotective mom's grasp 🙌

Shebolleth | Shebolleth

Commenter uses humor to support NTA verdict with helicopter reference.

LittleRedGhost4 | LittleRedGhost4

Curious Red Heart: Commenter wants update on NTA's story

Violet_Villian | Violet_Villian

Bros before helicopter moms 💪🏻 You stepped up for your brother 😊

technical_bitchcraft | technical_bitchcraft

Supportive commenters encourage OP to help brother escape overprotective mother 👏

Dimityblue | Dimityblue

Overprotective mom goes too far, good for the person standing up. NTA 🙌

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Commenter empathizes and offers advice to help younger sibling escape.

Avangellie | Avangellie

Escape plan advised for teen against overprotective mother 😱

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

Mom's overprotectiveness will push her son away. NTA.

BIGH1001 | BIGH1001

Brother's overprotective mom is too possessive and jealous 🤯

EvolvingEachDay | EvolvingEachDay

Mom goes too far on teen's date, commenters shocked 😱

biteme789 | biteme789

Commenter sympathizes with teen, calls out mother's behavior.

Jennabear82 | Jennabear82

Mom's behavior called 'creepy' by commenter

foxesandflowers109 | foxesandflowers109

Commenter jokes about overprotective mom's behavior, advises OP to prepare for future.

elektrikstar | elektrikstar

User suggests scaring overprotective mom to loosen reins. 🤔

BG_1952 | BG_1952

Commenter sympathizes with teen and hopes for mother's therapy

Double_Reindeer_6884 | Double_Reindeer_6884

Sibling rivalry takes a turn, commenter not the a**hole 👍

Filofaxy | Filofaxy

Teen's overprotective mom embarrasses him on date. Commenter advises escape plan.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up to an overprotective mom 💪

Bdubz29 | Bdubz29

Supportive comment encourages easing into normal social behavior 👍

mpz1989 | mpz1989

Heartbreaking story of an overprotective mother and her son 😢

castle_cancer | castle_cancer

Brother plans to cut off parents due to controlling behavior 🤩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's overprotectiveness is suffocating, NTA for standing up.

GloInTheDarkUnicorn | GloInTheDarkUnicorn

Brother's escape may trigger overbearing mom to want another baby 🤔

trigazer1 | trigazer1

Supportive commenter offers help to NTA, great parenting advice 👍

BombeBon | BombeBon

Overprotective mom's behavior deemed toxic by commenter. #NTA 😱

Gobadorgosleep | Gobadorgosleep

Sibling protection or parental abuse? NTA comment sparks debate 🤔

k23_k23 | k23_k23

Encouraging response to overprotective mom, suggests therapy and action

LexifromZargon | LexifromZargon

Brother needs to stand up to mom's overprotectiveness 🙌

kathatesu | kathatesu

Supportive comment suggests confronting overprotective mom for healthier relationship 👍

SurvivingOnAir | SurvivingOnAir

Empathetic comment supports teen's independence and family dynamics.

dellaevaine | dellaevaine

Overprotective mom's behavior is outrageous 😱

Mandolorian_6 | Mandolorian_6

Commenter sympathizes with OP's brother and calls out mother's behavior 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen's overprotective mom causes family rift. 😱

iamnomansland | iamnomansland

Brother needs to escape overprotective mom 🙌

heatherlincoln | heatherlincoln

Supportive advice for dealing with overprotective parents 👍

NegotiationSalt | NegotiationSalt

Commenter sympathizes with brother, suggests he date in different timezone 😬

palabradot | palabradot

Standing up to an overprotective parent. NTA 👏🏼

snortbag123 | snortbag123

Sibling support and mental health awareness. 🤝💚

RafRafRafRaf | RafRafRafRaf

Commenter sympathizes with the brother and criticizes the overprotective mom 😱

Decent-Skin-5990 | Decent-Skin-5990

Commenter sympathizes with teen whose mom ruined date. 😐

dontwantanaccount | dontwantanaccount

Overprotective mother turns son into a human pet 😱

Act-Far | Act-Far

NTA. Overprotective mom ruins teen's date. Brother is nearly an adult.

Seabastial | Seabastial

NTA commenter offers advice on overprotective mother and suggests showing dad r/justnoMIL.

Daddy_Muttonchop | Daddy_Muttonchop

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