Brother & Wife Demand Bigger Room, But OP Stands Their Ground 😤

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When a family member loses their house, it's natural to want to help them out. But what happens when they move in and start making demands? One homeowner offered their spare room to their brother and his wife, only to be met with complaints and entitlement. 😒🏠 Read on to find out how this tense situation unfolded.

Brother Loses House, Moves In 🏠

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Spare Room Drama Begins 😩

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Complaints About Room Size 😒

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Brother Demands Bigger Room 🤬

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OP Refuses to Move Son 🚫

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Tensions Rise in the House 🌡️

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Brother's Outrageous Demand 😠

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OP Fights Back 💥

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OP's Fiery Response 🔥

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Family Takes Sides 😵

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Living Situation Update 📝

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OP's Next Move 🤔

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Entitled Siblings or Justified Complaints? 🤷‍♀️

After moving in with their sibling, this couple couldn't help but complain about the size of their room. Their demands escalated, even suggesting that the homeowner move into the spare room so they could have the bigger one. Tensions reached a boiling point, and now the family is taking sides. 😱🏠 Will they be kicked out, or will they learn to appreciate the help they've been given? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Brother insults baby, demands bigger room, and cries to mom. NTA.

CocoButtsGoNuts | CocoButtsGoNuts

NTA stands their ground against entitled brother and wife 😤

RedoubtableSouth | RedoubtableSouth

OP stands their ground and gives written notice to entitled family.

ScammerC | ScammerC

Commenter and replies agree OP is NTA for standing up to entitled guests who physically pushed them in their own home. 😤

djincognito | djincognito

Brother and wife demand bigger room, called OP entitled. NTA stands ground 😤

Feeling-better2day | Feeling-better2day

OP receives support for kicking out ungrateful guests 👏

Aninerd_13 | Aninerd_13

OP receives support for standing up to brother's insulting behavior 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA stands their ground against entitled beggars 😤

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

NTA. Brother and wife ungrateful for demanding bigger room. 😒

Borgteddy | Borgteddy

OP is NTA for standing their ground on room allocation 😍

Ombre_CelloGirl | Ombre_CelloGirl

Comment section shut down by blunt YTA response 🤣

GoForBrok3 | GoForBrok3

Family drama! OP stands up to entitled brother and wife 🤯

Pixzgirl19 | Pixzgirl19

Gratefulness is key, NTA for standing your ground 🙏

StarWars_Girl_ | StarWars_Girl_

NTA stands their ground against entitled brother and wife 😤

UnicornsnRainbowz | UnicornsnRainbowz

Don't let entitled family take advantage of your generosity 🙌

Unfair-Policy | Unfair-Policy

Disappointed Redditors share their thoughts on the subreddit 🤷‍♂️

BandzForDance | BandzForDance

OP receives support for standing up to entitled brother and wife 😤

[deleted] | [deleted]

Skeptical comment calls out obvious NTA situation 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out post for seeking validation. Debate ensues 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sleeping on the couch? NTA's mom needs a reality check 😂

storytyme00 | storytyme00

OP owns home, siblings don't pay rent. Fair game 🤷‍♀️

Delicious_Lobster468 | Delicious_Lobster468

OP stands their ground against entitled brother and wife 😤

whitewer | whitewer

Commenter sympathizes with OP's situation, but wonders why brother is favored 😔

BG_1952 | BG_1952

OP stands their ground against entitled brother and wife 🙌

Narc212 | Narc212

Is it real or fake? The debate continues 🤔

conjas11 | conjas11

NTA comment supports OP's decision to give brother & wife notice.

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

Commenter questions post's validity, sibling bond in reply.

KillaVibe7861 | KillaVibe7861

Commenter invested in outcome, OP's boyfriend at work 😂

ForgotMyNameAgain6 | ForgotMyNameAgain6

Commenter calls out disrespectful guests, suggests kicking them out. NTA.

gravestoney | gravestoney

Commenter advises OP to kick out hostile brother and wife 😱

no_rxn | no_rxn

NTA comment and reply show self-awareness and growth 🙌

Shruggles8 | Shruggles8

Commenter calls out entitled brother and wife, suggests park bench 🤭

iaminabox | iaminabox

Commenter jokingly asks to live in OP's closet, gets witty reply 😂

USAF_Retired2017 | USAF_Retired2017

OP finally stands up to entitled brother and wife 🙌

cjjones987 | cjjones987

NTA OP stands their ground against entitled brother and SIL 😎

Avebury1 | Avebury1

Cheering for OP's response to entitled brother and wife! 🙏

HoloNailPolish | HoloNailPolish

Commenter praises OP for standing their ground against entitled family. 👏

AllOfficerNoGent | AllOfficerNoGent

OP suggests brother and SIL move to mommy's house 😂

CantTakeTheIdiocy | CantTakeTheIdiocy

NTA shuts down entitled brother and wife's absurd demands 🙌

gilmorescoffeecups | gilmorescoffeecups

OP's guests demand silence for their own baby, NTA prevails 😎

ThrownButNotAway3 | ThrownButNotAway3

Sassy response to entitled sister-in-law's demand for a bigger room 😎

Neat-Green | Neat-Green

Grateful OP offers walk-in closet to entitled brother's wife 😂

Bezzazz | Bezzazz

Commenter stands their ground with a sassy NTA 🙌

Floss75 | Floss75

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