Woman Takes Her Entire Garden When Moving, Landlords Furious 😱🌿

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Imagine spending years turning a barren backyard into a lush, green oasis, only to have to move out. That's exactly what happened to a 25-year-old woman who rented a house for seven years. When she moved in, the backyard was nothing but dirt, but she transformed it into a stunning garden, complete with a shed, greenhouse, pizza oven, and aquaponics set up. But when it was time to move, she took her entire garden with her, leaving the backyard as she found it. Little did she know, her landlords were not happy about this, and the drama began. 😲🌿

The Barren Backyard Transformation 🏡🌳

gardeningmonster | gardeningmonster

Creating a Green Oasis 🌿

gardeningmonster | gardeningmonster

Time to Move 🚚

gardeningmonster | gardeningmonster

Taking the Garden Along 🌱

gardeningmonster | gardeningmonster

Dismantling the Oasis 🌿

gardeningmonster | gardeningmonster

Landlords' Fury 😠

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Accusations of Theft 😲

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Legal Protection 📝

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Final Inspection ✅

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Mixed Responses 🤔

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Coworkers' Opinions 🗣️

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Garden Gone, Landlords Lash Out 😤

So, our green-thumbed protagonist finds herself in a pickle. She took her entire garden with her when she moved, leaving the backyard as barren as she found it. Her landlords are furious, accusing her of stealing plants and wrecking the backyard. They had listed the house for sale with pictures of the lush garden, and potential buyers were walking away when they saw the empty space. Legally, she's in the clear, but opinions are divided. Some say she should've told the landlords she was taking her garden, while others argue it's like expecting free furniture in a house listing. Let's see what the internet thinks of this gardening drama... 🍿🌿

NTA and fellow gardeners sympathize with OP's landlord troubles 🌿

Mandarinette | Mandarinette

Tenant not responsible for landlords' property value. Clever move by OP 💪

CulturedPhilistine | CulturedPhilistine

Landlords angry over tenant taking garden, but commenters defend tenant. 👍

sygaila | sygaila

Landlords demand free landscaping after using it to sell property 😒

Afoolsjourney | Afoolsjourney

Gardening takes time and effort, NTA for taking it with you 🌿

grahamemm | grahamemm

Tenant legally takes garden, landlord salty. Revenge stories shared 👍

Eternaljudgment | Eternaljudgment

NTA for taking garden, but landlord should have communicated better 👍

AussieSummerHell | AussieSummerHell

Commenter disappointed garden wasn't taken literally 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Gardening tips for renters 🌱🏠

bists | bists

Woman takes garden when moving, NTA, emotional connection to plants 🌿🌱

Blobbyf1sh | Blobbyf1sh

Hold on to all documentation and evidence to protect yourself! 👍

TogarSucks | TogarSucks

Tenant takes garden when moving, landlords not happy 😬🌱

Toxic_Jackalz | Toxic_Jackalz

Tenant defends taking garden, bought everything with own money. 🌻

zane910 | zane910

Tenant compares garden to landlord's artwork, defends taking it with them 🌿🌱

AcerEllen000 | AcerEllen000

Landlords tried to sell house after tenant redid backyard. NTA 👍

LynetteScavo78 | LynetteScavo78

Woman takes entire garden when moving, landlords surprised and furious 😱

Gigschak | Gigschak

Gardening enthusiasts agree: NTA for taking plants when moving 🌱

Schlem22 | Schlem22

OP seeks validation after being called an a**hole online.

rudolph_ransom | rudolph_ransom

Taking your property when moving out? NTA. Landlords furious? 🤯

magic06grass20 | magic06grass20

"Garden tax"! Before and after photos pretty please? 😊

mrbnlkld | mrbnlkld

Moving with your garden? NTA 1000% says comment.

Is0009 | Is0009

Gardening tenant defends herself against furious landlords. 🌿

here_wegoagain55 | here_wegoagain55

Don't let landlords guilt you into helping them sell property. NTA 👍

pm_me_your_squidhole | pm_me_your_squidhole

Moving with your garden? Not the a**hole! 🌿

Rega_lazar | Rega_lazar

Moving with your garden? NTA says comment, no regrets here 👍

mnchemist | mnchemist

Landlord sees property value increase, but can't keep tenant's garden 🌱🏡

JustMeLurkingAround- | JustMeLurkingAround-

Gardening is serious business 🌿🌱🌿🌺🌻🌼

fleshcoloredbanana | fleshcoloredbanana

Moving out with a bang! NTA 😎

Rogues_Gambit | Rogues_Gambit

Landlord approves tenant modifications, respects their personal property. NTA 👍

dumbodev | dumbodev

Taking garden when moving is fair game, NTA 👍

emmmmme_in_wien | emmmmme_in_wien

Landlord wants more than he paid for, NTA wins 👏

fuzzyfuzzyfungus | fuzzyfuzzyfungus

Portable garden causes landlord outrage, commenter defends hard work 💪

eyespy_1 | eyespy_1

Claiming ownership: NTA comment sparks no debate 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

You go, green thumb! Landlords can't handle your garden power 🌱

gumbypunk95 | gumbypunk95

Green thumbs up! Tenant's garden move gets landlord's goat.

mybloodyballentine | mybloodyballentine

Moving with your garden? NTA, landlords should offer to buy.

Kaz404 | Kaz404

Landlords try to take advantage, woman takes garden. NTA.

Character-Blueberry | Character-Blueberry

Charge them a fee to restore garden 💰

captthulkman | captthulkman

Roommate redoes floor and garden, never reimbursed by landlord 😠

PassoutPierce | PassoutPierce

Sassy comment gets no replies, but deserves a clapback 👏

BarryBwana | BarryBwana

Landlord suggests leaving garden stuff when moving out? NTA for refusing 🌿

sbxd | sbxd

Gardening enthusiast defends woman's decision to take her garden 🌱

DragonHyourin | DragonHyourin

Tenant shares experience of being taken advantage of by landlords.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tenant takes entire garden when moving, landlords furious. NTA!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Moving with your garden is like taking your bed. NTA 👍

IronSkywalker | IronSkywalker

Landlords didn't ask, now they're butt-hurt. NTA 👍

Inevitable-Aardvark | Inevitable-Aardvark

Landlords try to profit off garden, NTA for taking it 🌱

kuntsukuroi | kuntsukuroi

Commenter shuts down argument about using communal spaces for storage.

CopyDan | CopyDan

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