Birthday Girl Threatens to Skip Thanksgiving 🦃🎂: Family Drama Unfolds

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Ah, the joys of sharing a birthday with a holiday. For one woman, her Thanksgiving birthday has always been a double celebration with her family. But when her mom suggests a joint birthday celebration with her brother-in-law, she draws the line and threatens to skip the festivities altogether. 🦃🎂 As the family drama unfolds, we're left wondering if she's justified in her decision, or if she's just being a bit of a party pooper. 🤔

Thanksgiving Birthday Tradition

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A New Guest Arrives

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Joint Celebration Suggestion

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Mom's Argument

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The Ultimatum

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Family's Reaction

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Past Overshadowed Moments

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Feeling Overlooked

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Birthday Tradition Clarification

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Family Talks

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Update and Reflection

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Gratitude for Feedback

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Birthday Celebration Details

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The Holiday Dilemma

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Family Love

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A Thanksgiving Birthday Standoff 🎂🦃

Tired of her special moments being overshadowed, our Thanksgiving birthday girl decides to put her foot down and threatens to skip the family celebration if her mom insists on a joint birthday party with her brother-in-law. Despite being called selfish and facing backlash from her family, she ultimately chooses to host her own Friendsgiving, finally taking control of her birthday celebration. 🥳💪 Sometimes, it's important to stand up for ourselves and create our own traditions. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💬

Separating Christmas and birthdays is important for kids' happiness 🙏

Appropriate-Camel367 | Appropriate-Camel367

OP defends herself as NTA for wanting her own birthday.

TheAngelzHaveReddIT | TheAngelzHaveReddIT

Adult birthday girl wants separate celebration, called out as YTA. 👎

kjlo78 | kjlo78

Skipping Thanksgiving over birthday drama? 🤔

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

Birthday girl wants to celebrate her birthday, but family disagrees 😒

nrron | nrron

Commenter calls out OP for being selfish about Thanksgiving birthday 🦃🎂

Daligheri | Daligheri

OP is called out for selfishness, but may have deeper issues.

jessszilla | jessszilla

Sharing a birthday with a holiday can be tough 😢

booksandfries | booksandfries

Sharing Thanksgiving birthday tradition, but YTA for being selfish.

Ok-Aardvark-6742 | Ok-Aardvark-6742

Commenter calls out entitlement in birthday drama 👏

psyduckdipdive | psyduckdipdive

Commenter calls out OP for being selfish about birthday vs Thanksgiving 🦃

ServelanDarrow | ServelanDarrow

Commenter calls out OP for being selfish about birthday celebrations 👏

Pheonyx11 | Pheonyx11

Celebrate your accomplishments, NTA 🎉

Comfortable_Face3496 | Comfortable_Face3496

Sharing a birthday isn't so bad 😊

Samu_2020_15 | Samu_2020_15

NTA - Family should respect your wishes, deeper issues present 👍

No_Lingonberry1651 | No_Lingonberry1651

Commenter calls out OP's entitlement on shared holidays. YTA. 👎

PGR73 | PGR73

Age is just a number, but this drama is timeless 🙄

ysdsgdmf | ysdsgdmf

Don't be an a**hole, celebrate life and let go 🙌

HappiestApple | HappiestApple

Commenter suggests compromise for birthday girl's family drama 🙌

Walesgurl | Walesgurl

Sibling calls birthday girl a**hole for skipping Thanksgiving celebration.

PNWlala1111 | PNWlala1111

NTA. Birthday girl deserves a separate celebration, not a subpar one. 🎂

mm172 | mm172

Choose your own holiday adventure 🎉🦃🎂

ScholarSmooth | ScholarSmooth

Navigating family dynamics during the holidays can be tricky 🤔

IAmMrSpoo | IAmMrSpoo

Celebrate half-birthdays to avoid gift lumping 👍

dragonfly_c | dragonfly_c

Feeling neglected? Build a new family of friends 👥🎓 NTA

TheRebelArsenal | TheRebelArsenal

Grow up birthday girl 🙄, family drama ensues 👽

gar862 | gar862

Commenter calls out immaturity in birthday cake drama 👍

nando103 | nando103

Balancing family and personal validation is tough 🤔

Encartrus | Encartrus

Ouch! A harsh YTA comment with no mercy 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't skip Thanksgiving over a joint birthday celebration. YTA. 🙄

Piaffe_zip16 | Piaffe_zip16

Commenter calls out OP for selfish behavior on Thanksgiving 🦃

myamitotoro | myamitotoro

YTA called out for childish behavior 🙄

NuketheCow_ | NuketheCow_

Commenter advises discretion in family drama group chat 👁

Philip_J_Fry3000 | Philip_J_Fry3000

Commenter calls out entitlement, sparks no replies. YTA confirmed. 🙄

StructureFamiliar469 | StructureFamiliar469

Commenter calls out OP for being selfish on her birthday 😑

meloyello08 | meloyello08

Commenter calls out birthday girl for being selfish 😑

Alternative-Rub-7445 | Alternative-Rub-7445

NTA- Suggests communicating with mom and compromising on birthday celebration 🎂

mybossthinksimworkng | mybossthinksimworkng

Celebrating all big events together can be a win-win situation 🎂

whothefuckknowsdude | whothefuckknowsdude

Taking a break from family drama 🙌

JupiterJayJones | JupiterJayJones

Commenter calls out selfishness in birthday girl, no replies.

Important_Park_7196 | Important_Park_7196

Adult birthday girl called out for threatening to skip Thanksgiving 🦃

South-Housing-748 | South-Housing-748

Commenter called out for immature behavior. 👎

Own-Safe-4683 | Own-Safe-4683

Christmas baby defends family's joint celebrations, calls out bratty behavior 🤣

runtsky | runtsky

Birthday drama: NTA comment supports skipping Thanksgiving for birthday celebration.

West-Improvement2449 | West-Improvement2449

Family drama ensues over joint birthday, YTA comment sparks outrage 😱

hightimes45 | hightimes45

Dad's bday falls on Thanksgiving every few years 😊

msdu5276769 | msdu5276769

Importance of celebrating individual birthdays in a family. 🎂

WRose287 | WRose287

Commenter calls out selfishness in skipping Thanksgiving traditions 👏

colo28 | colo28

Birthday girl gets overlooked, NTA for skipping Thanksgiving 👏

rocketpocketgal | rocketpocketgal

Holiday birthdays can be tough. Commenter empathizes but calls YTA.

gurlwithdragontat2 | gurlwithdragontat2

Combining birthdays during holidays is easier, but OP overreacted. 😕

Embarrassed_Pick_958 | Embarrassed_Pick_958

Change the tradition and throw your own party 🎉🎂

Schmancer | Schmancer

Sick of being an afterthought? Join a friend's Thanksgiving instead! 🦃🎂

jammy913 | jammy913

It's your day, but skipping Thanksgiving may have consequences 🤔

astringofnumbersorso | astringofnumbersorso

Celebrate your birthday your way, don't let them guilt trip you 🎂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Birthday girl feels overshadowed by Thanksgiving, family drama ensues. 🎂

MomToShady | MomToShady

December birthdays understand the struggle 😎

Shadowsabundant | Shadowsabundant

Thanksgiving baby threatens to skip family party. Commenter says YTA.

agneswhite94 | agneswhite94

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