Mom Refuses to Use Daughter's College Fund for Grandchild's Expenses 😱

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Imagine being a single mom, working hard to provide a college fund for your daughter, only to have her want to use it for something else. 😳 That's the situation one woman found herself in when her 18-year-old daughter became pregnant and decided to use her college fund to support her future baby. The mom had been saving for her daughter's education since her husband passed away, and now she's faced with a moral dilemma. Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story. 🎢

The Struggle to Save 💪

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A College Fund Promise 🎓

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The Big Reveal 😲

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Overhearing the Truth 🕵️‍♀️

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The Birth Control Lie 😨

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Mom Puts Her Foot Down 👣

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Daughter's Breakdown 😢

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Harsh Words Exchanged 💔

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Family Weighs In 🗣️

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Mom Stays Firm 💪

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Edit: Reflection and Gratitude 🙏

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The College Fund Dilemma: Who's Right? 🤔

This mom is caught in a whirlwind of emotions and moral dilemmas after her daughter became pregnant and wanted to use her college fund for the baby's expenses. 😵‍💫 The daughter stopped taking birth control without telling her mom, and now the family is divided on whether the mom should support her grandchild or stick to her guns about the college fund. 💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...🌐

NTA. Setting up a trust fund for the grandchild 👍

Chance_Guidance_9066 | Chance_Guidance_9066

NTA. Refusing to fund daughter's planned teen pregnancy. 😱

LMGooglyTFY | LMGooglyTFY

Mom won't use college fund for grandchild. NTA, but stuck.

GroundbreakingWing48 | GroundbreakingWing48

Commenter suggests education is better than a lump sum. 🎓

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting the college fund: NTA suggests a trust fund solution 👍

Wndrwmn8901 | Wndrwmn8901

Mother defends her decision to not use daughter's college fund for grandchild's expenses. Commenter suggests daughter should have focused on education and job before planning a baby. Replies clarify daughter's birth control history and express confusion over her decision to stop using it.

AcanthisittaAVI | AcanthisittaAVI

NTA stands firm on college fund, but reply raises suspicion 🤔

ConstructionNo2780 | ConstructionNo2780

Sensitive topic, but NTA considered abortion and discussed options.

Romanbuckminster88 | Romanbuckminster88

NTA and supportive single mother with college fund dilemma 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter's entitlement to college fund for grandchild's expenses discussed 🤔

abgazelle | abgazelle

Daughter's pregnancy seems planned, but mom won't fund grandchild. 🤷‍♀️

Sweetpillows | Sweetpillows

Daughter lied, mom not obligated to pay grandchild expenses 😍

wreckinup | wreckinup

NTA suggests finding a job instead of depending on family. 🙏

Traditional_Comfort2 | Traditional_Comfort2

Stand firm on college fund, suggest trust for grandchild 👍

The_final_frontier_ | The_final_frontier_

NTA. Refusing to enable bad decisions and setting boundaries. 👍

nova9001 | nova9001

Grateful for college fund, daughter needs to learn adult consequences 👏

nbel1996 | nbel1996

Encouraging response to struggling mother, with a reality check 👍

GordonSchumway69 | GordonSchumway69

Grandchild's expenses not her responsibility. NTA 👍

fatheryeg | fatheryeg

NTA comment defends OP's statement about daughter's lack of contraception 😊

EffectiveStatus7 | EffectiveStatus7

Commenter advises young mother to prioritize education for future stability 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment applauds parent's decision to not enable daughter's irresponsibility 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Single mom shares her experience and advises on financial aid options 👍

HiddenTurtles | HiddenTurtles

Daughter's boyfriend relies on her college fund, but why? 🤔

Sugarglumfairy | Sugarglumfairy

Mother and daughter's relationship questioned after surprise pregnancy. 😬

ladyk1487 | ladyk1487

Mother stands her ground on college fund, internet approves 👍

jfcfanfic | jfcfanfic

Commenter suggests abortion, receives humorous reply about maturity.

illestdev | illestdev

Heartbreaking comment about lack of parental love and support 😢

fuckeryprogression | fuckeryprogression

NTA - Tough love for entitled daughter. 😍

adilstilllooking | adilstilllooking

College fund is for college, not grandchild expenses. NTA 👍

Garden_gnome1609 | Garden_gnome1609

Mom's tough love policy on teenage pregnancy sparks debate 🤔

Empathwheelchair94 | Empathwheelchair94

NTA - Mom's money, mom's decision 👍

kate2906 | kate2906

Actual college fund exists, father left savings for daughter's education 📚

Pendragonstar1 | Pendragonstar1

Family meddling in finances? Shut them down. NTA 👏

Shejuan01 | Shejuan01

Grandchild's college fund or not? The debate continues 🤔

TwithHoney | TwithHoney

BF's involvement in pregnancy planning questioned. NTA.

Consistent_Language9 | Consistent_Language9

Generosity met with refusal. NTA for not funding grandchild's expenses 🙅

sarahhelen2 | sarahhelen2

Mom stands firm on daughter's college fund. NTA 😊

ellokimom | ellokimom

🤔 Suspicious comment about daughter's pregnancy, suggests investigation.

Glyphron | Glyphron

NTA saves college fund from becoming grandchild's piggy bank 👍

Sqarlet | Sqarlet

College fund is for child's education, not grandchild's expenses. NTA!

4AHcatsandaChihuahua | 4AHcatsandaChihuahua

Generous mom refuses to use college fund for grandchild expenses 😊

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Mother refuses to use daughter's college fund for grandchild's expenses. NTA.

orchidsandcheesecake | orchidsandcheesecake

Commenter supports OP's decision to not give in. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouraging advice for daughter to gain work experience before college funds 💰

Ryaninthesky | Ryaninthesky

Stay strong and firm in your decision. You're not the a**hole! 💪

AdSuperb8873 | AdSuperb8873

Mother offers support but refuses to use college fund for grandchild

teresajs | teresajs

Commenter suggests getting a job to support grandchild, no sympathy.

Jimmyrunsit | Jimmyrunsit

Suggests setting up a will to secure grandchild's college fund 👍

Eis_ber | Eis_ber

NTA. Firm but fair approach to daughter's financial situation 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter chose, mom refused: College fund for grandchild? NTA 😊

bringmetheirheads | bringmetheirheads

Commenter blames daughter for pregnancy and advises to let her deal.

Denbi53 | Denbi53

NTA, consequences matter! 🙌

mattman0441 | mattman0441

NTA comment shuts down entitled grandchild's request 😱

Addonis1 | Addonis1

NTA. Tough love: suggest part-time college for mom & full-time for dad 😎

PaleYellowScarf | PaleYellowScarf

Suggesting to save college fund for grandchild's education 👍

Lovegivingadvice | Lovegivingadvice

College fund for daughter, not grandchild. Tough love wins.

Polyfuckery | Polyfuckery

Supportive comment defends mom's decision, blames daughter's irresponsibility 👏

Oz365 | Oz365

NTA. College funds for education, not grandchild expenses. 👍

FlatAd7746 | FlatAd7746

Supporting education over immediate expenses. NTA 👏

everybodys-mom | everybodys-mom

NTA saves college fund for lazy daughter's child 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom prioritizes daughter's education over grandchild's expenses. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Controversial suggestion of abortion in NTA comment section 🤷

akpaley | akpaley

NTA, but tough choices lie ahead for the new parents 🙏

Something_morepoetic | Something_morepoetic

Mom stands firm on college fund, daughter must face consequences 🙌

Fragrant-Juggernaut | Fragrant-Juggernaut

Grandkid's college fund secured thanks to mom's decision! 🎓

AnEpicHibiscus | AnEpicHibiscus

Commenter shares personal experience and advises responsibility and consequences.

schux99 | schux99

Grandchild can have college fund, daughter needs reality check 😍

mytwocents12 | mytwocents12

NTA, but set clear boundaries for financial support. 👏

drishtimodi | drishtimodi

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