Mom's Cake Prank on Ex-Husband Backfires: Who's the Real Victim? 🎂😲

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We've all heard of the 'fun parent' who tries to outshine the other, but what happens when one forgets their promise? When their daughter Megan wanted a Harry Potter cake for her 13th birthday, a mom and her ex-husband found themselves in a sticky situation. The ex-husband promised to get the cake, but his forgetfulness led to a last-minute panic. The mom, knowing her ex's tendencies, had already ordered the cake, but decided to teach him a lesson instead. What unfolded next was a cake prank that left everyone talking. 😏🎂

The Cake Promise 🎂

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Mom's Warning ⚠️

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A Secret Plan 🤫

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Last-Minute Panic 😱

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The Blame Game 🤨

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The Disappointing Cake 😞

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The Big Reveal 🎉

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A Happy Ending? 🤔

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Ex-Husband's Reaction 😡

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Friends' Opinions 💬

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Megan's Reaction 😶

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The Unplanned Prank 🙊

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The Great Cake Debate: Who's in the Wrong? 🎂🤷

In a hilarious turn of events, a mom's cake prank on her forgetful ex-husband left everyone talking. While some believe she was justified in teaching him a lesson, others argue that she should've kept things civil. The daughter, Megan, eventually found out the truth and was understandably upset with her father. So, who's really in the wrong here? Was the mom's prank too far, or did the ex-husband deserve it for failing to keep his promise? Let's see what the internet thinks of this cake-tastrophe! 🍰😂

Saving ex from looking bad as a father, NTA 👍

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

Ex-husband deserved to feel shitty for his actions. NTA 👏

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Standing up for herself, this mom is NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Divorced dad's broken promises lead to mom's successful cake prank. 😂

yknjs- | yknjs-

Commenter defends OP's decision to not enable ex-husband's behavior.

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Ex forgets promise, blames ADHD-free mom, gets cake prank. NTA.

lexkixass | lexkixass

Ex-wife not obligated to save ex-husband from his disorganization 🙌

agedheffer | agedheffer

NTA. Parenting done right with a side of revenge 😂

Lisaac100 | Lisaac100

Heartbreaking reminder of the impact of absent fathers. 😢

Careful-Listen2277 | Careful-Listen2277

Mom's cake prank saves daughter's birthday. NTA 👏

anacapri3 | anacapri3

Mom's sweet revenge on Ex-Husband wins hearts 💖

rs_plays_ac | rs_plays_ac

NTA. Commenter loves the petty revenge story! 😂

PyrexPizazz217 | PyrexPizazz217

Ex-husband's behavior questioned, NTA gets support from commenter and reply.

jdragonz | jdragonz

NTA gets support, but a reply disagrees 🤔

SavageInkStudios | SavageInkStudios

Ex-husband gets burned, but commenter brings the heat 🔥

Knitbitcherhippie | Knitbitcherhippie

NTA for exposing ex-husband's empty promises and incompetence. Daughter's heartbreak.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter found out ex-husband got prank cake instead of real one 🤷🏼‍♀️

Elegant-Rectum | Elegant-Rectum

New girlfriend becomes calendar reminder for ex-husband. NTA wins.

roseydaisydandy | roseydaisydandy

Ex-husband refuses to reimburse for expensive cake. NTA.

Freckledbruh | Freckledbruh

Mother stops bailing out ex-husband, daughter sees his true colors 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-husband's mommy still wants him with NTA's support 😍

_Ruby_Tuesday | _Ruby_Tuesday

Ex-husband forgets daughter's age, mom's NTA for cake prank 😍

CaroAurelia | CaroAurelia

Using phone reminders is the way to go. NTA 👍

NahDawgDatAintMe | NahDawgDatAintMe

Cake prank leads to Hufflepuff pride and a beautiful cake 🎂

Art-Nova | Art-Nova

Heartfelt comment praises parent's sacrifice and declares NTA status ❤

Hubsimaus | Hubsimaus

Divorced moms unite! Support and sympathy for broken china mishaps 🙏

hussyknee | hussyknee

Ex-husband gets roasted: NTA commenter drops the 🔨

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Commenter jokes about ex-husband's victim status 😂

Wren65 | Wren65

Commenter supports OP's actions, deems ex not the a-hole 👍

Rosesare2007 | Rosesare2007

Father's ignorance of daughter's age sparks discussion.

bluejen | bluejen

Commenter defends NTA and criticizes ex-husband's parenting skills. 👏

jaypee41 | jaypee41

Predictable ex-husband gets embarrassed, commenter says NTA 👍

Frostitute_85 | Frostitute_85

Father's ignorance of daughter's age overshadows cake prank. NTA.

GirlWithOnei | GirlWithOnei

Mama bear defends her cub from ex-husband's BS 🐾

cant_sleep420 | cant_sleep420

Taking responsibility for someone else's actions? NTA wins 💯

Low-Bank-4898 | Low-Bank-4898

Commenter praises cake prank on ex-husband with enthusiasm 😍

Beautiful-Director | Beautiful-Director

Let him sink his own ship. NTA wins this battle! 😎

dr-sparkle | dr-sparkle

Mom defends herself after ex-husband blames her for cake prank 🤪

3username20charactrz | 3username20charactrz

Choosing between sanity and reliability in a complicated relationship. 🤔

kilabot123 | kilabot123

NTA! Ex was a bad parent and deserved the prank 😊

Nikkoshen | Nikkoshen

Sweet revenge! Commenter praises cake prank on ex-husband. 🎂

ImmunocompromisedAle | ImmunocompromisedAle

Ex-husband gets a taste of his own medicine. NTA wins.

vingtsun_guy | vingtsun_guy

Ex-husband got what he deserved. NTA 👏

synesthesiah | synesthesiah

👀 Is the ex-husband really a deadbeat?

DanglesMageeOG | DanglesMageeOG

Co-parenting is not a competition, take the high road 👍

bornatsea | bornatsea

Commenter approves of prank, finds it hilarious 😂

Effulgencey | Effulgencey

Divorce was the right choice. NTA. Piece of work ex-husband. 🙌

TheTask2020 | TheTask2020

Ex's broken promise gets sweet revenge from clever ex-wife. 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's revenge cake saves daughter from forgetful dad 👏

dietpepsibaby | dietpepsibaby

Compassionate reply defends mom's prank and empathizes with daughter's disappointment. 😢

sam-s_22 | sam-s_22

Ex-husband exposed as a Disney Dad by cake prank 😂

CatchItonmyfoot | CatchItonmyfoot

Cake prank gone wrong, but NTA for not being his secretary 😲

ginns32 | ginns32

Commenter supports cake prank, no replies yet. 😎

Nevali4 | Nevali4

Commenter defends mom's cake prank on ex-husband, calls him incompetent 🎂🤦

b33r_engineer | b33r_engineer

Dealing with a narcissist? NTA and handled it amazingly! 👏

cliodhna_crowley | cliodhna_crowley

Commenter praises OP for successful prank on ex-husband. 😊

daisyiris98 | daisyiris98

Commenter not at fault, no replies to stir up drama 🙌

IWasBorn2DoGoBe | IWasBorn2DoGoBe

Ex-husband's forgetfulness leads to hilarious cake prank. NTA wins.

GinnyFromTheBlock96 | GinnyFromTheBlock96

Daughter learns who the reliable parent is. NTA 👍

PiscesReader | PiscesReader

Ex-husband neglects kids for new family, commentor bails him out. 😅

Dianachick | Dianachick

Cake prank on ex reminds us why he's an ex. NTA 🙌

Coco_Coug | Coco_Coug

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