Teen Faces Heart-Wrenching Decision: Foster Moms or Bio Mom? 😢

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A 17-year-old girl finds herself in a heart-wrenching dilemma: should she stay with her loving foster moms or return to her biological mom? When her mom lost custody two years ago, she was placed with a foster family. Now, her mom has a new job and a place to live, but the girl is torn between the two families. She's found support, love, and stability with her foster moms, but her biological mom is working hard to rebuild their life together. Can she make the right decision without hurting anyone? 🥺

The Beginning of the Struggle

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Trans Struggles and Foster Moms

jojobizadvaark | jojobizadvaark

Bio Mom's Comeback

jojobizadvaark | jojobizadvaark

Relief and Guilt

jojobizadvaark | jojobizadvaark

Park Visits and Uncertain Future

jojobizadvaark | jojobizadvaark

Uncle's Disrespect

jojobizadvaark | jojobizadvaark

Bio Mom's Compromise?

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Foster Moms' Support

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New School, New Life

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Bio Mom's Accusations

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Foster Moms vs. Bio Mom

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The Big Decision

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Update: Overwhelmed by Support

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Opening Up to Foster Moms

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A Future with Foster Moms

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Reconnecting with Bio Mom

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A Heartbreaking Choice: Foster Moms or Bio Mom?

This 17-year-old girl is torn between staying with her supportive foster moms or returning to her biological mom who's working hard to rebuild their life together. With her mom now having a job and a place to live, the girl faces a difficult decision. She's found love, stability, and a fresh start at her new school with her foster moms, but her biological mom accuses her of letting them buy her love. As she struggles to make the right choice without hurting anyone, the internet offers her support and encouragement. Will she be able to find the best solution for her future? 😥

NTA. Foster moms are making good choices on your behalf.

theproblem_solver | theproblem_solver

NTA. Foster moms provide safety and support for transgender teen. 🙏

pincenez3 | pincenez3

Supportive adults crucial for trans youth. Stay where you're supported. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Loving foster moms vs. bio mom: NTA chooses self-care 👏

fabulousautie | fabulousautie

Choose safety and success over awful memories. NTA 👏

shebanat | shebanat

Stand your ground and stay with your foster moms! 👏

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Loving others doesn't mean you love your mom any less ❤️

Spectrum2081 | Spectrum2081

Stay with your loving foster moms for a better future. ❤️

oreganoca | oreganoca

NTA. Foster moms provide normal, good care. Bio mom doesn't.

hexagon_heist | hexagon_heist

NTA, stay with foster moms for safety, support, and pets! 😊

Luna-Strange | Luna-Strange

Choosing safety over guilt: NTA stands up to abusive uncle 🚨

RunningTrisarahtop | RunningTrisarahtop

Transphobic environment detrimental to you. Stay with foster family. ✨

Ophyria | Ophyria

Heartfelt plea to stay with loving foster mom 😢

IneffableHusbands78 | IneffableHusbands78

Putting yourself first is not selfish. You don't owe anyone. 👏

divestedlegacy | divestedlegacy

A heartfelt message to a teen struggling with a tough decision ❤️

jerkface1026 | jerkface1026

Choose love, not guilt. Don't let bio mom manipulate you. ❤️

Let_Me_Explain_1996 | Let_Me_Explain_1996

Protecting yourself is not selfish. 👏 You're NTA.

juabreudecastro | juabreudecastro

Safe and loved in new home with crochet for anxiety 😊

shannon_99 | shannon_99

Safety concerns raised about moving in with uncle. 😬

user22022 | user22022

Encouraging reply to teen's tough decision. Keep striving for stability. ❤

FreyaB82 | FreyaB82

Stay with bio mom? Or choose foster moms? Heart-wrenching decision 😢

Such-Analysis7721 | Such-Analysis7721

Choose stability over chaos and money. NTA. 👍

Buckeye_Birdy | Buckeye_Birdy

NTA. Foster moms provide structure, care, and support for OP. Bio mom's request is regressive.

conditionalinterest | conditionalinterest

Bio mom wants daughter back for selfish reasons. NTA.

singer96 | singer96

Choose love ❤️ - Teen chooses foster moms over bio mom.

Scribb74 | Scribb74

Don't let guilt ruin your stable foundation. 🙌

sickmanspitefulman | sickmanspitefulman

Trans commenter supports teen staying with foster moms for safety 🙌

ZirriQ | ZirriQ

Bio mom deserves a heads-up, but NTA for choosing love 😍

poyorick | poyorick

Supportive commenter encourages teen to stay with loving foster moms ❤️

PurpleMP12 | PurpleMP12

Heartwarming comment from a former foster child. 💛

4brushwooddogs | 4brushwooddogs

Stay with your loving foster moms, they accept you for you 💕

BattleKitten17 | BattleKitten17

Prioritize your mental health. You're NTA for choosing safety. 🙏

Equivalent-Unit | Equivalent-Unit

Encouraging words for a teen caught in a tough situation 🙏

CheruthCutestory | CheruthCutestory

NTA sweetie. Foster moms are better parents. Bio mom isn't putting you first. 👏

remainsofthedaze | remainsofthedaze

Loving advice on how to navigate a difficult family situation ❤️

obtusewisdom | obtusewisdom

Foster moms provide stability and safety. Bio mom offers a house. 😢

littlehappyfeets | littlehappyfeets

Former foster child advises teen to trust their gut and choose family ❤️

ChickpeaCholo | ChickpeaCholo

Supportive comment encourages child to prioritize their safety and happiness 👏

eva_rector | eva_rector

Trans commenter empathizes with teen's foster care struggle. NTA 👏

buricco | buricco

Choose safety and happiness. You owe your mom nothing. 💪

loki93009 | loki93009

Escape an abusive environment. Seek help and education. NTA 👏

TexasTeacher | TexasTeacher

Choosing a foster family that supports you doesn't make you TA 👏

carrieosman | carrieosman

Structure and stability are crucial for a teen's growth 👨‍🎓

NhuQP | NhuQP

Teen receives support and validation for prioritizing safety and love ❤️

spotlightsr2 | spotlightsr2

Former foster child advises teen to stay with foster moms ❤️

bunniesndepression | bunniesndepression

Supportive comment for teen staying with foster moms over bio mom 👏

cemeteryboys | cemeteryboys

Heartwarming reply encourages teen to follow their heart ❤️

bigloser79 | bigloser79

NTA. Enjoy your childhood, you're not responsible for your mom. 🙌

ozziejean | ozziejean

British show inspires NTA comment on toxic bio mom

taylorpilot | taylorpilot

Supportive comment: You're NTA and not selfish for wanting to stay 👍

whosafraid11 | whosafraid11

Teen struggles to choose between bio mom and foster moms. 😢

NotSoAverage_sister | NotSoAverage_sister

Heartbreaking story of a child's struggle for basic respect. NTA 😢

Antique-Truth-9529 | Antique-Truth-9529

Heartwarming support for teen in foster care 🤗❤️

meegs1196 | meegs1196

Bio mom wants to control you, stay with loving foster moms. 🙌

uchigaytana | uchigaytana

Commenter suggests drastic measures to bio mom's dismissive behavior. 😳

Flashy-Consequence28 | Flashy-Consequence28

Bio mom emotionally blackmailing teen to live in unhealthy environment. Foster moms provide safe haven ❤️

FlossieOnyx | FlossieOnyx

Former foster carer advises teen to prioritize safety and love ❤

nobodiesfooljke | nobodiesfooljke

Prioritizing stability and safety is not selfish. 👏

ShiloNotShiloh | ShiloNotShiloh

NTA! Foster moms provide mental help and acceptance you need. 🙌

Wafflesxbutter | Wafflesxbutter

Choosing a better life: NTA OP deserves happiness and safety. 🙌

Glittering-War-5748 | Glittering-War-5748

Feeling safe and happy is important. NTA wins this one! 🙌

jjorda6 | jjorda6

Choosing safety over family: navigating abuse as a teenager. 😢

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Heartwarming support for teen's decision to stay with foster moms 😢

Crazed_rabbiting | Crazed_rabbiting

Commenter praises OP's writing skills and agrees with NTA verdict.

zenswashbuckler | zenswashbuckler

Choose safety, boundaries, and love. YWNBTA 👏

wisely_and_slow | wisely_and_slow

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