Jobless Woman Asks Broke BF to Pay for Gas, His Response... 🤯🙅‍♂️

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💺 We've got a juicy tale of love, money, and gas-fueled drama! 😱💸 Meet our unlucky-in-love girlfriend, who's been playing chauffeur to her boyfriend for years. 🚕 She's been footing the bill for everything, but now that she's lost her job, she's wondering if it's time for her man to chip in for gas. ⛽💰 Is she being fair, or is she just running on empty? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♀️

🚗💸 Girlfriend's Dilemma: To Charge or Not to Charge?

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🚫🚘 Boyfriend's Bumpy Road: Tickets and No License!

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💼😢 Girlfriend's Job Loss: A Twist of Fate!

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💸🤔 To Charge or Not to Charge? That is the Question!

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🎓💰 Girlfriend's Privilege: A Master's Degree Advantage!

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💸😬 Unemployment Blues: Girlfriend's Budget Crunch!

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⛽💰 The Gas Money Proposal: A Fair Split?

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💸😳 Boyfriend's Financial Woes: $120 a Month Too Much?

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🚗😤 Girlfriend's Frustration: "I'm Not a Free Uber!"

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🤔💸 The Verdict: Is Girlfriend the A**hole?

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Girlfriend's Gas Money Dilemma: Is She the A**hole?

Our girlfriend has been driving her boyfriend to work and appointments for years, never asking for a dime. But now that she's lost her high-paying job, she's feeling the pinch and wants him to split the gas bill. Her boyfriend, who works part-time for minimum wage, is not happy about this sudden request. He says she's taking her privileged life for granted and can't afford the $120 a month. Girlfriend feels like she's being taken advantage of and is not a free Uber service. The couple is now at a standstill, with the boyfriend avoiding the conversation. So, what does the internet think? Is our girlfriend being unreasonable, or is it time for her man to step up and share the cost of their commute? Let's see what the masses have to say about this gas-fueled drama!

Partner's irresponsible behavior and entitlement towards girlfriend's resources.

TerrifyinglyAlive | TerrifyinglyAlive

Broke boyfriend outraged when asked to pay for gas 😱

wordsmythy | wordsmythy

Broke BF can't pay $120 for gas a month? 😕

MediocreSize4997 | MediocreSize4997

Insightful analysis of financial dynamics in relationship. 💪

Direct-Nail5176 | Direct-Nail5176

Dump your broke, gaslighting boyfriend and start fresh! 👋🏼

OkHistory3944 | OkHistory3944

NTA calls out a deadbeat partner who expects to coast 🙅‍♀️

TheTurtleShepard | TheTurtleShepard

NTA: Commenter calls out boyfriend's lack of responsibility and contribution. 💁‍♀️

Complete_Breakfast_1 | Complete_Breakfast_1

Age difference and lack of ambition, time to move on 👋

Possible-Way1234 | Possible-Way1234

Concerned commenter questions 36 y/o bf's contributions and lifestyle 🤔

bogo0814 | bogo0814

Broke boyfriend can take the bus or pay for gas 💸

-BitterSweet- | -BitterSweet-

Time to ditch the man-child and find a real partner 👫

MoetNChandon | MoetNChandon

Woman supports lazy boyfriend, internet tells her to dump him 💔

jigglypufff17 | jigglypufff17

Partner or adopted teenager? NTA, but terrible situation 🙅‍♀️

Recent_Data_305 | Recent_Data_305

Is he a boyfriend or a sugar baby? 💰⏰

Ancient-Leg-8261 | Ancient-Leg-8261

Partner not contributing, dragging you down. Leave him. 👏

No_Strategy8779 | No_Strategy8779

Girl with Masters degree called privileged for asking BF to pay for gas 💁‍♀️👩‍🎓

Commercial-Let-199 | Commercial-Let-199

Daughter-in-law in a similar situation advises OP to dump BF. 🤯🙅‍♂️

Ok-Lock73 | Ok-Lock73

Partner lacks accountability, gratitude, and empathy. Time to move on 👋

ComfortableBig8606 | ComfortableBig8606

Dating an irresponsible partner? You're the a**hole to yourself. 🙅‍♂️

Standard_Dish5467 | Standard_Dish5467

You deserve better! Don't let him use you as ATM 💸

FunBodybuilder4620 | FunBodybuilder4620

Toxic relationship with a parasitic partner. Don't be taken advantage of. 👍

Tenored | Tenored

You deserve to be happy, what you want matters 🙌

Aggravating-Alarm-16 | Aggravating-Alarm-16

Partner won't help with gas but sends money to family? 🤔 NTA

Difficult-Instance58 | Difficult-Instance58

Unemployed woman asks for gas money, is she the a-hole?

thumpmyponcho | thumpmyponcho

NTA. Prioritizing your own financial stability is important. 👏

Timely_Egg_6827 | Timely_Egg_6827

Broke BF shows true colors when asked for help 🙅‍♂️

Iphacles | Iphacles

Woman asks broke BF to split gas, he gets upset. NTA.

popoPitifulme | popoPitifulme

Dump him and find someone who wants to make your life better 👍

Dogmomma2231 | Dogmomma2231

Supportive comment encourages breaking off toxic relationship ❤️

rivertwilight | rivertwilight

NTA- It's time for him to step up or take a bus 🚍

Mustng1966 | Mustng1966

Living without a car is cheap. Cars and gas are expensive. NTA 👍

Penguins_in_new_york | Penguins_in_new_york

Partner not pulling weight in relationship, NTA for expecting effort 🙏

CDNbruv | CDNbruv

Age gap, no job, license or car: this guy's a red flag 🤯

Sufficient-Shallot-5 | Sufficient-Shallot-5

Live-in boyfriend isn't a partner, but a child. Consider leaving. 👋

ProfessionalMuted507 | ProfessionalMuted507

Don't be his meal ticket! He should have sorted this out.

Chloet5759 | Chloet5759

Don't let a leech drain your wallet and happiness 👍

Smelly-Vermicelli-78 | Smelly-Vermicelli-78

Mixed-race relationship sparks cultural questions and family tension. 😜

bluesoln | bluesoln

User advises to leave boyfriend, prioritize finances in relationship.

VeggiesArentSoBad | VeggiesArentSoBad

Upgrade to a man 💪🏻, ditch the freeloading loser 👋🏼

JayBeeKay | JayBeeKay

Invest in therapy for self-esteem and assertiveness skills 👍

xxeowynxx11 | xxeowynxx11

Is she really the one who needs her head examined?

Soonretired1 | Soonretired1

Empowering comment encourages OP to dump her deadbeat boyfriend. 💪

GrammaIsAWhore | GrammaIsAWhore

User advises OP to re-evaluate her relationship with her BF 💔

CheeSupreme1743 | CheeSupreme1743

Sincere advice to run from a gaslighting boyfriend 👋

pinealpineapples | pinealpineapples

A questionable age gap, financial struggles, and unequal burdens 🤔

Good_day_S0nsh1ne | Good_day_S0nsh1ne

NTA but 🚩. BF relies on OP & guilt-trips her for success.

Croissantal | Croissantal

NTA- You're not obligated to pay for his gas forever 👍

Imreallyjustconfused | Imreallyjustconfused

Reevaluate your relationship with a**hole BF. #NTA 👏

neworderfan | neworderfan

NTA, boyfriend is a leech and should pull his own weight 👏

Key_Ad9580 | Key_Ad9580

Dump the mooch, girl! 💁‍♀️ You deserve better. 👍

geedunkgeek | geedunkgeek

Find a new boyfriend, he's a grown a** man 🙅‍♂️

Top-Afternoon6880 | Top-Afternoon6880

Walking red flag 🚩, not your taxi service 🚕💸, NTA

learntofly1995 | learntofly1995

Red flag alert! 🚩 Why are you with this guy?

East_File_744 | East_File_744

NTA. Woman deserves better than a broke and irresponsible boyfriend. 👏

Icy_Blueness1206 | Icy_Blueness1206

One-sided love: Woman supports broke BF, he doesn't reciprocate. 💔

SupTheChalice | SupTheChalice

NTA, but beware of the potential consequences. 🤯🙅‍♂️

Time-Tie-231 | Time-Tie-231

Dating a 38-year-old bum with no ambition? NTA but... 🤯

Richardmileson | Richardmileson

Woman with a masters degree asks if she's wrong for dating a broke guy who won't even pay for gas. NTA

Proud_Yogurtcloset58 | Proud_Yogurtcloset58

Partner accused of being a leech by commentor.

Shepherdtresses | Shepherdtresses

Age gap, entitlement, and money issues. NTA, he's TA.

NiccoSomeChill | NiccoSomeChill

Set boundaries with your broke boyfriend. NTA 👍

Obvious_Advice7465 | Obvious_Advice7465

Dump the deadbeat! 👍 Aim up for better relationships. 💛

NewPower_Soul | NewPower_Soul

Recognize privilege and ante up, he's the entitled one. NTA 👏

Lower-Cantaloupe3274 | Lower-Cantaloupe3274

User calls out boyfriend for mooching off girlfriend's income.

ConflictNo5518 | ConflictNo5518

Harsh truth about dating a loser, time to move on 👋

Icy-Cap7441 | Icy-Cap7441

Empathetic reply supports woman leaving immature and selfish partner. ❤️

dexterdarko2009 | dexterdarko2009

NTA comment calls out man's lack of contribution to relationship.

AttemptWorried7503 | AttemptWorried7503

NTA, he's not your man, he's your child 🙅‍♂️

hotdogshamburgers | hotdogshamburgers

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