Mom Blames Daughter's Personality for Mental Issues, Sparks Fiery Argument 😲

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A 62-year-old mother and her 28-year-old daughter have always had a rocky relationship, but things took a turn for the worse when the mother blamed her daughter's personality for her mental health issues. The mom admits that she was strict and raised her daughter with outdated non-western principles, but she believes it's not entirely her parenting style that caused her daughter's depression. Let's dive into the story and see how this explosive argument unfolded. 😳

A Rocky Relationship 🌪️

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Strict Parenting Style 📏

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Depression Struggles 😞

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

The Triggering Question ❓

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Mom's Blame Game 🎯

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A Painful Memory 💔

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Mom's Justification 🙄

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The Controversial Statement 🤬

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Daughter's Furious Response 😡

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Mom's Stance 🤨

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Husband's Input 🗣️

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Younger Sister's Experience 🧐

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Different Treatment 🤔

momwithguilt196008 | momwithguilt196008

Mom's Controversial Claim Ignites Fiery Debate 🔥

In a heated argument, a mother claims that her daughter's personality is partly to blame for her mental health issues, despite admitting to her strict and outdated parenting style. The daughter, who struggles with depression, is furious with her mother's accusations and blames her parents for making her feel like she had to earn their love and approval her whole life. The mother, however, stands by her statement, pointing out that her other daughter, who was raised similarly, doesn't have the same insecurities. Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotionally charged situation... 😬

OP blames daughter's personality for mental issues, but commenters call YTA.

CanterCircles | CanterCircles

Commenter calls out abusive parenting, sparks agreement and personal stories 😲

GlitterSparkleDevine | GlitterSparkleDevine

Commenter calls out OP's abusive behavior towards daughter, sparks agreement.

RandomlyDi | RandomlyDi

Traumatized daughter calls out abusive mother, receives support from others 👏

Willing-Survey7448 | Willing-Survey7448

Fiery argument ensues as commenters condemn abusive parenting 😠

Ok_Job_9417 | Ok_Job_9417

OP's parenting style is the real issue here. YTA 😠

Fun-Statistician-550 | Fun-Statistician-550

Commenter calls out OP for perpetuating cycle of abuse. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter explains legal and moral responsibility, calls out OP's denial. 🔥

PinkNGreenFluoride | PinkNGreenFluoride

Commenter calls out OP for lack of accountability and insight 😒

OrangeCubit | OrangeCubit

Commenter calls out abuser in fiery argument 🔥

DeterminedArrow | DeterminedArrow

Parenting gone wrong: Making a child eat standing up? YTA 😱

kouturecrochet | kouturecrochet

Commenter calls out mom for blaming daughter, sparks agreement. 🔥

AKlife420 | AKlife420

Fiery argument ensues as commenter calls out abusive mother. 🔥

Pathemavan | Pathemavan

Commenter calls out OP for deflecting blame. YTA 😱

McflyThrowaway01 | McflyThrowaway01

Parenting style blamed for daughter's mental health issues 😭

Malibu921 | Malibu921

Parenting gone wrong. YTA receives no support in comments 😔

East-Performance-344 | East-Performance-344

Commenter calls out abusive parenting and victim blaming 💯

curiousbelgian | curiousbelgian

Commenter calls out parent for blaming daughter, sparks argument 😠

tosser9212 | tosser9212

Commenter calls out parent for cruel treatment of daughter 😱

Haskap_2010 | Haskap_2010

Commenter calls out mother for blaming daughter's personality 😱

Illustrious-Shirt569 | Illustrious-Shirt569

Commenter calls out neglectful parent, sparks agreement from others. 😱

dozensofthreads | dozensofthreads

Commenter calls out abuser, sparks agreement in replies 👍

Savings-Breakfast-49 | Savings-Breakfast-49

Apologize without excuses. Take the L. Go to counseling. 👍

AffectionateCable793 | AffectionateCable793

Commenter calls out OP for deflecting responsibility, sparks agreement.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out parent for blaming daughter's personality. 😱

psatty | psatty

Daughter calls out mom's behavior, warns of consequences 😡

AggressiveActiveUser | AggressiveActiveUser

Commenter calls out mother's cultural beliefs and defends daughter. 💪

Lilitu9Tails | Lilitu9Tails

Commenter calls out OP for not taking accountability. 👏

Legal_Reception_6494 | Legal_Reception_6494

Redditor calls out OP for selfish behavior 🤔

Bitter-Conflict-4089 | Bitter-Conflict-4089

Fiery response to abusive parenting accusation. 😡

fakezzzfake | fakezzzfake

Commenter calls out abuser in fiery argument 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out mom's blame game, earns YTA acronym 😱

Miss_Maybelle94 | Miss_Maybelle94

Parenting style blamed for daughter's mental health issues 😢

LilArsene | LilArsene

Heartfelt apology from parent sparks emotional discussion ❤️

Rohini_rambles | Rohini_rambles

Commenter calls out abusive behavior in fiery argument. YTA 😡

Unlikely-Sound-5989 | Unlikely-Sound-5989

Mother compares daughter's mental health to sister, sparks heated argument 😡

Sudden_Rooster9609 | Sudden_Rooster9609

Commenter disagrees with mom's blaming daughter, sparks outrage. 😠

curlyhairfairy | curlyhairfairy

Commenter calls out parent for blaming daughter's personality. 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent blames daughter's personality for mental issues, called out for cruelty 😱

Heliola | Heliola

Redditor calls out abusive parent, sparks agreement in comments 👏

Cassinys | Cassinys

Commenter calls out bad parenting and encourages breaking trauma cycles 👏

bootiriot | bootiriot

Commenter condemns parent's behavior in strong terms 😱

AlexFairchild | AlexFairchild

Commenter calls out YTA for doubling down 😱

Sensitive-String-284 | Sensitive-String-284

Commenter calls out parent for being the root of problem 😱

PhoenixEcho1 | PhoenixEcho1

Commenter calls out abusive parenting and victim blaming. YTA.

smalltownbore | smalltownbore

Short and not so sweet: YTA sparks fiery argument 🔥

ellienation | ellienation

Fiery argument erupts over parenting inconsistencies 😠

AlexFairchild | AlexFairchild

Fiery response to abusive parenting, YTA called out 🔥

Ace_boy08 | Ace_boy08

Commenter calls out abusive parent and demands accountability. 👏

ConfessedCross | ConfessedCross

Fiery argument erupts as commenter calls out bad parenting 🔥

Glittering-Internal5 | Glittering-Internal5

Commenter calls out abusive behavior towards daughter, expresses anger 😠

blasphemicassault | blasphemicassault

Commenter calls out abuse as parenting style, calls YTA.

Great_Elephant9254 | Great_Elephant9254

Commenter calls out abusive parenting, warns of no contact.

Battered_Mage | Battered_Mage

Commenter explains how blaming daughter's personality is wrong and unfair 😔

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