Girl's Test Sabotaged by Boyfriend's Gaming Priorities 😱🎮

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We've all had our share of relationship conflicts, but what happens when your partner's gaming addiction gets in the way of your education? 😤🎓 One woman found herself in a tough spot when her boyfriend turned off the Wi-Fi during her crucial online test, all for the sake of his game. Despite her request not to be disturbed, she couldn't believe he would prioritize his game over her education. 💔 Let's dive into this dramatic tale.

College Courses and Quality Time 📚❤️

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Test Time and a Date Night Promise ⏰🌹

old-boysenberry4160 | old-boysenberry4160

The Agreement 🤝

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Test Time Interrupted ⚠️

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The Wi-Fi Sabotage 📡💥

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"It's Not a Big Deal" 😒

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The Broken Connection 🚫

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Race Against Time ⏳

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Accusations Fly 🗣️

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Common Sense? 🤔

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A Fight and a Failed Date Night 💔

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Name-Calling and Departure 🚪

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Wi-Fi Woes and Relationship Wrecks 💔📶

In a whirlwind of drama, this woman found herself struggling to complete her online test after her boyfriend turned off the Wi-Fi to fix his game. 😡🎮 Despite her request not to be disturbed, she couldn't believe that he would prioritize his game over her education. With only 10 minutes left to answer 55 questions, she barely passed with a low C. The couple's argument escalated, leading to name-calling and a ruined date night. 💔 As the internet debates who's in the wrong, one thing's for sure: communication is key in any relationship. 🗣️💕

Boyfriend sabotages girlfriend's test for his gaming needs. NTA.

wickedlucky214 | wickedlucky214

NTA. Boyfriend's gaming priorities sabotaged girlfriend's test. Friend also sucks.

gigglymonstr | gigglymonstr

NTA commenter calls out selfish boyfriend's gaming priorities with supportive replies 👏

Ill-call_you_out | Ill-call_you_out

Boyfriend reset router during girlfriend's test, she's NTA. 😱

nippitybibble | nippitybibble

Support for NTA comment against WiFi sabotage. 👏

Cambridge_Comma | Cambridge_Comma

Boyfriend sabotages girlfriend's test, but was it really accidental? 🤔

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

WiFi or gaming, communication is key in relationships 💌

MrSlammo | MrSlammo

Dump the BF, prioritize school 📚👤

TheLittlestGremlin28 | TheLittlestGremlin28

ESH, but the real issue is his manipulative behavior 👎

Chadodius | Chadodius

NAH, accidents happen. Both should apologize and communicate better. 👍

MarMarNi | MarMarNi

Boyfriend's gaming priorities sabotage girlfriend's test, NTA calls out irresponsibility 😱

XxmsmaliciousxX | XxmsmaliciousxX

Girl's boyfriend prioritizes game over her test 😡 #NTA

deStael | deStael

NAH. Accidents happen, but communication could have prevented the situation. 🛠

Maaku_ | Maaku_

ESH, but comment suggests communication is key in relationships 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend's gaming priorities sabotage girlfriend's test. NTA for reacting.

grizzlyaf93 | grizzlyaf93

Did he intentionally mess up her test or was it ignorance? ESH.

AtopMountEmotion | AtopMountEmotion

Support for NTA comment, but disagreement with assumption in replies

zwergschnauzer | zwergschnauzer

NTA, boyfriend is selfish. Friend is an ah. Email professor ASAP 👍

3ffervesc3 | 3ffervesc3

Don't jump to conclusions, but still NTA. 👍

LazyOpia | LazyOpia

Misunderstanding or intentional? NTA comment sparks debate 🤔

Highclassbadass | Highclassbadass

Boyfriend's gaming priorities cause exam sabotage and relationship issues. ESH.

lollipopweiner | lollipopweiner

Curiosity arises about boyfriend's past behavior 🤔

SycoTeddie | SycoTeddie

Supportive comment suggests seeking help from professor for missed test.

plssendmegifts | plssendmegifts

Housemate's similar experience, BF still AH for not realizing mistake 😑

SquirrelBeneficial13 | SquirrelBeneficial13

NTA for prioritizing work over gaming, but YTA for assuming sabotage 🤔

Ahoukun | Ahoukun

WiFi off during test: NTA calls out gaming priorities 😱

sakamotos | sakamotos

Boyfriend's stupidity questioned after sabotaging girlfriend's test 😱

ndu867 | ndu867

College may allow test retake, couple needs communication and boundaries 👍

Sil_Lavellan | Sil_Lavellan

Communication breakdown leads to relationship troubles. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

NotSoMagicalTrevor | NotSoMagicalTrevor

🕹️ Boyfriend's gaming priorities unintentionally sabotaged girlfriend's test, but not necessarily the a**hole. Girlfriend has a right to be angry, but could potentially re-test with professor's understanding.

AgonizingFury | AgonizingFury

Boyfriend blames girl for his mistake in gaming priorities 🤯

DemonicSymphony | DemonicSymphony

Commenter advises couple to stop assuming negative actions 🙏

girnny805 | girnny805

Male commenter defends boyfriend's actions, but supports OP's stance. 👍

DeviantStrain | DeviantStrain

Empathetic commenter supports student's frustration with unsupportive boyfriend 💜

sofpha | sofpha

Commenter defends boyfriend's gaming priorities during internet outage 👍

CyberHoff | CyberHoff

Boyfriend's gaming priorities vs girlfriend's test - NAH.

Actual_Justice | Actual_Justice

Did the boyfriend sabotage the test or save her time? 🤔

AnonymousRedditar | AnonymousRedditar

NAH, boyfriend made a mistake, but talk it out like adults 👨🏻‍👩🏻❤️

Geeky_fox | Geeky_fox

NTA, boyfriend's gaming priorities sabotaged girlfriend's test 😱

jihonk | jihonk

Commenter predicts internet sabotage regardless of boyfriend's actions 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH moment due to unfortunate incident and poor communication 🤷‍♀️

NovaScrawlers | NovaScrawlers

Accidents happen, but communication is key 👍

Rotting_Whale19 | Rotting_Whale19

ISP could be the AH for internet outage during test 😕

iTzTien | iTzTien

Partner prioritizes gaming over exams, commenter advises dumping him. NTA 💯

Ekate | Ekate

Misunderstanding due to WiFi issues, no a-hole here 👍

Toastie91 | Toastie91

Technical issue or gaming priorities? NAH, debate settled.

chaos_knilch | chaos_knilch

Don't let gaming ruin your future 👍 Email your professor 🏠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Both parties being childish, freak accident caused test sabotage. ESH 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

technohippie | technohippie

Gamer defends boyfriend's internet reset, but agrees he's TA for gaming during girlfriend's test. 👍

Phoenixey | Phoenixey

Boyfriend's gaming priorities ruin girlfriend's test, ESH for different reasons 😱

DrPikachu-PhD | DrPikachu-PhD

Maturity and communication issues lead to ESH verdict. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

SzDiverge | SzDiverge

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