Man Calls Sister a 'Fat Bitter B***h' 😱 After She Body Shames His Wife

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We've all had our fair share of family drama, but this story takes the cake! A man (25M) has been living with his wife (24F) for three years, and she's been the target of some nasty comments from his sister (19F). The wife, who is thin and self-conscious about her weight, has been dealing with these hurtful remarks for months. The situation reaches a boiling point during a family dinner, where the sister's cruel words push the man to his breaking point. 😠💥

The Wife's Struggle 💔

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Sister's Cruel Comments 😡

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Is Jealousy the Culprit? 🤔

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Parents Dismiss the Issue 😒

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Sister Ignores the Problem 😠

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Biting Their Tongues 😶

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A Special Celebration 🎉

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Sister Strikes Again 😡

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The Hurtful Comment 😢

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Wife in Tears 💔

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Sister Remains Unfazed 😒

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Man's Breaking Point 😠

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Dinner Cut Short 🍽️

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Parents Disapprove 😔

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Sister Wants Nothing to Do with Him 😞

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A Family Torn Apart by Body Shaming 💔

This story is a heartbreaking example of how body shaming can tear families apart. The man's sister relentlessly targeted his wife, making her feel terrible about her weight. Despite attempts to address the issue with his parents and sister, the cruel comments continued. Finally, he snapped, calling his sister a 'fat bitter b***h' in the heat of the moment. Now, his wife is still hurt, his parents disapprove, and his sister wants nothing to do with him. 😢 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA. Don't apologize and go low contact with sister 👍

zeusmom1031 | zeusmom1031

Double standards in body shaming; NTA for standing up.

Kilbykins | Kilbykins

NTA commenter relieved after receiving validation for standing up to sister.

ThinEscape511 | ThinEscape511

Protect your wife at all costs. Cut ties with toxic family. 💪

harleybidness | harleybidness

ESH. Wife is only non a-hole. Family doesn't justify hateful behavior. 😕

Fattdog64 | Fattdog64

NTA commenter advises to let go of toxic sister.

SDstartingOut | SDstartingOut

NTA. The commenter suggests going no-contact with toxic family and finding support elsewhere 👍

Fun-Pea-880 | Fun-Pea-880

Sibling body shaming causes family drama. ESH, except wife. 🤷‍♂️

WarthogIcy9275 | WarthogIcy9275

NTA stands up for wife against body-shaming sister. Savage reply follows 😂

Rude_Vermicelli2268 | Rude_Vermicelli2268

Body shaming is wrong, but responding with insults is not ideal. ESH

Significant-Ad7390 | Significant-Ad7390

Defending spouse against body shaming sister. NTA 🙌

Pheraulus | Pheraulus

Cut out toxic family member, set boundaries. NTA 👍

beavis90909 | beavis90909

Commenter calls out everyone involved in family feud. 👏

PrincessMansera | PrincessMansera

NTA. Sister jealous of wife's metabolism. No contact if unapologetic. 😱

Any_Sympathy1052 | Any_Sympathy1052

Defend your wife and set boundaries with toxic family members. NTA 👏

Personal_Regular_569 | Personal_Regular_569

ESH. Sister body shamed wife, OP retaliated, family sucks. Drama ensues. 😒

joanclaytonesq | joanclaytonesq

Standing up to family bullying is never easy 😢

NJtoOx | NJtoOx

Defend your wife, but calling your sister a b***h? ESH 😑

EcstaticRain9835 | EcstaticRain9835

NTA. Body shaming is not edgy, it's just being a jerk 🙄

Manic_Laughter09 | Manic_Laughter09

Defending spouse against body-shaming sister makes OP NTA 👍

shrink-ray2333 | shrink-ray2333

Two wrongs don't make a right. ESH in this situation 🙅

Nicolita0705 | Nicolita0705

OP called sister a 'fat bitter b**ch' after she body shamed his wife 😬

Jed08 | Jed08

Defending his wife, OP is NTA for calling out sister.

cryinoverwangxian | cryinoverwangxian

NTA. Sister's 'brutal honesty' is just an excuse for assholery. Address it.

Conscious_Air_2466 | Conscious_Air_2466

Body shaming hurts everyone, but calling sister fat wasn't okay 🤷‍♀️

Alarming-Relative-97 | Alarming-Relative-97

Standing up to family bullies, NTA! 💪🏻

ale473 | ale473

Commenter slams sister and parents for enabling body shaming behavior 💪

Flat_Librarian_1724 | Flat_Librarian_1724

Cutting contact with rude family members is sometimes necessary 👍

kspicydaddi | kspicydaddi

Standing up for his wife against body shaming sister 👏🏼

xennial_kid | xennial_kid

Joking or not? NTA comment sparks debate on body shaming.

bucetilde | bucetilde

Defending spouse against body shaming sister. NTA. 💪

cassowary32 | cassowary32

ESH. Sister is a bully. Parents ignore mental health. Soft YTA for retaliation.

Historical_Divide673 | Historical_Divide673

NTA. It's time to set boundaries with toxic family members. 🙌

recrucio | recrucio

Cutting toxic family members out of your life 👋🏼

Bookish_Dragon68 | Bookish_Dragon68

Body shaming is never okay, regardless of your own insecurities. 🚫

DoctaRuthless | DoctaRuthless

Supportive comment calls out sister's body shaming behavior 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suggests cutting contact after sister's body shaming behavior. ESH.

smolrivercat | smolrivercat

Supportive comment against weight shaming with advice and empathy 👏

Anneemai | Anneemai

Defending wife against body shaming, NTA but protect her later 😊

BakerNormal4348 | BakerNormal4348

Family feud continues as parents take sister's side. 😕

imoxxbmo | imoxxbmo

Cutting toxic family members is sometimes necessary 👍

wannaplayterraria | wannaplayterraria

Cutting out toxic family is sometimes necessary. NTA 👍

RoadNo9352 | RoadNo9352

Cutting out toxic family members is hard but necessary 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Body shaming backfires on sister, NTA commenter stands up

katolas2020 | katolas2020

Setting boundaries with toxic family members is important 👍

DixiNormous79 | DixiNormous79

Cutting toxic family members can be liberating 💪🏻

iknowyounot88 | iknowyounot88

NTA. Sister's jealousy and parents' enabling. Teen behavior gone wrong. 😱

Fuh-Cue | Fuh-Cue

Body shaming hurts both ways. NTA for standing up.

Something_or-Other | Something_or-Other

NTA defends wife against body-shaming sister, calls out gaslighting.

Strange_Public_1897 | Strange_Public_1897

NTA defends calling sister a 'joke' during 'phase' 😂

birdieluver | birdieluver

Standing up to body shaming relatives with assertiveness 💪

mxngrl16 | mxngrl16

NTA stands up to fat-shaming sister, shares personal struggles 🙏

ladyfox_9 | ladyfox_9

NTA for standing up to body-shaming sister. She had it coming 😱

Not_TheOriginal_Nico | Not_TheOriginal_Nico

When body shaming backfires... 🤭

DescriptionNo8654 | DescriptionNo8654

Cutting out toxic family members is okay. ESH in feedback loop. 🤷‍♂️

m31td0wn | m31td0wn

Body shaming both ways is not cool. ESH except wife.

PainterDoodle_1 | PainterDoodle_1

Standing up for wife against body shaming sister, but still ESH 😐

Accurate_Spell_2707 | Accurate_Spell_2707

ESH for family drama and body shaming, NTA for going NC.

stickycat-inahole-45 | stickycat-inahole-45

Body shaming is never okay, but let's recognize societal pressures. ESH.

shankrill | shankrill

Commenter calls out OP for not prioritizing wife over toxic family.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Learn to have uncomfortable conversations to avoid hurtful comments. YTA.

Rhuthbarb | Rhuthbarb

Fat shaming is never okay. Both parties could use compassion. ESH.

nodaybuttoday__ | nodaybuttoday__

Both parties in the wrong for body shaming. Context provided.

Drunk-nervousystem | Drunk-nervousystem

Commenter calls out OP for prioritizing sister over wife 👀

Transformermom2 | Transformermom2

Defending wife from body shaming but YTA for name-calling 🤨

JeremiahAhriman | JeremiahAhriman

ESH agrees that body shaming is never the answer 🚫

Winnimae | Winnimae

Both parties acted poorly in this situation. 🤦‍♀️

Different-Wonder-866 | Different-Wonder-866

Fighting fire with fire never works. ESH for body shaming.

jesseistired | jesseistired

Defending against body shaming, NTA but harsh response 😱

Beansskis | Beansskis

NTA. Sister's insecurity led to body shaming. Time to cut ties. 😱

JustPeachy622 | JustPeachy622

NTA. Sister needs to grow up and apologize to wife 😒

tarc0917 | tarc0917

Commenter suggests prioritizing wife and giving family a time-out 🙌

grayhairedqueenbitch | grayhairedqueenbitch

Cutting off toxic family: YTA for insulting sister, but valid point.

FreakingFae | FreakingFae

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