The Curious Case of the Missing A**holes: A Community Crisis 😱

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Have you ever wondered where all the a**holes have gone? Well, you're not alone! A popular online community recently had a proctologist appointment of sorts, digging deep to understand the sudden disappearance of a**holes from their front page. The mission of this community has always been to provide a space for people to seek judgment and better understand personal morality and societal norms. But lately, it seems like the balance has been thrown off, and the community is on a mission to find out why. 😨🕵️‍♂️

The Community's Core Mission 🎯

theoutrageousclaire | theoutrageousclaire

Entertainment vs. Input 🎭

theoutrageousclaire | theoutrageousclaire

The Real Purpose 🎯

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Voting: The Root of the Problem 🗳️

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Data Speaks 📊

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The Real Culprit 🕵️‍♂️

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Skip, Don't Complain 🚫

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Sorting and Filtering 🧹

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A Solution for Difficult Decisions 🤔

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Removing Unhelpful Comments 🚮

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A Sincere Thank You 🙏

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A Call to Action 📣

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The Great A**hole Hunt: A Community's Journey to Restore Balance 🕵️‍♂️⚖️

The sudden disappearance of a**holes from the front page of a popular online community has left its members baffled. The community's core mission is to help users better understand personal morality and societal norms, but lately, the balance has been thrown off. The culprit? Voting habits. Members have been upvoting the people they like and downvoting the a**holes, leading to a front page filled with 'good guys.' The solution? Sort by new, upvote some a**holes, and help restore the balance. Let's dive into the internet's reaction to this intriguing situation... 😏🌐

The bias towards NTA judgments on top posts is concerning 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Third-party posts are not allowed, report them for removal 🚨

hobo_clown | hobo_clown

Commenter laments the decline of AITA quality 😢

jill-me-off | jill-me-off

Comment downvotes are a 'well f**k you' tool on Reddit 😠

teke367 | teke367

Users discuss the unrealistic views and advice on the subreddit 🤔

DarkReaver1337 | DarkReaver1337

Removing validation-seeking rule ruined sub's focus, alternative ineffective 😠

leAlexein | leAlexein

Are AITA stories on the front page fake? Discussion ensues 🤔

rashhannani | rashhannani

Validation posts causing controversy and fake stories? Revote needed! 🤔

ddspeed2000 | ddspeed2000

Encouraging ethical conundrums and discouraging mindless downvoting 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Celebrating the best of the sub: upvote the assholes 👍

KyrinLee | KyrinLee

Removing validation posts caused the a-hole crisis 🤔

ACardAttack | ACardAttack

Downvoting contrary opinions is harmful to our discourse 👍

yanny77 | yanny77

User frustrated with META post rule, wants community input 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter criticizes declining quality of sub and lack of compromise. 😕

Sinistassin | Sinistassin

Separate judgment for NTA validation posts? Let's discuss 🤔

this_is_an_alaia | this_is_an_alaia

Data analysis shows increase in NTA posts after rule change 📈

crayzz | crayzz

NTA posts are becoming validation and mods refuse to change. 🤔

SakuOtaku | SakuOtaku

The search for missing a**holes continues on this subreddit 🕵️‍♂️

madsalmon117 | madsalmon117

YTA verdicts often lead to unnecessary insults towards OP 😕

qqqzzzeee | qqqzzzeee

Redditor laments missing out on a**hole posts, gets helpful tip 😊

caspix | caspix

Someone's in trouble! What did they do? 🤔

CallMePaine | CallMePaine

Confused Redditor questions need for mod approval 🤔

IllustriousLake | IllustriousLake

Redditors share their frustration with post deletions and bans 😠

throwawayhatbeef | throwawayhatbeef

User questions mods about clickbait titles in AITA subreddit 😐

RegalDeagle50 | RegalDeagle50

User laments lack of quality content due to validation post rule.

Dr_thri11 | Dr_thri11

User asks for February data, implies it was worse 🤔

jhansn | jhansn

Validation-seeking posts need to stop! 🙄

NuclearQueen | NuclearQueen

User requests voting option for no validation rule, denied by mods.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Removing validation rule ruined sub according to commenter.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Validation posts are getting out of hand 🤷

Gojira308 | Gojira308

Sub creator called out for selfish intentions. Yikes 🤯

Explicit_Pickle | Explicit_Pickle

The search for honest YTA posts continues 🤔

huntercp | huntercp

Calling out validation posts earns YTA judgement 😬

Firstbat | Firstbat

User expresses frustration with AITA posts taking over their feed.

terrylovesyogurt_99 | terrylovesyogurt_99

Everyone sucks here? We need more context 🤔

RobloxLover369421 | RobloxLover369421

User suggests compromise on validation posts, calls out mods. 😠

Swellercash | Swellercash

Debating the true meaning of NTA 🤔

Rj16111997 | Rj16111997

Commenter receives backlash for using too many angry emojis 🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Rewarding interesting posts without upvoting A-holes 👍

HundredAcresWood | HundredAcresWood

The dangers of downvoting OP comments and hidden replies 😱

mbbaer | mbbaer

Redditor expresses doubt in effectiveness of new voting rule.

The-Hairy-Pirate | The-Hairy-Pirate

User expresses concern about circlejerk posts and political biases 🤔

Skullparrot | Skullparrot

User expresses frustration with sub's toxicity and lack of authenticity 😔

SoldatJ | SoldatJ

User suggests loosening 'be civil' rule, but is met with disagreement.

sexxcauldron | sexxcauldron

Confused Redditor seeks clarification on verdict statistics 🤔

voxplutonia | voxplutonia

Sorting by /new can reveal a different, more serious sub 🤔

jelatinman | jelatinman

Redditor asks if downvotes can be disabled to prevent bias 🤔

amagicalsheep | amagicalsheep

The missing a**holes: a community crisis explained 🤔

scamp41 | scamp41

Acknowledging the elephant in the room 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

Controversial section: Where the a**holes reside 🤬

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA or karma farming? AITA community in crisis 🤔

as1992 | as1992

User questions validation posts, calls out ego-boosting intentions 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouraging OPs to explain why they're labeled as A**holes 👍

PsychMike | PsychMike

User calls out responsibility shift in validation post crisis 🤔


Everyone sucks here! What happened? 🤷‍♂️

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