College Move-In Day Drama: Daughter Excludes Mom 🎓😲

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Imagine moving into your college dorm without your mom by your side. That's exactly what an 18-year-old girl did, leaving her mom devastated and questioning her actions. The young woman had been feeling excluded from her mom's new family with her stepdad, Ryan, and his relatives. After years of being left out of family events and feeling unwanted, she decided to take matters into her own hands and exclude her mom from her college move-in day. But now, she's wondering if she went too far. Let's dive into the story. 😮💔

Graduating Early and Moving On 🎓

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Living with Mom and Stepdad 😕

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Feeling Excluded from the Family 😔

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Left Out of Family Events 🚫

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The Painful Reality of Rejection 💔

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Family Outings Without Me 😢

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The Last Straw 🙅‍♀️

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Mom's Silence Speaks Volumes 😶

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Preparing for College Move-In Day 📦

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The Big Day Arrives 🎉

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Mom's Reaction 😠

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Accusations of Exclusion 🗣️

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Confronting the Past 💥

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Feeling Guilty 😞

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Attempts to Address the Issue 📣

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Daughter's Bold Move: Was It Justified? 🤷‍♀️

After years of feeling excluded and unwanted by her mom's new family, this 18-year-old college student decided to exclude her mom from her college move-in day. She had tried addressing the issue with her mom in the past, but nothing ever changed. Now, after leaving her mom hurt and upset, she's questioning if she went too far. Was this young woman justified in her actions, or did she cross a line? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💭

Daughter rightfully excludes toxic mom from move-in day. NTA 👏

Inallea | Inallea

NTA. Daughter deserves support beyond social media moments. Stay strong 💪

Individual_Wonder602 | Individual_Wonder602

Excluded from daughter's new family, mom faces consequences. NTA ❤️

Ok-Macaron-6211 | Ok-Macaron-6211

Supportive commenters agree: NTA, move-in day is about you 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, commenter supports decision. 👍

SassyfacedKitten | SassyfacedKitten

Former college advisor offers support and advice to excluded daughter. 👍

Fantastic_Nebula_835 | Fantastic_Nebula_835

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, but can relationship recover? 🙂

CarrieCat62 | CarrieCat62

Money talks: Mom prioritizes Ryan over daughter's feelings 💵

Electrical-Cover-499 | Electrical-Cover-499

Supportive mom offers sympathy and advice to excluded daughter 😍

fbombmom_ | fbombmom_

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, but seeks reconciliation. NTA

blueberryxxoo | blueberryxxoo

Daughter justifies excluding mom from move-in day. 🤷‍♀️

Sea-Confection-2627 | Sea-Confection-2627

Daughter rightfully excludes mom from move-in day, NTA 👏

hetanos | hetanos

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, commenters support decision. 💪

Old_Mintie | Old_Mintie

Mother's neglect or daughter's omission? Commenter offers advice and support 👏

One_Woodpecker7328 | One_Woodpecker7328

Mom fails to act like an NTA, loses benefits 😞

LittleOrangeBoi | LittleOrangeBoi

Daughter stands up to entitled mom. NTA wins with epic response. 👏

Munchkins_nDragons | Munchkins_nDragons

Mom gets benched for not being a team player. 👏

Ohweohweohohhh | Ohweohweohohhh

Setting boundaries with toxic family members is important 👍

HairTop23 | HairTop23

OP tried talking to her mom about exclusion, but no change. Others agree mom is awful for not seeing it herself. 🤷‍♀️

liselov | liselov

NTA. Neglectful parenting can have lifelong effects. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter stands up to neglectful mom on move-in day 💪

emm_summer | emm_summer

Daughter excludes mom from move-in day, commenters side with daughter. 👍

mrbnlkld | mrbnlkld

Daughter rightfully excludes mom, who chose husband's family over her.

SkrillaSavinMama | SkrillaSavinMama

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, but finds support. 👏

Affectionate_Ice_658 | Affectionate_Ice_658

Daughter neglects mom's feelings, faces consequences. NTA 👏

DarkmatterBlack | DarkmatterBlack

Commenter sympathizes with OP's mom, but acknowledges her choices.

TheQuietType84 | TheQuietType84

Daughter excludes mom: justified or hypocritical? NTA wins.

SuperHuckleberry125 | SuperHuckleberry125

Commenter receives validation for their actions. 👍

Ok-Education-3926 | Ok-Education-3926

Daughter excluded mom, comment advises on reconciliation timeline and boundaries. 👍

JCWa50 | JCWa50

Move-in day is a huge deal emotionally, and you're NTA 🙌

MariContrary | MariContrary

Commenter sympathizes with exclusion, declares not the a**hole.

OkeyDokey234 | OkeyDokey234

Linking post to mom for empathy 🙏

AdDull6441 | AdDull6441

NTA reminds mom that daughter is not her child 👍

callmeasher7 | callmeasher7

College move-in day brings up painful family drama. NTA.

Mansegate | Mansegate

Supportive comment receives no replies. NTA wins this round 👏

jennyfromtheeblock | jennyfromtheeblock

NTA stands up for themselves against exclusion from family drama.

Mommashark1104 | Mommashark1104

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day. NTA, enjoy college 🎓

PleaseCoffeeMe | PleaseCoffeeMe

Mom gets called out on her BS, but is NTA 😊

Livid_Yogurtcloset67 | Livid_Yogurtcloset67

Mom chooses boyfriend over daughter, gets upset when excluded 😠

solitarybydesign | solitarybydesign

Sibling solidarity against toxic mom, NTA. Good luck 👍

Special8043 | Special8043

Commenter defends someone's actions and approves of their decision.

Cheddarbaybiskits | Cheddarbaybiskits

Daughter excludes mom, commenter says she failed in her duty 😔

steppedinhairball | steppedinhairball

Empathetic comment supports daughter's decision to exclude emotionally abusive mom.

giantbrownguy | giantbrownguy

Setting boundaries with family can be tough. 🙏

ThatsItImOverThis | ThatsItImOverThis

NTA. Setting boundaries and hoping for a positive change 🤞

hard_tyrant_dinosaur | hard_tyrant_dinosaur

Empathetic comment encourages reflection and growth 👍

Team_Captain_America | Team_Captain_America

Supportive comment encourages enjoying campus life despite family drama 👍

eyore5775 | eyore5775

Karma strikes: Daughter excludes mom on move-in day. NTA.

pfashby | pfashby

Daughter explains mom's mistake and how it affected her. 👍

disruptionisbliss | disruptionisbliss

Putting a dick before your child? NTA's advice for OP.

Ok_Jaguar1601 | Ok_Jaguar1601

Starting college without mom: commenter supports daughter's decision. 🎓

bokatan778 | bokatan778

Daughter asserts independence, commenters support her decision. 💪

Prestigious-Name-323 | Prestigious-Name-323

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, commenters side with daughter 👍

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

Daughter cuts off mom for enabling brother's bad behavior. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment calls out mom's behavior, suggests sharing post. 👏

chart1961 | chart1961

Mother's exclusion leads to daughter's justified move-in day drama 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA stands up to family's mistreatment during college move-in day 🎓

redtaildrummer | redtaildrummer

Daughter excludes mom on move-in day, commenters say NTA 👏

Sea_Proof_7290 | Sea_Proof_7290

Commenter supports OP, condemns mom and stepdad's behavior. 👏

TypeNo128 | TypeNo128

Excluded mom gets support, good riddance to toxic family 👍

Better_Ad_3068 | Better_Ad_3068

Harsh but fair judgement, NTA. Tough love prevails 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Glad your dad helped. Enjoy school, hope mom reflects 🙌

yeyeyeah27 | yeyeyeah27

Daughter stands up to cruel treatment from stepfamily. NTA.

alien_overlord_1001 | alien_overlord_1001

Standing up to neglectful parents: NTA for excluding mom 👏

AutisticMuffin97 | AutisticMuffin97

Commenter supports daughter's decision to exclude mom, cites past behavior.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter excluded mom, but comment recommends mental health services. NTA.

Androstarr | Androstarr

Daughter excludes mom from move-in day, commenters support decision. 😊

DanyelN | DanyelN

Daughter's exclusion of mother sparks emotional NTA comment thread 😢

Moonydog55 | Moonydog55

Supportive comment offers love and advice to OP ❤️

targaryenmegan | targaryenmegan

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