Fiancée Serves Dinner in Child's Bowl: Petty or Justified? 🍲😲

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We've all had our moments of feeling needy when we're sick, but one woman's fiancé takes it to a whole new level! When he's well, he's the best partner ever, but when he's ill, he turns into a helpless baby. With two toddlers in lockdown, the fiancée is already stretched thin and doesn't have the time or emotional capacity to baby her grown fiancé. So, when he asked her to cut up his dinner, she served it in a child's bowl with kids' cutlery! Was this a petty move or a justified response? Let's dive into this juicy story! 🍼👶🍲

Super Fiancé... Until He's Sick 🦸‍♂️🤒

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Sickness Brings Out the Baby 👶🤧

piggymills | piggymills

Lockdown Life with Toddlers 🏠👧👦

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Google Your Own Cold, Dude! 📱🥶

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Caring for a Grown Baby 🍼👨

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Cut Up My Dinner, Please! 🍽️🙄

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Dinner Served in a Child's Bowl 🍲👶

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Fiancé's Reaction 😠🍴

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Treat Him Like a Baby 🍼👶

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Cut Your Own Food! 🍽️😤

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Negative Coronavirus Result 🦠❌

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The Post-Sickness Talk 🗣️🤒

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Petty or Justified? You Decide! 🤔🍼

So, our protagonist is left wondering if her actions were petty or justified. She's more than happy to care for her fiancé when he's sick, but she draws the line at babying him. With two toddlers to care for and a house to manage, she doesn't have the time or energy to pamper her grown fiancé like a child. After serving his dinner in a child's bowl with kids' cutlery, she's left questioning her actions. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍲👶🤷‍♀️

Women share their experiences with men acting like children when sick 🤷🏻‍♀️

RandomParanoidGirl | RandomParanoidGirl

Partner wants to be babied, NTA for serving in child's bowl 😲

Doggymama1234 | Doggymama1234

Woman serves dinner in child's bowl to man with 'man cold' 😂

the-mirrors-truth | the-mirrors-truth

NTA: Commenters share their experiences of being sick and whiny.

jkos95 | jkos95

Fiancée serves dinner in child's bowl. NTA. Petty but justified.

loloannd | loloannd

Google your own cold? Dying laughing. NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Serving dinner in a child's bowl: justified or petty? NTA wins.

PurpleMP12 | PurpleMP12

Fiancée serves dinner in child's bowl to a man taking advantage. NTA 👏

LostInIndigo | LostInIndigo

NTA: Husband acting like a baby, treated like a baby. 😂

KaizureTheRed | KaizureTheRed

Empathetic replies to NTA comment about ex's ignorance on periods 🤷‍♀️

BandNervous | BandNervous

Partner demands 'extra special effort' while sick, NTA for serving dinner 🍴

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancée serves dinner in child's bowl, NTA keeps it real 👏

eugenesnewdream | eugenesnewdream

Comment and replies speculate on groom's mother's influence. 🤔

zebrapantson | zebrapantson

NTA shuts down MIL's infantilizing behavior. 👏

justlookingrn2 | justlookingrn2

NTA serves petty revenge, but commenters love it 😂

ifimhereimrealbored | ifimhereimrealbored

Partner serves sick fiancé in child's bowl, NTA commenter finds humor 😂

stormkatmeow | stormkatmeow

Lmao. NTA. Short and sweet, but still hilarious 😂

tailofthecrackfox | tailofthecrackfox

Serving dinner in a child's bowl? NTA wins the petty award 🍲

Rumhed | Rumhed

Commenter shares hilarious story and advises therapy for husband's behavior.

villalulaesi | villalulaesi

Fiancé being childish when ill, NTA for setting boundaries. 🙌

souljaboyalter | souljaboyalter

Is there a difference between being petty and being an a-hole? 🤔

nothatslame | nothatslame

Commenter praised for being brilliant. 👏

To_tiedye4 | To_tiedye4

Partner should not have to do everything, NTA comment.

Apgamerwolf | Apgamerwolf

NTA earns petty but mild revenge with child's bowl 🍲

Father-Son-HolyToast | Father-Son-HolyToast

Redditors find humor in serving dinner in baby cutlery. 😂

SNewton97 | SNewton97

Commenter believes fiancé is being pathetic and not actually sick. #NTA 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner acts like a child, gets served in a child's bowl 🤷‍♀️

hannahsflora | hannahsflora

Embrace your inner child and enjoy the petty revenge 😂

ch-l-c | ch-l-c

NTA comment suggests a humorous solution to dinner dispute 😂

Momma_tried378 | Momma_tried378

NTA stands up to lazy fiancé, red flag acknowledged 👏

barefootguru | barefootguru

Fiancée serves dinner in child's bowl: NTA's justified response 👏

synesthesiah | synesthesiah

Commenter calls out husband's behavior, suggests he call his mom 👩‍👦👉🏼👨‍👧‍👦

MindlessSherbert2 | MindlessSherbert2

Setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care. 💪

Allofme_allofyou | Allofme_allofyou

NTA serves Petty with a side of humor 😂

chyaraskiss | chyaraskiss

Commenter blames cold on lack of COVID precautions 🤔

Wannawahn | Wannawahn

Petty, but hilarious. 🍎😂

UnicornCackle | UnicornCackle

Mask wearing prevents cold, NTA for serving in child's bowl 😊

auntvic11 | auntvic11

Woman calls out men's behavior during colds. 🤷‍♀️

CarolineWonders | CarolineWonders

When your partner eats out of your kid's dish 🤣

meggymoo88 | meggymoo88

Serving dinner in a child's bowl: petty or justified? 🍲

AdorableManager3261 | AdorableManager3261

Serving dinner in a child's bowl: NTA or petty? 😂

FilthyDaemon | FilthyDaemon

Savage NTA comment shuts down petty dinner argument. 😍

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

Partner appreciation comment sparks wholesome discussion ❤️

Lonit-Bonit | Lonit-Bonit

NTA comment suggests extreme solution to childish behavior. 😱

Mundane_Discipline_5 | Mundane_Discipline_5

Using a baby bowl is NTA, but is he faking sick? 🤔

berlinbunny- | berlinbunny-

Serving dinner in a child's bowl: petty or justified? NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner's cold doesn't justify childish behavior at dinner 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouraging medical check-up for lying fiancé. NTA. 👨‍⚕️

rainylori | rainylori

Man defends fiancée's petty revenge on sickly partner. 😂

thatryanguy1 | thatryanguy1

Serving dinner in a child's bowl to a sick partner. Genius! 😂

Pooky582 | Pooky582

Sassy NTA comment suggests serving dinner in a sippy cup 🍲

rast5220 | rast5220

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