🤯 Daughter's World Rocked: The Shocking Reason Mom Refuses to be Called 'Mum'

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We've all had those moments when we're tired and let something slip that we probably shouldn't have. That's exactly what happened to this mom on a long road trip with her family. Her 15-year-old daughter asked why she isn't allowed to call her 'mum', and after some persistence, the mom finally revealed the real reason. But the truth was more than her daughter could handle, leaving her in tears and questioning their relationship. 😢

The Exhausting Road Trip 🚗

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The Persistent Daughter 🕵️‍♀️

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The Shocking Truth 😲

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Growing Love 💗

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The Daughter's Reaction 😐

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The Emotional Breakdown 😭

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The Burden of Words 🏋️‍♀️

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The Spiraling Daughter 🌀

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The Lingering Tension 😣

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A Mother's Confession: The Aftermath 💔

After revealing her true feelings about motherhood, this mom's relationship with her daughter is now on shaky ground. The daughter is left feeling hurt and questioning her place in the family. The tension between them continues to grow, as the father remains oblivious to the emotional turmoil that unfolded. Will this family be able to mend their relationship and find a way to move forward? 💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Heartbreaking comment and replies. OP YTA for telling her daughter she wasn't wanted.

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

A mother's refusal to be called 'Mum' causes heartbreak

CoffeeBooksCookies | CoffeeBooksCookies

OP's refusal to be called 'mum' causes emotional turmoil for daughter.

rapt2right | rapt2right

Mother's refusal to be called 'Mum' sparks outrage (YTA) 😱

Excellent_Squirrel86 | Excellent_Squirrel86

Parent admits regretting having kids, wonders why child is upset. 😬

jdnddjdhdb | jdnddjdhdb

Daughter's request denied: Mom prefers first name. YTA called out.

carsonmccrullers | carsonmccrullers

Commenter calls out OP for being TA towards her daughter

Neko_09 | Neko_09

🤦‍♀️ YTA. Refusing to be called 'mum' is selfish and harmful.

GondolaQueen | GondolaQueen

OP is called out for being emotionally unavailable to her daughter.

minicooperlove | minicooperlove

Commenter doubts authenticity of post, but others confirm it's possible.

MelonSegment | MelonSegment

Mom's refusal to be called 'Mum' - YTA comment causes trauma

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter's hurtful past: Commenter calls out mother's behavior as YTA.

gertyorkes | gertyorkes

Commenter calls out parent for cruel and damaging behavior 😔

OrangeCubit | OrangeCubit

Commenter shocked by mother's cruel behavior towards daughter.

No-Evidence2972 | No-Evidence2972

Commenter calls out parent for being cruel and entitled. 🤯

HeartpineFloors | HeartpineFloors

Commenter calls out parent for being a**hole, recommends therapy.

runningaway67907 | runningaway67907

A heartbreaking comment on the impact of a mother's words 😢

AngielandNB | AngielandNB

Commenter calls out mother for blaming her kid, using YTA.

KindofPolitePerson | KindofPolitePerson

Commenter calls out YTA for being cold as ice 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

A painful memory resurfaces, leading to a harsh judgement. YTA.

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Commenter calls out parent's behavior as harmful and selfish. 😱

VxGB111 | VxGB111

Parenting gone wrong: A mother's insensitive confession to her daughter.

history_buff_9971 | history_buff_9971

Mother's refusal to be called 'Mum' - YTA comment criticized

Aggressive_Earth_322 | Aggressive_Earth_322

Commenter calls out parent for being TA. Ouch 😱

BoringSignal8714 | BoringSignal8714

Commenter calls out the mother for her behavior. 😱

Careful-Bumblebee-10 | Careful-Bumblebee-10

Daughter feels unloved and unwanted by mom who refuses 'Mum'

Gumgums66 | Gumgums66

Choosing to have kids but not wanting them makes you TA 😑

Ill_Antelope9775 | Ill_Antelope9775

A cautionary reminder for parents to plan for their future 🧓

ThaFoxThatRox | ThaFoxThatRox

Parenting is tough, but dismissing your child's feelings is a**hole-ish 🤯

smashmag | smashmag

Parenting gone wrong: Commenter calls out selfish mother's behavior 👎

kittykatvegas13 | kittykatvegas13

Parenting gone wrong: Commenter calls out OP for hurting daughter's feelings

anaknskywalkr | anaknskywalkr

Parenting gone wrong: A mother's cold attitude towards her kids

uknowimjojos | uknowimjojos

Commenter suggests therapy for OP (YTA) and daughter's issue.

Brilliant_Victory_77 | Brilliant_Victory_77

Insensitive parent called out for pushing away loving daughter. 😢

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Daughter's upset: Commenter agrees with her, calls out behavior.

theythemitrust | theythemitrust

Commenter calls out the mom for being the a**hole and predicts future alienation. 😱

wind-river7 | wind-river7

🤬 Commenter receives harsh criticism for their behavior.

Catfiche1970 | Catfiche1970

🤨 YTA mom dismisses daughter's feelings about 'Mum' title

Lalalabambi | Lalalabambi

Daughter rightfully upset after mom's hurtful comment. 😞

OneMediocreMan | OneMediocreMan

Commenter calls out parent for being excessively cruel to child.

Sunny_Hill_1 | Sunny_Hill_1

Parenting gone wrong: Daughter's disappointment with 'honest' mom's decision.

HistoricalInaccurate | HistoricalInaccurate

Commenter deems someone the a**hole. Drama ensues. 😱

ItchyDoggg | ItchyDoggg

A shocking and heartless comment from a parent to their child 😱

midnattmareritt | midnattmareritt

Parent's refusal to be called 'mum' sparks YTA backlash 😱

rare0rgasm | rare0rgasm

User relates to commenter's decision not to have kids. YTA.

isavau | isavau

Commenter calls out emotional abuse in shocking parenting revelation. 😱

armchairclaire | armchairclaire

Daughter's pain palpable as mother rejects 'Mum' title. YTA.

ThinEscape511 | ThinEscape511

Alienating your children with a name? YTA according to commenters 😓

AceyAceyAcey | AceyAceyAcey

Commenter calls out YTA for neglecting daughter. 💔

SaboraHoku | SaboraHoku

RegretfulParents community may offer helpful support in tough situations. 🙏

NotYour_Baby_Girl | NotYour_Baby_Girl

Seek therapy for both yourself and your daughter after this revelation. 💔

Mossylilman | Mossylilman

Commenter calls out mother for being a 'terrible mother' 😬

elizabethjanet | elizabethjanet

Mom regrets motherhood, YTA for not accepting the reality.

staticdragonfly | staticdragonfly

Commenter expresses strong negative sentiment towards the mother's actions.

Taking_Therapy | Taking_Therapy

Commenter calls out OP for being TA and advises validation.

Changeling_Boy | Changeling_Boy

🤨 Parenting gone wrong: Mom demands daughter call her by first name

ExplorerRadiant | ExplorerRadiant

Parent's hurtful words to daughter spark outrage. YTA.

mh6797 | mh6797

Censoring aside, is it fair for a mom to refuse 'mom'?

righteousredo | righteousredo

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