Employee Fights Back After Pay Cut: Drama Unfolds! 😱

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Picture this: You're working for a small tech company, enjoying your office job and getting along with your boss and coworkers. Life is good. But then, a new manager comes in and decides you're being paid too much for your role. They cut your pay, and suddenly, you're asked to do extra work that you're no longer paid for. What would you do? 🤔 One employee found themselves in this exact situation and decided to fight back. Let's dive into the story and see how it all went down! 🍿

The Good Old Days 😌

moistfault | moistfault

Switching Roles, Same Pay 💼

moistfault | moistfault

Enter the New Manager 😒

moistfault | moistfault

Pay Cut Incoming! 💸

moistfault | moistfault

Not a Technician Anymore? 🤨

moistfault | moistfault

Christmas Bonus? Not This Year 🚫🎄

moistfault | moistfault

A Request to Go Out in the Field 🛠️

moistfault | moistfault

The Board Room Showdown 🥊

moistfault | moistfault

Technician Work? Not in My Job Description! 📄

moistfault | moistfault

Office Pay for Office Work 💼💰

moistfault | moistfault

The Manager's Refusal 😤

moistfault | moistfault

Higher-Ups Left to Discuss 🤔

moistfault | moistfault

Unreasonable or Justified? 🤷

moistfault | moistfault

Fighting for Fair Pay: Who's in the Right? 🥊💰

Our brave office worker stood up to the new manager, refusing to do extra work after an unjust pay cut. They argued that if they were paid as a technician, they'd do technician work. But with an office worker's salary, they'd stick to the office. The manager refused to budge, leaving the higher-ups to discuss the situation. So, who's in the right here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this epic showdown! 🍿💬

Employee receives support after pay cut: NTA, brush up resume 👍

hello_friendss | hello_friendss

Empowering comment and advice on knowing your worth. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment and reply, but uncertain job prospects 😕

americanmel | americanmel

Employee stands up to unfair pay cut, receives support. NTA 👏

Duke_Newcombe | Duke_Newcombe

Employee's pay cut drama and bonus speculation sparks debate. 💰

Ninja_toker | Ninja_toker

Employee stands up for self, sets boundaries, and inspires others! 💪

Spejunkin | Spejunkin

Sue for unfair dismissal? Get it in writing. NTA.

lavinialloyd | lavinialloyd

Standing up for yourself at work: NTA and time to move on! 💪

Chains-and-chanel | Chains-and-chanel

Time to job hunt? NTA comment suggests drama ahead 🤔

Pretend-Panda | Pretend-Panda

Employee sets boundaries after pay cut, prefers new routine. 👍

SRS_3031 | SRS_3031

Encouraging response to job hunt with a hint of caution 😊

BlameChina4it | BlameChina4it

Employee stands up to pay cut, gets support from commenter.

rmric0 | rmric0

Record meetings, mention labor board to prevent retaliation. 👍

Psychotic_Froggy | Psychotic_Froggy

Join the fun at r/maliciouscompliance with this post! 😊

Doctor-Amazing | Doctor-Amazing

Employee takes a stand, but is it worth the risk? 🤔

jujubee_303 | jujubee_303

Employee stands up for themselves and wins! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Job insecurity looms after pay cut, time to find alternatives 🤔

PlasticPalm | PlasticPalm

NTA stands up to company's unfair pay cut and demands fair compensation 💪

-SSN- | -SSN-

Stick to your contract! Consider other options if things escalate. 💪

SmartassMouth89 | SmartassMouth89

Employee stands up to unfair pay cut, may need new job 💪

rudebish | rudebish

Employee stands up to unfair pay cut, seeks justice. 💪

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Talented employee fights back after pay cut 🤪

PrincessBella1 | PrincessBella1

Commenter supports employee's actions, no drama here! 👍

TCGislife | TCGislife

Employee stands up for themselves after pay cut. NTA!

Nea_Green | Nea_Green

Employee stands up for fair pay and job description. 💪

alphorilex | alphorilex

Clear-cut judgement: NTA. Drama-free comment section. 👍

Iamlordbutter | Iamlordbutter

Employee stands up to pay cut and inspires others. 💪

CuriosiT38 | CuriosiT38

Employee's pay cut leads to satisfying compliance. 😎

reyan227 | reyan227

Malicious compliance? Not the a**hole! Drama ensues 😱

Redroses4u | Redroses4u

Stand up for yourself and your worth at work! 💪

Shadowfury45 | Shadowfury45

Commenter shames employee for fighting back against pay cut 😒

Reddit-SFW | Reddit-SFW

Employee stands up to boss, inspires others to do same! 💪

Old-Dust-9366 | Old-Dust-9366

Stand up for yourself and your worth! 💪

saintsaipriest | saintsaipriest

Empowered employee stands up to pay cut, but faces consequences. 🤔

EarthBelcher | EarthBelcher

Employee stands up for fair pay, company caught off guard 🤔 NTA

whitedranzer | whitedranzer

Employee stands up for fair pay and job role 👏

Lori_D | Lori_D

Employee stands up for fair pay, prepares to move on. 💪

anumati | anumati

Employee takes stand against unfair pay cut. Loyalty questioned. 🙅

arsonfairy | arsonfairy

Empowered employee stands up for fair pay! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Employee stands up to unfair pay cut. Boss in the wrong 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Employee stands up against pay theft, NTA wins! 💪

gemma156 | gemma156

Employee stands up to unfair pay cut. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Employee stands up against unfair pay cut. NTA 💪

trm_90 | trm_90

Commenter advises OP to CYA and find new job 👍

JCWa50 | JCWa50

Employee stands up to unappreciative company. NTA 👏

woke_is_a_plague | woke_is_a_plague

Employee demands fair pay for technician work. 💪

Crilde | Crilde

When 'other duties' means a pay cut... 🤨

Benpea | Benpea

Short and sweet: Comment defends pay cut decision. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself after a pay cut 💪

gozba | gozba

Playing by the rules: Malicious compliance at its finest! 😎

Yuki-Kuran | Yuki-Kuran

Encouraging comment, wishing the best for the employee 👍

thesuz | thesuz

Encouraging comment to quit job with NTA acronym. 💪

Reptile911T | Reptile911T

Curious about location, NTA fights back after pay cut 🤔

freakinuk | freakinuk

Employee stands up for themselves after pay cut. 💪

Rifter0876 | Rifter0876

Employee stands up for fair pay amidst employer's greed 💪

UisgeRuithe | UisgeRuithe

Employee's fiery response to pay cut receives support. 💪

LilaValentine | LilaValentine

Commenter defends employee's actions and suggests job search 🤔

HotConfusion | HotConfusion

Act your wage and do your job well. NTA wins!

dogmadandsad | dogmadandsad

Employee fights pay cut, justified NTA, time to job hunt 💪

MPBoomBoom22 | MPBoomBoom22

NTA gets revenge in r/maliciouscompliance. 😎

maddr_lurker | maddr_lurker

Employee stands up for fair pay, others encourage job search 💪

Throwjob42 | Throwjob42

Employee stands up for fair pay and gets transferred. 💪

KnightofDis | KnightofDis

Don't fall for 'vital asset' trap in small companies. NTA wins!

TheBigJebowski | TheBigJebowski

Employee fights back against wage theft. NTA! 💯

dwegol | dwegol

Standing up for yourself without being a jerk 💪

fromhelley | fromhelley

Stand up for your worth! 💪

wamale | wamale

Survival of the fittest: Employee vs Company 🤮

onlyfans_orkideh | onlyfans_orkideh

Fair pay is non-negotiable. NTA stands firm. 💪

narsfweasels | narsfweasels

Solid advice 💯. Time to move on.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Employee stands up for themselves against pay cut 💪

WyoPeeps | WyoPeeps

Employee stands up for themselves and plans to find new job 💪

eve_713 | eve_713

Employee stands up for fair pay and hints of revenge 😈

Stick2033 | Stick2033

Employee stands up for themselves after pay cut. NTA 👏

Middlemeow | Middlemeow

Employee stands up for themselves, but warns of consequences. 🤔

mockingbird82 | mockingbird82

Empowered employee stands up to pay cut! You go, NTA! 💪

CrazyTalkAl | CrazyTalkAl

Advocate for yourself! NTA comment inspires self-empowerment. 💪

zoomzoom42 | zoomzoom42

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