🤯 Woman Abandoned by Family Over Baby, Now They Plan a Surprise Party? 😲

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Imagine being a single mom, abandoned by your family and friends because they don't want to deal with your baby. That's the reality for this 25-year-old woman who has been raising her 6-month-old son alone after the tragic passing of her boyfriend. Her family has made it clear they want nothing to do with her child, but now they're trying to throw her a surprise birthday party. What could possibly go wrong? 🤔

The Struggle of a Single Mom

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Taking Responsibility

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Loneliness and Grief

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Unwanted Reminders

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Family Judgement

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Family Group Chat

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Surprise Party Plans

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Confronting the Family

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Accusations of Drama

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Mom's Excuse

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Demanding to Be Left Alone

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Family's Reaction

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No Apologies

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Dad's Support

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Additional Background

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Surprise Party or Cruel Joke? 😠

After being abandoned by her family and left to raise her baby alone, this young woman discovers they're planning a surprise party for her birthday. She confronts them, asking why they'd throw her a party after months of ignoring her and her child. Her mom claims it's to show her the difficulty of being a single mother, but she's not buying it. She demands they leave her alone and cancels the party. Her sisters and mother call her dramatic and say she's overreacting, but she refuses to apologize. Her dad, however, supports her decision. Let's dive into the internet's reactions to this emotionally charged situation... 🍿

Block toxic family, make friends. Joining a moms group helps 👍

Zookeeper-007 | Zookeeper-007

Protect your child's mental health. Consider going low contact/no contact. 👥

Mindless-Solution-32 | Mindless-Solution-32

Family wants to throw a surprise party after abandoning OP? 🤔

Whysoserious_7573 | Whysoserious_7573

Family abandons woman over baby, now plan surprise party? NTA 😲

ireland7211 | ireland7211

Empathetic commenter shares personal experience and advice on toxic family dynamics.

Wise-Excuse1015 | Wise-Excuse1015

Commenter receives NTA judgment, but suspects backstory. Replies suggest possible narcissistic mother and family dysfunction.

MasterOfNone585 | MasterOfNone585

Family abandons woman, now plan surprise party? NTA stands firm.

Capable_Voice_5479 | Capable_Voice_5479

Family abandons woman over baby, plans surprise party? NTA wins.

sekhenet | sekhenet

Encouraging words for a new mom abandoned by family 💪

randomgaldem | randomgaldem

Virtual hugs and support for OP's tough situation. #NTA

Kayhowardhlots | Kayhowardhlots

NTA, go NC with toxic family and seek support from others 🙏

fulcrum_ct-7567 | fulcrum_ct-7567

Family's religious beliefs and jealousy may be causing the distance. 🤔

LittleFairyOfDeath | LittleFairyOfDeath

NTA, but at least you have your dad 👏

Wonderful_Horror7315 | Wonderful_Horror7315

Mom wants to teach single mom a lesson. NTA. Support offered 😊

Personal_Tourist_152 | Personal_Tourist_152

Family abandons woman during tough times, no right to reconcile now 🙅

MEstrada96 | MEstrada96

Cutting toxic family ties and finding new mom friends 😊

Boredpanda31 | Boredpanda31

Abandoned by family, now they want me back? 🤔

Solid_Quote9133 | Solid_Quote9133

Family abandons new mother, plans surprise party? NTA says comment.

HunterDangerous1366 | HunterDangerous1366

Cutting off toxic family members? NTA, forget them 👍

Sledge313 | Sledge313

Encouraging advice for new mom dealing with family drama 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Lonely and struggling mother needs social support, not cold advice. 👥

ginsengtea3 | ginsengtea3

NTA, don't let them whitewash their cruelty with a party. 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sisters holding grudges over baby, dad's support is invaluable ❤️

Icy-Veterinarian942 | Icy-Veterinarian942

NTA commenter sympathizes with OP over family's behavior towards baby.

This_Grab_452 | This_Grab_452

Family's jealousy and lack of empathy towards grieving single mother 😢

lol_x12 | lol_x12

Family abandoned her during tough times, now planning self-congratulatory party? 🤯

Bravobsession | Bravobsession

Cutting off family for self-protection 👊

Neither_Atmosphere40 | Neither_Atmosphere40

Supportive comment, recommends therapy and leaning on dad ❤️

Apexrobby | Apexrobby

Family's surprise party is just a facade to look good. 😒

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Helpful advice on government support for single parents. 👍

idont-care12091 | idont-care12091

Empathetic comment applauds single mom's strength and suggests support groups. ❤️

Comfortable_Fun_9872 | Comfortable_Fun_9872

Group chat (GC) confusion sparks discussion among commenters

genosonic | genosonic

Is OP lying about age and boyfriend's past? 🤔

crispyfriedwater | crispyfriedwater

NTA- You're a rock star, they suck. Keep dad, walk away. 👏

SingleContribution97 | SingleContribution97

Family abandons single mother after fiance's death. NTA. Kick them out. 👎

keykingdom | keykingdom

NTA, drop them like dead weight. Find support on Bumble. 👏

krazylulu | krazylulu

Family's double standard on babies hurts, NTA for refusing party. 😡

nosleeeptill | nosleeeptill

Focus on your baby and dad, forget the rest 👍

ResponseMountain6580 | ResponseMountain6580

Family abandons woman and baby, but wants to plan a party? 🤔

brainless_bob | brainless_bob

Commenter not at fault for family's sudden change of heart 😊

VancityNerdy | VancityNerdy

Find a support system to take care of your mental health ❤️

mommyrella | mommyrella

Cut out toxic family for your and your baby's safety 💪

Secret_shopper21 | Secret_shopper21

Cutting off toxic family is hard but necessary. Stay strong 💪

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Take care of yourself first. Cut off toxic family. NTA 👏

StarlingElixir | StarlingElixir

Block toxic family, find support in new moms and grief group ❤️

Small-Bodybuilder160 | Small-Bodybuilder160

Supportive comment to a widow facing family rejection. 🙌

RandomWidow | RandomWidow

Cut off toxic family, keep dad close. Self-care 👍

Cant-think-about-it | Cant-think-about-it

Commenter expresses shock and disbelief at family's behavior. NTA. 😱

Ronenthelich | Ronenthelich

Join r/widowers for support. NTA for standing up.

SixColoredMarigolds | SixColoredMarigolds

Single mom shamed by family, NTA, commenters outraged 😠

Hnetu | Hnetu

Heartless family abandons grieving woman, plans surprise party? #NTA 😢

bab_101 | bab_101

Document everything in a journal to prepare for future gaslighting 😒

hellofuckingjulie | hellofuckingjulie

Encouraging comment on single motherhood and self-care 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out family for abandoning woman over baby

NotThisAgain21 | NotThisAgain21

👏 Encouraging comment for new mom dealing with loss and PPD.

Nylonknot | Nylonknot

👏 OP's reaction to emotional abuse justified, NTA

neeksknowsbest | neeksknowsbest

Find a real support network, block toxic family members. 👍

johnny9k | johnny9k

Cut toxic family off, build support system, be amazing single mom 👏

JazziRage | JazziRage

Family wants to throw a party after abandoning you and your baby? NTA 🤬

mushroomrevolution | mushroomrevolution

Empathetic comment, but no replies to engage with 😢

blackladder_ | blackladder_

Encouraging comment suggests seeking support groups for comfort and connection. 🙏

Ashamed-Benefit-4964 | Ashamed-Benefit-4964

Choosing to prioritize dad and baby, NTA. 💯❤️

darkangel1214 | darkangel1214

NTA! Block them all and find support with other single parents. 👏

SilverNightWolf710 | SilverNightWolf710

NTA, toxic family, supportive dad, hypocritical bf's parents. Finding support groups.

Daydreamer0181 | Daydreamer0181

Supportive comment validates OP's feelings of abandonment. 👍

Marshall_InTheDoor | Marshall_InTheDoor

Cut toxic family off, make new friends, don't let them back. 👍

YeetMyExistanceMan | YeetMyExistanceMan

Cut ties with cruel family who abandoned her and her baby 🚫

mischiefnmayhem0215 | mischiefnmayhem0215

Supportive comment receives no replies, but all our love ❤️

CaptainJeff | CaptainJeff

Supportive comment, encouraging finding better friends. ❤️

CatsAreNotAliens | CatsAreNotAliens

Find a mom group for support, forget toxic family. 👥

Tea_and_Biscuits12 | Tea_and_Biscuits12

Joining groups and watching baby videos can help boost morale 😊

Accomplished_Boat912 | Accomplished_Boat912

Cutting ties with toxic family for your and baby's well-being. 👍

Suspicious_Flower832 | Suspicious_Flower832

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