Parents' College Payment Lie: A Family Torn Apart 😱💔

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Imagine working your entire high school life to get into your dream college, only to have your dreams crushed by your own parents. That's exactly what happened to this 23-year-old man, who was accepted into one of the prestigious HYPSM colleges (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT). His parents had always pushed him to excel, but when he got accepted, they suddenly changed their tune and claimed they couldn't afford it. Little did he know, they were hiding a secret that would later tear the family apart. 😔💔

The Dream College Acceptance 🎉🎓

parents_lied__ | parents_lied__

Parents' Shocking Response 😱

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Crunching the Numbers 🧮💸

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Settling for State School 🏫

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Sister's Big News 📞🎉

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The Shocking Revelation 😲💔

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The Hidden Fortune 🤑📈

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Confronting the Parents 😡

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Cutting Ties Forever 💔

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The Girlfriend's Perspective 🤷‍♀️

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A Family Divided: The Fallout of a College Lie 😡🎓

This young man's parents lied to him about their ability to pay for his dream college, forcing him to settle for a state school. Years later, he discovers they're willing to pay for his sister's HYPSM education, and the truth about their hidden fortune is revealed. Feeling betrayed and hurt, he cuts ties with his parents, vowing never to speak to them again. His girlfriend tries to offer some perspective, but the damage is done. Will this family ever be able to mend their broken bonds? 💔😢

NTA for feeling hurt and wanting space to process emotions 😢

Yukon-Don | Yukon-Don

NTA for cutting contact with parents who lied about college payments 😱

loginorregister9 | loginorregister9

NTA; Asian parents prioritize prestige and bragging rights over payment.

fancywiththespices | fancywiththespices

NTA. Parents lied and played favorites, it's not about money 💔

caz__z | caz__z

Possible reasons for parents' favoritism, worth hearing before going nuclear 🤔

meeeee01 | meeeee01

Student defends taking loans and internships to pay for college 💰

MissPricklyUnicorn | MissPricklyUnicorn

Deserving explanation for college payment lie. NTA. 👍

jojo_in_space | jojo_in_space

Commenter seeks closure on parents' favoritism towards sister. 🤔

duraraross | duraraross

NTA comment sympathizes with OP's college payment lie experience. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself and cutting toxic family ties 👏

QueenYamma | QueenYamma

NTA deserves honesty from parents, concerns over GF's response 😬

Clear_Detail_9121 | Clear_Detail_9121

Commenter questions if OP committed fraud, sparks informative discussion.

rekniht01 | rekniht01

Commenter suggests parents may have had other options for funding.

IFeelMoiGerbil | IFeelMoiGerbil

NTA for cutting off parents due to blatant favouritism towards sister 👏

Catatomical | Catatomical

Unfair college payment creates family tension. 😒

PeakCreative187 | PeakCreative187

NTA. Commenter explains why Ivy League schools are overrated. 👍

BanEvador71 | BanEvador71

Father prioritizes stepchild's college over his own flesh and blood 💔

Needingconfirmation | Needingconfirmation

Support for NTA who values honesty and fairness in families 👍

That_Contribution720 | That_Contribution720

Unfair college payment lie causes family rift. NTA.

jalapeno_cheetos | jalapeno_cheetos

Betrayed by parents' college payment lie, commenter is NTA 😢

trentraps | trentraps

Reminding parents of consequences, NTA comment wins logic points 💪

girls_on_bread | girls_on_bread

Commenter suggests reconciling with parents over college payment dispute 👍

krazct | krazct

Cutting contact: when parents lie about college payments 🚫

intervallfaster | intervallfaster

NTA. Pressure to perform to ivy standards, lying about affordability, and favoritism. Family torn apart 😱💔

soul_reddish | soul_reddish

Sibling rivalry fueled by parents' broken promise 💔

itsdeadsaw | itsdeadsaw

Financial situation changed, NTA, consider parents' perspective 👍

Ninjasaurus9000 | Ninjasaurus9000

Did your parents' financial situation change? A possible explanation 🤔

Greenelse | Greenelse

NTA, parents lied about college payments, sister not to blame. 👍

ToZero | ToZero

Favoritism hurts. Cut ties and move on. #NTA 👍

Korlat_Eleint | Korlat_Eleint

Unpopular opinion: Parents reserve the right to spend their money how they see fit. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling financial disparities, but commenter urges gratitude and support. 🙏

coffeecircus | coffeecircus

NTA for feeling betrayed by parents' favoritism and deceit 😡

emmer00 | emmer00

Sibling favoritism exposed, commenter deems OP not the a**hole.

macci_a_vellian | macci_a_vellian

NTA. Valid reason to be upset. Hear their explanation first 👍

Excellent-Recipe-419 | Excellent-Recipe-419

Commenter defends parents and advises conversation with them. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends parents' decision, receives harsh reply from another user 🤬

Business_Cook_8488 | Business_Cook_8488

Commenter calls out financial privilege with YTA acronym.

bingwilli | bingwilli

Legacy admissions and favoritism - NTA stands up for fairness 💪

DDecimal | DDecimal

UC Berkeley may be better than Harvard and Yale for CS 🤔

nsnyder | nsnyder

Choosing no contact with biased parents, take a break 🙌

Pseud-o-nym | Pseud-o-nym

Pressure to get into Ivy League, then made to deny it. NTA 👏

Fembosrights | Fembosrights

Commenter advises OP to work out issues with parents and move on. 👍

alexatd | alexatd

Parents lied about college payment, got caught, went defensive. Go no-contact 👋

borovy99 | borovy99

Validating OP's emotions and advising self-care 👍

riyusama | riyusama

YTA comment shuts down without any replies 😂

gtgjihdzxuol | gtgjihdzxuol

A family torn apart by parents' college payment lie 😱💔. NTA.

Impressive-Amoeba-97 | Impressive-Amoeba-97

Cutting out lying parents: NTA, honesty and trust matter 👍

NittyWitty420 | NittyWitty420

When parents have favorites... 😕💔

Toddisan | Toddisan

Betrayed by parents' lies about college payment 😱💔

Trina608 | Trina608

Mother shows favoritism in paying for college. NTA for resentment.

Pickledore | Pickledore

Discovering family secrets: navigating double standards 🙌

angryomlette | angryomlette

Gratitude vs. Betrayal: A Parenting Dilemma 🤔

pb-jellybean | pb-jellybean

No contact with lying parents. Regret awaits them 👍

Briguy1994 | Briguy1994

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