Dad Threatens to Take Son He's Never Met 🤯 Mom Puts Her Foot Down!

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Picture this: a mom has been raising her 12-year-old son alone after his dad decided he wasn't ready to be a father. Fast forward a decade, and the dad suddenly wants to be involved. But when he threatens to take the boy away, mom decides enough is enough. 😤 Grab your popcorn, folks, because this story is full of drama, conflict, and emotional turmoil. 🍿

The Absent Father Returns

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Court Decisions

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Son's Decision

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Another Chance

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Attentive Dad?

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Sudden Attitude Change

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The Threat

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Mom's Response

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Enough is Enough

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Son Overhears

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Son's Reaction

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Mom's Emotional Struggle

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Friend's Harsh Words

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Depriving the Son?

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Mom vs. Absent Dad: The Showdown 🥊

In a whirlwind of emotions, this mom has been trying to navigate her son's relationship with his long-absent father. But when dad threatens to take the boy away, she puts her foot down and cancels their meeting. 🚫 The son, who overheard the conversation, is disappointed but supportive of his mom. However, a friend accuses her of being the bad guy, saying she's depriving her son of a relationship with his dad. 😔 The internet has weighed in on this emotional rollercoaster, and their thoughts may surprise you... 🤔

NTA times infinity. Friend needs to stop thinking of human lives like objects 👍

GoingPriceForHome | GoingPriceForHome

NTA for protecting your son from potential kidnapping. Horrifying stories shared.

SaboraHoku | SaboraHoku

Friend's lack of empathy sparks agreement among commenters 👍

tcsweetgurl | tcsweetgurl

Friend suggests kidnapping by unknown sperm donor, commenter NTA and advises to start paper trail.

anathema_deviced | anathema_deviced

NTA. Friend suggests kidnapping is okay to prove a point? 🤨

razzlemcwazzle | razzlemcwazzle

Supportive comment, advises OP to reconsider friendship with insensitive person. 👍

jackswag9 | jackswag9

Is the friend really a friend? 🤔

Fun_universe | Fun_universe

Parent paying child support accuses other parent of misusing funds. NTA.

Init4thelaughs | Init4thelaughs

NTA stands up to threatening father, community offers support. 👏

Not-Creative-0921 | Not-Creative-0921

NTA stands up to entitled dad, calls out child support assumptions 💪

angelmakr9 | angelmakr9

Commenter defends OP and calls out baby daddy's actions. 👏

bitchy_badger | bitchy_badger

Friend's terrible advice: traumatize son to prove a point? NTA.

alpacaboba | alpacaboba

Mom protects son from violent sperm donor's threats. NTA.

StitchandReuben | StitchandReuben

Protecting your child from an absent father. You're NTA! 👏

michelecw | michelecw

Drop the 'friend', not the kid. Court for dad's visit.

alternativeedge7 | alternativeedge7

Commenter supports OP's decision to keep herself and son safe. 👍

Active_Ad_7691 | Active_Ad_7691

Cutting off toxic friends for the safety of your child 👏

Toddambrose | Toddambrose

Protective mom stands up to threatening absentee dad. #NTA 👏

evieeeeeeeeeeeeeee | evieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Commenter defends mom's decision to keep son safe from stranger.

TheQuietType84 | TheQuietType84

Parental rights? After 12 years of abandonment? NTA 👏

halfwaygonetoo | halfwaygonetoo

Friend's kidnapping threat is unacceptable. NTA.

PositiveParticular40 | PositiveParticular40

Protecting her son from a deadbeat dad. 👏

QueenRinRin | QueenRinRin

NTA. Father being manipulative. Son better off without him. 👍

Far_Quantity_6133 | Far_Quantity_6133

Encouraging words to a mom supporting her son. 👍

FlyingFlipPhone | FlyingFlipPhone

Friend's advice is questionable, but NTA for prioritizing safety 👏

Wspitsamanda | Wspitsamanda

Supportive comment suggests legal action and cutting off toxic friend 👏

Impossible_Ad_4182 | Impossible_Ad_4182

Protective mom stands up to manipulative dad. #NTA 👏

KarmaRan0verMyDogma | KarmaRan0verMyDogma

NTA. Don't let your son be kidnapped by his abusive sperm donor 😱

SomeoneYouDontKnow70 | SomeoneYouDontKnow70

Commenter defends mom and calls out friend's behavior. 👏

Inner-Spinach5413 | Inner-Spinach5413

Parenting 101: No one should be okay with kidnapping 👎

naughtyzoot | naughtyzoot

Putting the child's well-being first is crucial. 👍

a-_rose | a-_rose

Commenter agrees dad is scary 😱

SoIFeltDizzy | SoIFeltDizzy

Supportive comment advises to ditch toxic friend. 👍

dragonmom03 | dragonmom03

Commenter calls out dad's outrageous behavior, supports mom. 👏

Repulsive_Vast_5722 | Repulsive_Vast_5722

Putting safety first ✅. NTA for protecting son from harm.

TaliesinMerlin | TaliesinMerlin

Protecting her son from a threatening father. 👏

bidgeywidgey | bidgeywidgey

Toxic dad wants to meet son after 12 years? NTA mom wins! 💯

Munkie29 | Munkie29

Cut toxic friends out of your life 👍

mCharles88 | mCharles88

Friend and ex suck, don't threaten to kidnap your child.

FistMeQTPie | FistMeQTPie

Cutting toxic friends is necessary for your and your child's well-being 🚫

Aligirl520 | Aligirl520

NTA. Friend advocates for putting son in harmful situation. Not a friend.


Protect your son, seek court supervised visits for the father. 👏

bkupisch | bkupisch

Protecting son or depriving him? NTA comment defends position. 🙏

Mithrander_Grey | Mithrander_Grey

👍 NTA comment receives support from others.

scatteredloops | scatteredloops

Protecting son from unstable 'father', friend is an idiot. NTA 👍

RainbowSequins | RainbowSequins

Mother stands up to dad's threat to kidnap son. 👏

PobreCositaFea_ | PobreCositaFea_

Toxic friends and sperm donors, NTA for putting foot down 👏

enceinte-uno | enceinte-uno

Friendship advice: Don't take advice from morons 🙄

SemiOperational | SemiOperational

Mom receives support for protecting herself and her son. 👍

dpdragonfly | dpdragonfly

Friend suggests letting son be kidnapped by estranged father. OP refuses. NTA 👍

RoxasHughes | RoxasHughes

Friend is the real a**hole here! 😠

Smart_Skin_3440 | Smart_Skin_3440

Get a lawyer to prepare for potential custody battle 💼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Trust and communication are key. NTA made the right choice.

LinaInverse04 | LinaInverse04

Meeting in public place to avoid potential kidnapping? Good idea! 😊

rugbysd01 | rugbysd01

NTA finds better friends 👍

smurfgrl417 | smurfgrl417

Friend kidnapped children, OP made right call. 👍

ceciliabee | ceciliabee

Protecting your child is top priority. NTA 🙌

Restless__Dreamer | Restless__Dreamer

Friend's comment is outrageous! NTA for protecting your child 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friendship boundaries crossed? 🤔 NTA takes a stand.

MixWitch | MixWitch

Protect your child from a dangerous father with evidence 👍

EatButterflies | EatButterflies

NTA. Dad walked out once, don't give him the choice again 👍

Morganx27 | Morganx27

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