Girlfriend Called Out for Grunge Style & Weight: Is She Overreacting? 😲

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We've all had our fair share of relationship drama, but this one takes the cake! 🎂 A girlfriend finds herself in a tough spot after her boyfriend criticizes her grunge style and weight. She's had enough and calls him out on his superficial behavior, but he claims she's just being hormonal. Is she overreacting or is her boyfriend really crossing the line? Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions and find out! 😬🎢

The Grunge Style Drama

jaylynnx | jaylynnx

First Incident

jaylynnx | jaylynnx

Her Defense

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His Counter-Argument

jaylynnx | jaylynnx

Accusations of Lying

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The Weight Issue

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His Accusation

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The Real Reason?

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Her Reaction

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Unsatisfied with Apology

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Eating Too Much?

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Denial and Accusations

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Calling Him Out

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Superficial Boyfriend or Hormonal Girlfriend? 🤷‍♀️

This poor girlfriend has had enough of her boyfriend's superficial comments about her grunge style and weight. She's called him out on his behavior, but he insists she's just being hormonal. From accusing her of dressing like a 'slob' to saying he doesn't want to 'f**k a skeleton,' this boyfriend's comments have left her feeling hurt and confused. Is she overreacting or is her boyfriend really in the wrong? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐💭

NTA. Gaslighting, emotional abuse, and insults. Break up for your sake. 👏

hopelessautisticnerd | hopelessautisticnerd

Commenter defends OP against emotionally abusive boyfriend, using personal experience. 💪

requinviolet | requinviolet

Supportive comment calls out abusive behavior, encourages leaving. 👏

NoeTellusom | NoeTellusom

Partner's constant criticism is unacceptable. NTA for standing up.

memeingintoyourDM | memeingintoyourDM

Commenter calls out boyfriend's hypocrisy and body shaming. 💪

taeminthedragontamer | taeminthedragontamer

Dump the guy - Redditors offer to do it for her 😂

holyfatfish | holyfatfish

Commenter defends OP, calls out boyfriend as the a**hole. 👍

slippy204 | slippy204

Commenter sympathizes with girlfriend, suggests dumping the a**hole boyfriend. 👊

invomitous-rex | invomitous-rex

Recognize the red flags of abuse and leave him. NTA 👏

sometimesnowing | sometimesnowing

Toxic boyfriend called out, commenter recommends cutting ties. 👏

Apotelesama | Apotelesama

Commenter calls out boyfriend for abusive behavior. 🤯

megatronsaurus | megatronsaurus

Supportive comment advises to leave toxic relationship. 👏

cactuarbot | cactuarbot

Short and not so sweet. 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA comment prompts concern for relationship 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Get out before he causes more emotional damage. 🚨

AmbivalentAsshole | AmbivalentAsshole

Leave him! 🚪 You deserve better. NTA.

jed1505 | jed1505

Dump the toxic girlfriend and find someone who loves you 💖

OrangeSockMonkey | OrangeSockMonkey

Encouraging reply to relationship advice with empowering message. 💪

chicajoy | chicajoy

Commenter calls out gaslighting and advises to dump the boyfriend 🚩

LordJiraiya | LordJiraiya

🚨 Emotional abuse alert! NTA, get out while you can. 🚨

Helania1990 | Helania1990

Dump him! 🚮 NTA, he's negging and gaslighting you.

mortuarybarbue | mortuarybarbue

Partner's gaslighting and body shaming behavior is unacceptable 😡

shesavillain | shesavillain

Toxic boyfriend tries to change her, commenters urge to leave 😡

ausernamebyany_other | ausernamebyany_other

🤔 Curious why the commenter thinks the girlfriend should leave.

Dull-Community | Dull-Community

Commenter questions why girlfriend is with unsupportive boyfriend 🤔

Euffy | Euffy

Dump the boyfriend! Commenter supports OP's decision. 👍

EloquentStreetcat | EloquentStreetcat

Escape the toxicity 👏 NTA comment suggests leaving

SerDuncanTheTall89 | SerDuncanTheTall89

Don't let him make you doubt yourself. You're NTA 👏

Nothanksimallgood | Nothanksimallgood

Red flag alert! 🚩 NTA commenter advises to leave toxic partner.

ilovepancakes134 | ilovepancakes134

🚩 NTA comment reveals concerning behavior from partner.

Deliriums_BabelFish | Deliriums_BabelFish

Toxic boyfriend criticized girlfriend's weight and style. NTA.

annabananafin | annabananafin

Empathetic reply encourages self-worth and standing up to gaslighting. 👏

temasm21 | temasm21

🚩 NTA comment warns of abusive relationship, urges leaving.

birdswillruleusall | birdswillruleusall

Sarcastic comment sparks age clarification in witty exchange 😂

lana7298 | lana7298

Red flags in relationship, advice to break up. 👍

Orel_T | Orel_T

Commenter warns of narcissistic behavior and predicts a bad ending 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment urges OP to dump gaslighting boyfriend 👏

KratosKittyOfWar | KratosKittyOfWar

Ex-boyfriend plays mind games, commenter is NTA. 😠

Brokenchaoscat | Brokenchaoscat

Supportive comment warns of abusive behavior, urges reconsideration. 🚨

K_su | K_su

Commenter warns of potential abuse and advises leaving boyfriend. 😱

AlienAle | AlienAle

Commenter's clear and concise advice: dump his a** 👍

throwmeaway_42069 | throwmeaway_42069

Dump the toxic boyfriend and be a sweet baby angel 💕

torums | torums

Dump the gaslighting boyfriend for your mental health 👋

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Standing up to emotional abuse. You go, NTA! 💪

Imawife | Imawife

Dump the gaslighter! NTA for recognizing the red flags. 👏

togostarman | togostarman

Dump him! Emotional abuse is never okay. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Take control and walk away from abusive relationships. 💪

Marmenoire | Marmenoire

Encouraging response to abusive relationship, urging to leave. 🙏

wetcoast1987 | wetcoast1987

Encouraging support for someone in an abusive relationship. 👏

sercebaterije | sercebaterije

Encouraging response to a terrible situation. 👏

moonpeech | moonpeech

Dump the Motherf***er already! 🚮 Gaslighting and body shaming are red flags for abuse.

LittleManhattan | LittleManhattan

Short and sweet: NTA - dump him! 💯

maddylucy | maddylucy

Supportive comment on partner's appearance with a firm stance. 👏

soulessgingerlol | soulessgingerlol

Commenter warns of potential abuse in controlling relationship 😱

DarkInside69 | DarkInside69

Red flag alert! Commenter warns about future with insensitive partner. 🚨

citaconnor89 | citaconnor89

Commenter advises to run away from toxic relationship 👋

Omnonom | Omnonom

Dump the boyfriend, she's NTA for being insulted. 💯

qwerty_poop | qwerty_poop

Run, girl, run! 👏 Gaslighting is not okay. 🚫

supermeg77 | supermeg77

Encouraging reply to a post about a toxic relationship. 👏

elbonglord69 | elbonglord69

Escape the abuse! NTA, trust your gut and leave 🙏

sparklesparkle5 | sparklesparkle5

Don't let him gaslight you! 🚫 Trust your gut, NTA.

thnfdr | thnfdr

Supportive comment encourages leaving toxic partner. 👏

technoboob | technoboob

NTA comment calls out emotional abuse and suggests yeeting the boy.

Sighkodelia | Sighkodelia

Empowering response to toxic relationship. 🚪👋

Stone_Bucket | Stone_Bucket

Commenter supports OP and calls out gaslighting. 👏

elskerdraaaanks | elskerdraaaanks

Encouraging support for a victim of emotional abuse. 👏

Bibionme | Bibionme

Strong response to toxic behavior, with a touch of profanity 😈

LodgedSpade | LodgedSpade

Serious warning against gaslighting and abuse. Leave the relationship 🚨

brumguvnor | brumguvnor

Heartbreaking abuse story with a hopeful ending. 😢

ScoopDeeDoopWhoop | ScoopDeeDoopWhoop

Red flags are flying! NTA, run from gaslighting and grooming 🚨

emmall11 | emmall11

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