Teen Confronted by Bio Mom on the Street, Demands Kidney and Liver Piece 😱

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Imagine being a 16-year-old girl, walking home from school, when a stranger approaches you and reveals herself as your biological mother. But that's not the shocking part. The woman, who had a history of addiction, then asks you for a kidney and a piece of your liver! This is the story of a teen who was put up for adoption at the age of one, and her emotional rollercoaster of a reunion with her birth mother. Let's dive into the details of this heart-wrenching story. 😢

Adopted at Age One 🍼

rosecandystars | rosecandystars

Loving Adoptive Parents ❤️

rosecandystars | rosecandystars

Unexpected Encounter 😳

rosecandystars | rosecandystars

The Shocking Reveal 😨

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Emotional Turmoil 😭

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Parents' Reaction 😡

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Bio Mom's Desperate Call ☎️

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The Decision to Meet 💔

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The Coffee Shop Meeting ☕

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The Shocking Request 😧

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A Match Made in Hell? 😰

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Anger and Betrayal 😠

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Parents Step In 🚨

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Bio Mom's Outburst 🤬

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The Harassment Continues 😞

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To Give or Not to Give? 🤔

This poor girl is now faced with a life-altering decision: should she undergo surgery to give her biological mother a kidney and a piece of her liver? While her adoptive parents say it's her choice, they clearly don't think she should do it. The bio mom's desperation is palpable, but is it right to ask a 16-year-old for such a sacrifice? Let's see what the internet thinks of this heart-wrenching situation... 💔

NTA - Donating organs changes your life. Contact authorities for protection.

No-Policy-4095 | No-Policy-4095

Teen's bio mom demands kidney and liver piece, commenters suggest legal action.

Xgirly789 | Xgirly789

NTA owes bio mom nothing. Commenter suggests restraining order. 🙌

mizfit0416 | mizfit0416

Agreement on NTA comment, need for restraining order 🚨

ToPiggyback | ToPiggyback

Could the bio mom really know if OP is a match? 🤔

Impossible_Gazelle27 | Impossible_Gazelle27

Stand your ground, you don't owe her anything 💪

Electrical-Sea-1381 | Electrical-Sea-1381

Don't let anyone manipulate you into giving up your organs 💋

bamf1701 | bamf1701

User suggests legal action to protect teen's rights. 👨‍💻👨‍💻

MotherOfCrotchFruit | MotherOfCrotchFruit

NTA at 16, why give organs to a manipulative bio mom?

Insomniacgremlin | Insomniacgremlin

Bio mom demands organs, commenters agree OP is not obligated. 😱

Lindseyh911 | Lindseyh911

Bio mom demands organs, commenter suggests restraining order. NTA.

mybadreputation1970 | mybadreputation1970

NTA! Birth does not equal ownership. A restraining order suggested. 🙌

GrootNerTree | GrootNerTree

Bio mom demands organs, but commenter says NTA and suggests restraining order.

DixOut-4-Harambe | DixOut-4-Harambe

You don't owe her your organs, file a restraining order 🚨

ri_ulchabhan | ri_ulchabhan

Matching organs is not that simple 😜

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teen refuses bio mom's organ demand, NTA. 🙌

jinxdrain | jinxdrain

Block her and call the cops! Great parents, NTA 🚨

sleeping_gem | sleeping_gem

Bio mom demands organs from stranger, commenter says NTA. 😱

CuriousAbyss69 | CuriousAbyss69

Unwilling donor confronted by bio mom, NTA, seek legal protection 😱

PleaseCoffeeMe | PleaseCoffeeMe

NTA minor being stalked by bio mom, demands kidney and liver. Needs restraining order.

Jazzlike_Humor3340 | Jazzlike_Humor3340

Organ demand denied due to lack of testing 🙅

Slugdirt | Slugdirt

Don't let anyone pressure you to donate an organ 🙏

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

You don't owe her anything 👍. Avoid her at all costs 😱

deemossy | deemossy

Bio mom demands organs from minor on street, NTA stands firm 🙌

mcmurrml | mcmurrml

Liver donor advises against donating to coercive bio parent. 💜

Ok-Chance-619 | Ok-Chance-619

NTA refuses bio mom's demand for kidney and liver piece 😱

Few-Entrepreneur383 | Few-Entrepreneur383

Bio mom demands organs, commenter says NTA, no obligation 👍

dinglydick | dinglydick

Bio mom demands organs, commenter advises restraining order and lawyer.

Mimila1111 | Mimila1111

Bio mom demands organs from 16-year-old. Commenters suggest restraining order.

ABunchOfSmallAliens | ABunchOfSmallAliens

Don't let anyone treat you like a spare parts container! 🙌

erinhennley | erinhennley

Teen refuses bio mom's demand for kidney and liver piece. NTA.

SuperLoris | SuperLoris

Bio mom demands organs after abandoning child, NTA for refusing.

thundaga0 | thundaga0

Bio mom demands kidney on street, NTA says it's creepy 😱

xvhayu | xvhayu

Bio mom demands liver piece, but donor requirements make it illegal. 😱

FuuHouhouji | FuuHouhouji

Beware of the unhinged bio mom demanding your organs 😱

dck133 | dck133

Bio mom demands organs from minor, commenter says NTA.

meezerbear9 | meezerbear9

Teen rightfully refuses bio mom's organ demand. Family love wins 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bio mom demands organs, violates boundaries, and shows no care. NTA.

bibbiddybobbidyboo | bibbiddybobbidyboo

Heartwarming support for teen with entitled bio mom 😢❤️

SufficientZucchini21 | SufficientZucchini21

NTA. Consider a restraining order. SeqLKT is super rare.

cho-won-tchou | cho-won-tchou

Organ transplant process is complex, NTA for not complying. 🙏

setsumaeu | setsumaeu

Bio mom demands organs, commenter advises restraining order and blocking.

NeonPlaid42 | NeonPlaid42

Bio mom demands kidney and liver piece from teen. NTA.

KiittySushi | KiittySushi

Cut communication with entitled bio mom demanding organs 😱

Issyswe | Issyswe

Bio mom demands organs, commenters agree NTA. 😱

UnusualTrash5023 | UnusualTrash5023

Bio mom demands organs from daughter, but NTA stands firm 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bio mom demands organs, commenters say NTA

Yasha_Ingren | Yasha_Ingren

Bio mom demands organs, commenter questions how she got contact info.

ForestOfHandsNTeeth | ForestOfHandsNTeeth

Bio mom demands organs from child, commenter says NTA.

RiverSong_777 | RiverSong_777

Set boundaries with toxic family members. 🚫

That_Contribution720 | That_Contribution720

Commenter refuses bio mom's demand for organs, cites past addiction.

hornedangel73 | hornedangel73

Stand your ground, involve the cops if needed. Don't give in 💪

wynoforever28 | wynoforever28

Teen's bio mom demands kidney and liver piece, but NTA.

trekqueen | trekqueen

Stand your ground! NTA. 💪🏻

bertiebastard | bertiebastard

Bio mom demands kidney and liver piece, NTA refuses. Restraining order?

PotatoLover-3000 | PotatoLover-3000

Stand up for yourself and seek legal help 💪

FollowingLumpy187 | FollowingLumpy187

Stand your ground and stay safe. 💪🏼

Useful_Experience423 | Useful_Experience423

Bio mom demands kidney, but NTA for refusing. Despicable behavior.

Ellendyra | Ellendyra

NTA- Bio mom demands organs, commenter advises to avoid her. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

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