Man Refuses to Cater to Mother-in-Law's Picky Eating 😲🍽️

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Imagine having a mother-in-law move in with you and your wife, only to find out she's a picky eater who refuses to eat anything you cook. That's the situation one man found himself in when his wife's mom moved in after her divorce. Despite being a diabetic with health issues, the mother-in-law turned her nose up at the healthy meals he prepared. When she presented him with a list of meals she wanted him to cook instead, he decided to take a stand. 🥦🍽️🔥

Mother-in-Law Moves In 🏠

dosomethingahole | dosomethingahole

Health Issues and Picky Eating 😷

dosomethingahole | dosomethingahole

Cooking for the Family 👨‍🍳

dosomethingahole | dosomethingahole

No Greens, No Spice, No New Foods 🥦🌶️🚫

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Fend for Yourself Rule 🍽️

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Complaints and Accusations 🗣️

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A List of Demands 📝

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Taking a Stand ✊

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Wife Takes Mother's Side 😕

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A Week Off from Cooking 🚫🍳

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Not My Responsibility 🙅‍♂️

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A Battle of Wills in the Kitchen 🔥🍽️

Caught between his love for cooking and his mother-in-law's stubborn refusal to eat his healthy meals, this man decided to take a stand. He told her it wasn't his responsibility to manage her diabetes or cater to her picky eating habits. Instead, he's taking a week off from cooking, leaving the kitchen to his wife and mother-in-law. Will they be able to handle the heat? Let's see what people think of this culinary conflict... 🔥🍽️🥦

NTA. Stand your ground and let MIL cook for herself. 👍

cthulhu_stan | cthulhu_stan

NTA. Ungrateful mother-in-law acting like an entitled brat. 😒

stonesfordaysdammit | stonesfordaysdammit

Navigating in-law relationships can be tricky 🤔

sweetquarantine | sweetquarantine

Engagingly sarcastic reply to MIL's picky eating habits 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Adults need to instill healthy eating habits and get over parents' bullshit 💪

Nocheese22 | Nocheese22

Cooking for picky mother-in-law? Not your job. NTA 👍

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Setting boundaries with picky MIL, assisted living suggested 🙌

BenjaminaPugsington | BenjaminaPugsington

Let your wife cook for HER OWN mother. NTA 👍

btchenb | btchenb

NTA for cooking healthy meals for MIL but communication is key 👍

Ciecie33 | Ciecie33

Stand your ground and set boundaries with your MIL 🙅‍♂️🍴

floopdoopsalot | floopdoopsalot

Empowering response to picky mother-in-law 💪

redbottleofshampoo | redbottleofshampoo

Wife problem alert! NTA for refusing MIL's picky eating 😊

ILoatheCailou | ILoatheCailou

Standing up to picky MIL and enabling wife 😎

LynetteScavo78 | LynetteScavo78

Don't cater to her picky tastes, NTA. 🍴

BogBabe | BogBabe

Daughter of diabetic supports OP's decision to not enable MIL's picky eating 🙌

batclub3 | batclub3

MIL's picky eating not OP's responsibility, she should cook herself 🙏

Jannnnnna | Jannnnnna

MIL acting like a diva, NTA for refusing to cater 🙌

4zero4error31 | 4zero4error31

Setting boundaries with in-laws, NTA, therapy recommended 👍

kacastro | kacastro

NTA. Suggests printing diabetes food list to avoid picky eating 😊

PaleYellowScarf | PaleYellowScarf

Stand your ground and let your wife cater to her mother 👍

RindaC10 | RindaC10

Type of diabetes determines meal planning, family plan needed, communication key 👍

drugihparrukava | drugihparrukava

NTA. Inclusive menu planning is key 👍

Grendelbeans | Grendelbeans

Consider MIL's health before enforcing 'eat it or fend for yourself' rule.

ElimGarakOfCardassia | ElimGarakOfCardassia

Navigating picky eaters in the family can be tough 🤷🏻‍♂️ but standing your ground is important 💪🏻

Pretend-Panda | Pretend-Panda

61-year-old woman agrees: mother-in-law is entitled 😒

celtictortoise | celtictortoise

Cook your own food, picky eater 😒🍽️

Most_Disaster_79 | Most_Disaster_79

Don't compromise your children's nutrition for your mother-in-law's pickiness. 👏

jdmac87 | jdmac87

Not the a**hole for not catering to picky mother-in-law 😊

rawsugar87 | rawsugar87

Standing up to double standards and picky eaters 💪

Poop_Noodl3 | Poop_Noodl3

Setting boundaries with in-laws and taking a stand 💪

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

NTA. Your MIL can cook for herself 😊

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

NTA - Let everyone be responsible for their own meals 🍕

AnnaBanana3468 | AnnaBanana3468

Don't give in to picky eaters, NTA! 😊

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Divorce may have been due to picky eating. Good on you for setting boundaries. NTA 👍

fear_nothin | fear_nothin

Understanding dietary differences: Can you share meal examples?

BeccasBump | BeccasBump

Stand your ground! Don't let her bully you 💪🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Let her be a picky eater, you're NTA 🍽️

nom-d-pixel | nom-d-pixel

Not the a**hole for refusing to cater to MIL's pickiness 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Including a few dishes for MIL is reasonable. NTA.

saveyboy | saveyboy

Stand your ground and let her cook for herself 👊

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Stand your ground! NTA. Your MIL can cook for herself 😍

Mission-Cloud360 | Mission-Cloud360

Divorce over food preferences? 🤔 NTA wins.

win7119 | win7119

Stand your ground and let your wife handle her mother 👊

redwynter | redwynter

Curious about the mother-in-law's picky eating habits 🤔

Experiment333 | Experiment333

Wife's enabling behavior towards MIL may harm your marriage. 😔

hecknono | hecknono

Diabetic commenter supports OP's decision to not cater MIL's demands 🙌

Jekkie811 | Jekkie811

NTA. Suggests mother-in-law cook for the week. 👨‍🍳

w11f1ow3r | w11f1ow3r

Cooking is hard work, she can fend for herself 👩‍🍳

SandrineSmiles | SandrineSmiles

Commenter suggests couples counseling for wife's attachment to mother-in-law

my_greenebeans | my_greenebeans

Don't be a short order cook for your rude MIL 😒

throwawaytimes101 | throwawaytimes101

Let them cook their own food 😍 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spicy take on picky eating sparks divorce warning 😱

arseholierthanthou | arseholierthanthou

Taking care of a picky mother-in-law or assisted living? 🤔

Taskforce300 | Taskforce300

Commenter jokingly offers to be a better spouse with 🤤

subarusakurazuka | subarusakurazuka

Cooking for picky eaters? NTA, you're not a restaurant 🍔

bpfoto | bpfoto

Seek medical advice to determine if MIL's requests are reasonable 👨‍⚕️

Definitelycertain | Definitelycertain

Curious about the wife's role in catering to MIL's palette 🤔

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Marriage in trouble due to MIL's picky eating habits? 🤔

Tired_But_Scrappy | Tired_But_Scrappy

Wife demands catering to her mother's picky eating habits

teresajs | teresajs

NTA vs MIL: Battle of the A-holes 🤬

chrisnada317 | chrisnada317

Spineless wife or manipulative mother-in-law? 🤔

JennieGee | JennieGee

MIL's picky eating led to divorce? NTA wins this round 😎


Commenter suggests wife is the bigger issue in MIL conflict 🤔

DutyValuable | DutyValuable

Don't negotiate with terrorists or children. NTA stands firm.

Davion213 | Davion213

NTA suggests a cooking schedule to solve MIL issue 😊

Diamond-TTB | Diamond-TTB

NTA. Good on you for standing up to your MIL and wife 💯🏻. MIL needs to respect your boundaries 👍🏻, wife needs to support you 👫🏻, and counseling may help 👨🏻‍👩🏻.

Smiley-Canadian | Smiley-Canadian

Cooking rule leads to harmony in meal choices 🍕🍽️

OneSmolBean | OneSmolBean

ESH. MIL expects too much, but OP should consider her diabetes.

Tiny-Trifle1348 | Tiny-Trifle1348

Don't be her personal chef! NTA, stand your ground 👍

soul5640 | soul5640

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