Dad Shows 13-Year-Old Daughter Shocking WW2 Footage 😱: Teaching Moment or Crossing the Line?

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Lockdown has turned many parents into teachers, but one dad's approach to educating his 13-year-old daughter about World War 2 has left the internet divided. 😬 Frustrated with his daughter's lack of interest in the subject, he decided to show her graphic footage of concentration camps to drive home the importance of remembering the atrocities. While he believes it was a successful teaching moment, others are questioning if he went too far. 🤔

Playing Teacher During Lockdown

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The Project's Objective

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Daughter's Disinterest

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Overheard Conversation

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A Hands-On Approach

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Humanizing the History

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Graphic Footage

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Emotional Impact

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Reflecting on the Lesson

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A Quiet Evening

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Husband's Reaction

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Father's Perspective

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A Tough Lesson or a Step Too Far? 🤷

The father's controversial teaching method has left people questioning if he crossed a line. While he believes the graphic footage made his daughter understand the importance of remembering WW2 atrocities, others argue it was too extreme for a 13-year-old. 😳 The internet is buzzing with opinions on whether this was a valuable lesson or an unnecessary trauma. What do you think? Let's dive into some of the top reactions...

Teaching history through graphic footage: NTA or crossing the line?

SSTrihan | SSTrihan

Teaching the horror of WW2 to kids: important or inappropriate? NTA comment and replies share their experience and support.


Teaching the reality of history to a 13-year-old is important 💻📚

Dead_before_dessert | Dead_before_dessert

Teaching about WWII atrocities at a young age: NTA

toricoon | toricoon

Teaching history without sugarcoating is important. NTA.

heyuiuitsme | heyuiuitsme

Teaching the harsh reality of WW2 atrocities - important lesson. NTA 👍

chernoquartz | chernoquartz

Using visual aids to engage students is effective teaching 👍

Sammyro518 | Sammyro518

Learning about WW2 at 13 is important. NTA for showing.

DorothyZbornaksArmy | DorothyZbornaksArmy

Watching WW2 footage can be emotionally painful, daily limits advised. 😔

Born2Explore11 | Born2Explore11

Teaching WW2 atrocities to kids: NTA. Important for awareness. 👍

freshfruitrottingveg | freshfruitrottingveg

Teaching the harsh reality of history. 📚

ezmc6718 | ezmc6718

Teaching the harsh realities of history: Eye-opening or inappropriate? 🤔

ffghtffyrdmns | ffghtffyrdmns

Encouraging political consciousness in children: NTA parent gets support.

MaxFuryToad | MaxFuryToad

Learning about WWII atrocities should shake us a bit. NTA.

miridot | miridot

Confronting the harsh reality of history can lead to compassion. 🙏

SunshineAllTheTime | SunshineAllTheTime

Teaching about history at a young age: NTA 👍

Auddio | Auddio

NTA for showing daughter WW2 footage, but husband's input valid. Suggest documentaries or fiction films for a more digestible approach 👍

Mike_Rowe_Wave | Mike_Rowe_Wave

Middle school field trip puts WW2 footage in perspective. NTA.

KingPete235 | KingPete235

Middle schoolers watch graphic WW2 footage, but dad needs input? 🤔

teke367 | teke367

Learning about WW2 atrocities in school is common. NTA.

clouds-of-sheep | clouds-of-sheep

Eighth-grader's paper on holocaust heroes supported in comment section.

Born2Explore11 | Born2Explore11

Teaching kids about the harsh realities of life: NTA

UrHumbleNarr8or | UrHumbleNarr8or

Visiting Auschwitz at 14 was a tough but important lesson. NTA 🙏

muccaconcavo | muccaconcavo

German commenter defends dad's decision to show WW2 footage to daughter.

gelastes | gelastes

NAH verdict on showing WW2 footage sparks insightful discussion 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Showing graphic WW2 footage to a 13-year-old: appropriate or not?

VanillaDandDGM | VanillaDandDGM

Teaching kids about the holocaust: NTA sparks discussion

modestlymousie | modestlymousie

Unengaging comment with no replies.

unsafeideas | unsafeideas

Teaching children about the Holocaust through graphic footage: appropriate or not?

fdar | fdar

Parent praised for handling sensitive topic with care 👏

YondaimeHokage4 | YondaimeHokage4

Connecting with history: NTA shows daughter WW2 footage 😱

The-Moocat | The-Moocat

Teaching kids about WW2 atrocities: necessary or too much? 🤔

Didyoujusst | Didyoujusst

Teaching kids about the harsh realities of the world. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Jewish commenter supports showing graphic WW2 footage to daughter.

Pessimistic-Frog | Pessimistic-Frog

Teaching history in schools needs to be more engaging 👍

Fickle_Session | Fickle_Session

Teaching history at home, NTA gets a pass 👍

randomguycommenter | randomguycommenter

Teaching history to kids: NTA, important for humanity's future 👍

fungurl28 | fungurl28

Teaching the harsh realities of history: NTA's thoughtful insight.

MaxSpringPuma | MaxSpringPuma

Watching Schindler's List at 13: Appropriate or too young?

BrokenAshcraft | BrokenAshcraft

Starting young: Teaching kids about the Holocaust. 📚

bachelorstan | bachelorstan

Dad shows daughter WW2 footage, comment says NTA. 🎥

Dannymeashoyt | Dannymeashoyt

Teaching children resilience is important for their mental health 👍

JollyMonitor | JollyMonitor

Teaching about WW2 atrocities in school vs at home. 😱

Aylwyyn | Aylwyyn

Recommended book to learn about the Holocaust at a young age 📚

bobbysburger | bobbysburger

Teaching WW2 to a 13-year-old: NTA, good lesson taught thoughtfully 👍

mycatisanudist | mycatisanudist

Suggests reading 'Night' by Elie Wiesel for WW2 and Holocaust education. 📚

StarRiddle | StarRiddle

Visiting Auschwitz as a teen made me a better person 👍

TheTillys | TheTillys

Teaching WW2 horrors to kids: NTA dad handled it well 👍

AuntieAnnie81 | AuntieAnnie81

Teaching 13-year-olds about the severity of genocide: NTA.

GreenePony | GreenePony

Powerful teaching moment sparks empathy and understanding 👏

brwneyedbabe | brwneyedbabe

Teaching the truth about history is important. NTA.

pittsburgpam | pittsburgpam

Starting young: Appropriate Holocaust education or too soon?

HandsDrippingWithCum | HandsDrippingWithCum

Learning about history can be upsetting, but necessary to prevent repetition 🙏

eve6grl02 | eve6grl02

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