Ex-Boyfriend Threatens Court Over Gaming Account Drama 😱🎮

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Breakups can be messy, but this one takes it to a whole new level! Our storyteller's ex-boyfriend was using her gaming account to run a game modding business. After they broke up, she kindly let him continue using the account. Fast forward to the present, and she's now married and decides it's time to reclaim her account. But her ex isn't going down without a fight, threatening legal action! 😱🎮💔

The Gaming Account Saga Begins 🎮💔

brynnasaurus_ | brynnasaurus_

The Breakup and Account Sharing 🕹️🤝

brynnasaurus_ | brynnasaurus_

Account Lockout and Negotiations 🔒🗣️

brynnasaurus_ | brynnasaurus_

Ex's Excuse and Agreement 🤔🤝

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Continued Account Sharing 🎮🔄

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Gaming Gifts and Business 🎁💼

brynnasaurus_ | brynnasaurus_

New Gaming Computer and Limited Access 🖥️🚫

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Marriage and Account Reclamation 💍🎮

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Changing the Login Credentials 🔐✅

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Ex's Threats and Demands ⚖️😠

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Husband Steps In and Ex's Response 🛡️🤬

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Ex's Accusations and Ultimatum 🗣️⏳

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Terms of Service Revelation 📜🔍

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Update: Confrontation and Court Threats 📩⚖️

brynnasaurus_ | brynnasaurus_

Final Update: Case Dropped! 🎉🚫

brynnasaurus_ | brynnasaurus_

A Tangled Web of Gaming, Breakups, and Legal Threats 🕸️🎮⚖️

Our storyteller's ex-boyfriend was using her gaming account to run a game modding business after their breakup. She allowed him to continue using it, but after getting married, she decided to reclaim her account. Her ex threatened to take her to court over the games on the account, but she discovered the company's terms of service didn't allow accounts to be sold or transferred. She confronted her ex with the ToS, and he eventually dropped the case. A wild ride from start to finish! 😅🎢 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Ex-boyfriend demands gaming account, but NTA - block him 😱

jackalope78 | jackalope78

Block the ex and change the password, don't let him intimidate you. NTA 🙌

CaliforniaJade | CaliforniaJade

Stand up for yourself! NTA for not being a doormat 💪

StripeyMoron | StripeyMoron

Ex-boyfriend tries to claim gaming account, gets shut down. 😎

CakeisaDie | CakeisaDie

Building a backbone: NTA comment receives mixed reactions 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keep your gaming account and stand up to your ex 💪🏻

SmartassMouth89 | SmartassMouth89

Gaming account drama resolved with a clear NTA verdict 👍

iseedeff | iseedeff

Ex-boyfriend tries to take gaming account, gets shut down. 😱

whitewer | whitewer

Ex-boyfriend tries to start a gaming business with your account? NTA

CandidNullifidian | CandidNullifidian

Stand up for yourself! 💪🏼

gonzo-is-sexy | gonzo-is-sexy

Ex-boyfriend steals gifts and gaming account, NTA tells him off 🎮👋

theMarianasTrench | theMarianasTrench

Ex-boyfriend gets called out for being an AH 🤯

v2oria | v2oria

Stand your ground! 💪🏼 You have a strong case. 🎮

Western-Radish | Western-Radish

Ex-boyfriend threatens court over gaming account drama 😱🎮. Commenters compare it to car aftermarket parts.

bite_me_losers | bite_me_losers

Take control of your life and gaming account. NTA 💪

kgrimmburn | kgrimmburn

Reclaiming gaming account: NTA, take it back! 🎮

privacyishard | privacyishard

Take control of your gaming account and don't let anyone bully you. 💪

traumascares | traumascares

Sharing gaming accounts can lead to bans. Ex-boyfriend drama resolved 👍

briodan | briodan

Ex-boyfriend refuses to return gifts. NTA takes matters into own hands 💪

desperatehousewife | desperatehousewife

Taking back what's yours 👍, ex-boyfriend not happy 😑

suckthesejugscoward | suckthesejugscoward

Cut the toxic ex out of your life. NTA 👍

Banditsmisfits | Banditsmisfits

Ex-boyfriend gets what he deserves! 100% NTA 💯


Heartbreaking story of a selfish ex-boyfriend taking back gifts 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Gamer girl wins court battle against toxic ex-boyfriend 💪

not-for-sale-today- | not-for-sale-today-

Ex-boyfriend tries to strong-arm gamer ex-girlfriend over account. NTA 👍

not-for-sale-today- | not-for-sale-today-

Gaming account drama ends with a clear NTA verdict 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-boyfriend tries to sue over gaming account, but NTA prevails 😎

Odd_Consideration_66 | Odd_Consideration_66

Ex-boyfriend accused of multiple abuses and theft over gaming account.

B0B_Spldbckwrds | B0B_Spldbckwrds

Ex-boyfriend threatens court over gaming account drama. Commenter suggests counter-suing.

vampirerhapsody | vampirerhapsody

Block the ex-boyfriend and let the lawyers handle it 🙌

AngelinaWolfAngel | AngelinaWolfAngel

Block him and move on - NTA 🚫

DocHoppersFrogsLegs | DocHoppersFrogsLegs

Block and game on! NTA wins this round 💪

Rifter0876 | Rifter0876

Player stands up for themselves in gaming account dispute 🤔

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Ex-boyfriend threatens legal action over gaming account drama. NTA.

therealdildoexpert | therealdildoexpert

Gaming accounts are non-transferrable 🤔

masterm | masterm

Ex-boyfriend wants gaming account, but NTA. Don't give in!

seba_make | seba_make

Ex-boyfriend's gaming account drama ends with NTA's victory 🏆

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Ex-boyfriend takes back gifts, cheats in gaming, gets what he deserves 😈

Mera1506 | Mera1506

NTA wins the gaming account drama 🏆

NaeKidsNaeProbs | NaeKidsNaeProbs

Don't let anyone take what's rightfully yours! 🎮💪

PettyHonestThrowaway | PettyHonestThrowaway

Ex-boyfriend tries to sue over gaming account 😱🎮 drama

GrandKingArch | GrandKingArch

Ex-boyfriend tries to steal gaming account, gets shut down. 😎

elena_dc | elena_dc

Cut ties and game on! 🎮👋

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-boyfriend gets what he deserves in gaming account drama 👏

Designer_Tailor_962 | Designer_Tailor_962

Ex-boyfriend tries to steal gaming account from NTA, good riddance 👋

remembertowelday525 | remembertowelday525

Take responsibility for your own gaming account, NTA wins 👍

Throwaway41790a | Throwaway41790a

No words for blatant theft? NTA has got you covered. 😉

ScorpioZA | ScorpioZA

Another NTA comment adds to the drama 😎

Mop_Nop | Mop_Nop

Empowering support from spouse against toxic ex-boyfriend 👏

Visassess | Visassess

Ex-boyfriend threatens court over gaming account, but who's the real NTA?


Ex-boyfriend threatens legal action over gaming account drama 😱🎮, but commenter advises to ignore him 🙌

Daxtec | Daxtec

Protect your gaming account and stand up for your ownership 💪

poyorick | poyorick

Ex-boyfriend gets what he deserves 👏. NTA stands her ground.


Gamer ex-boyfriend tries to steal account, gets shut down. 😎

Tinkerrific | Tinkerrific

Ex-boyfriend demands gaming account, takes back gifts. NTA prevails 😎

Pigtailsthegreat | Pigtailsthegreat

Ex-boyfriend threatens to sue over gaming account drama, but NTA prevails 💪

saveyboy | saveyboy

Judge Judy would love to hear this NTA drama 🤣

kamrul2005 | kamrul2005

Ex-boyfriend tries to sue over gaming account, but NTA prevails 😎

NomadicusRex | NomadicusRex

Ex-boyfriend drama? NTA, don't let him intimidate you! 😊

tuliphaze | tuliphaze

Ex-boyfriend drama? Block him and move on! 👍

SaraiB | SaraiB

Ex-boyfriend drama? NTA and know your legal rights 💪

ronearc | ronearc

Take control of your gaming account, NTA! 🎮

coded_artist | coded_artist

Don't let leeches drain your energy and gaming accounts 🥳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-boyfriend drama over gaming account 🎮 - YTA verdict

DenisEpure | DenisEpure

Ex-boyfriend should have secured his assets after break-up 👍

a10123456 | a10123456

Ex-boyfriend keeps gifts, but threatens court over gaming account. NTA.

alvarkresh | alvarkresh

NTA commenter relates to dealing with manipulative exes 🙋

Druidofgod | Druidofgod

Gaming drama ends with ex-boyfriend threatening court 🤬

alex_is_fire | alex_is_fire

Setting boundaries with ex-boyfriend who threatened court 🙌

Next-Engineering1469 | Next-Engineering1469

Ex-boyfriend keeps gifts, threatens court over gaming account. He's the a**hole.

calypsohadley | calypsohadley

Untangling from an ex: NTA for gaming account drama 🙌

10lbs_of_foreskin | 10lbs_of_foreskin

Ex-boyfriend's gaming account drama backfires, gets legally owned 😂


Petty ex takes back gifts, internet agrees 🙄🎁

Alinaoana | Alinaoana

Ex-boyfriend tries to take back gifted gaming account, NTA prevails 💯

StarieeyedJ | StarieeyedJ

Legal action looming, cut off communication without legal representation 🚨

AllyKalamity | AllyKalamity

Ex-boyfriend steals computer and gaming account, threatens court. NTA wins 💯

Thor_Anuth | Thor_Anuth

Ex-boyfriend takes back gifts and threatens court over gaming account 🤦‍♀️. Glad OP found a good man!

fromhelley | fromhelley

Ex-boyfriend tries to take back gifts, gets called out. 👏

Infernov79 | Infernov79

Ex-boyfriend takes back gaming computer after break-up, NTA stands up.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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