Man Storms Out of Double Date After Friend Sets Him Up with a Woman He's Rejected Multiple Times 😤

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Picture this: you're a single guy who's been clear about not being interested in dating anytime soon. Your friend insists on setting you up on a double date, promising it's with someone you'll like. You reluctantly agree, only to find out that you've been set up with a woman you've already rejected multiple times! 😱 That's exactly what happened to our protagonist, who found himself in a sticky situation when his friend Joe ignored his feelings and set him up with Jane, a woman he's made it clear he's not interested in. Let's dive into the story and find out what led to this disastrous double date. 😬

The Unwanted Setup

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First Impressions Matter

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Clingy and Annoying

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Unfortunate Circumstances

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Persistent Pursuit

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Not Taking No for an Answer

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New Relationship, Same Problem

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Jane Strikes Again

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The Double Date Setup

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Reluctant Agreement

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The Big Reveal

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Frustration Boils Over

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Facing the Backlash

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Standing His Ground

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Walking Out: Right or Wrong?

So there you have it, folks! Our protagonist was set up on a double date with a woman he's rejected multiple times, and he was not having it. 😤 He stormed out of the dinner, leaving everyone in shock. Now, he's being bombarded with messages calling him a douche for hurting Jane's feelings. But, he stands his ground, reminding everyone that he's made it clear he's not interested in her. 🙅‍♂️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA for storming out of double date with someone you've rejected multiple times. Friend who set it up is the real a**hole 😡

JustLetBe | JustLetBe

Rejected woman set up on double date, man storms out. NTA.

Sinjury | Sinjury

NTA. Commenters agree that everyone else is TA. Gendered double standard.

DeepSeaFacial | DeepSeaFacial

Friend sets up rejected woman on double date, NTA speaks up 😊

troop2343 | troop2343

NTA for storming out of a double date with a persistent woman 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Friend and his girlfriend set up a humiliating double date. OP did the right thing by walking out.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Rejected multiple times, set up on double date. NTA wins!

JenovaCelestia | JenovaCelestia

Friend sets him up with rejected woman, NTA for storming out

aitathrowwwwwwwww | aitathrowwwwwwwww

Rejected multiple times, set up on date anyway. Friends disrespect OP.

Furious_Wolf_Taco | Furious_Wolf_Taco

Rejected Jane, rejected double date. NTA for storming out 😎

SandrineSmiles | SandrineSmiles

Avoiding stage 3 clingers like the plague 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out friend's bad behavior in hilarious way 😂

grassfedviolins | grassfedviolins

NTA. Rejecting someone multiple times is not an invitation for harassment 😡

MeanAssMIL | MeanAssMIL

NTA for storming out of a double date with a persistent and delusional woman. Stay safe! 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Rejected woman gets sympathy from NTA commenter 😞

CulturedPhilistine | CulturedPhilistine

Friend sets him up with rejected woman, NTA for storming out.

annoyedpotatolady | annoyedpotatolady

Comment section turns into a Friends reunion 🎉

Haras_f | Haras_f

Rejected woman manipulated man into a date. NTA for leaving 😏

LodgedSpade | LodgedSpade

NTA. Rejecting someone multiple times is not mean, but setting them up to get rejected again is. 🤔

beckatcat | beckatcat

Setting boundaries and saying no is important for consent. NTA 👍

diabhal-an-musica | diabhal-an-musica

Standing up for yourself is never a**hole behavior 👏

tech_GG | tech_GG

Rejected woman becomes stalker, friend sets up double date. Drama ensues. 😳

Bakkie | Bakkie

Setting boundaries and rejecting someone multiple times is valid 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter predicts consequences for friend's actions with humorous tone.

Stxwww | Stxwww

"No means no" applies to men too! 😡 Ghosting toxic friends 👫👫

DoubleTroubleToo | DoubleTroubleToo

Rejected woman can't take no for an answer 😤

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting someone up to get rejected multiple times? Not cool. 😑

Constant-Wanderer | Constant-Wanderer

NTA slams friend for breaking Jane's heart 👏

quirkymug | quirkymug

Friend sets up man with rejected woman, he's NTA for leaving 😎

earthtoeveryoneX | earthtoeveryoneX

conton30 | conton30

Setting boundaries and respecting rejection 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

jabberdoggy | jabberdoggy

whoreheyrrmartini | whoreheyrrmartini

Friend sets him up with rejected woman, NTA for storming out

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

NTA, but creepy friends. "No means No" goes both ways. 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Jane won't take no for an answer. Friends suck too 😒

Superslayinmuma | Superslayinmuma

Respectful rejection is valid. Friends should respect your feelings. 👍

ElladoraRedbeard | ElladoraRedbeard

Gender double standards in dating? Commenter is NTA according to peers.

miflordelicata | miflordelicata

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for standing your ground.

ThreeRingShitshow | ThreeRingShitshow

Gender double standard highlighted in rejection, NTA for leaving.

AliceReadsThis | AliceReadsThis

Commenter sarcastically calls out person for being honest. 😂

Huxeley | Huxeley

Standing up for yourself is never wrong 💪🏽. NTA.

scout1982 | scout1982

Setting boundaries is important, no means no 👍

Puzzleheaded_Runner | Puzzleheaded_Runner

Society's double standards exposed with a relatable dating scenario 😍

LotBuilder | LotBuilder

Don't let toxic friends bring you down. NTA 👍

Wendy_Green | Wendy_Green

Empathetic comment on friends prolonging agony of unrequited love. NTA.

mischiffmaker | mischiffmaker

NTA! Good for you for standing up to their manipulation 💪

sagen11 | sagen11

Toxic masculinity called out in comment and reply 👏

Maelandrew | Maelandrew

Respect boundaries and friends, NTA for storming out 🙌

Fettnaepfchen | Fettnaepfchen

Rejected woman set up on double date, OP not at fault 😊

jumpthebig1 | jumpthebig1

NTA for rejecting multiple advances. Flip the roles to understand.

Neon_litez | Neon_litez

Friend sets him up with rejected woman, he's NTA 😊

boringgirl2 | boringgirl2

Rejected multiple times, friend sets him up again? NTA 😜

CaffeineHopper | CaffeineHopper

Mesapholis | Mesapholis

Friendship fail: NTA storms out after repeated rejection 🤷

DookeyKing | DookeyKing

Agreed! Rejection should be respected regardless of gender. 👍

Larebare22 | Larebare22

Friend sets up rejected man on date, he's NTA. 😎

Whenitrainsitpours86 | Whenitrainsitpours86

Rejected woman set up on double date, friend ignores boundaries. 🤷‍♂️

safikiri | safikiri

Friends set up rejected date, refused details. NTA for leaving.

Whittlebury | Whittlebury

Setting boundaries with friends and their partners 👍

TreeCityKitty | TreeCityKitty

Man walks out of double date after rejecting woman multiple times.

bri_beee | bri_beee

NTA but everyone else is... Disrespectful match-makers! 😒

Carolebaskinyoucunt | Carolebaskinyoucunt

Friend sets him up with rejected woman, commenter advises legal action.

SnooChipmunks3950 | SnooChipmunks3950

Friend keeps setting him up with Jane despite his rejections 🤷🏻‍♂️

CelebFan556 | CelebFan556

Commenter calls out sexual harassment and condemns Jane's behavior.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Rejected someone 3 times, friends set him up anyway 😒

some-guy-named-aaron | some-guy-named-aaron

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