Smoker Refuses to Put Out Joint for Missionaries: Rude or Justified? 😈💨

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Picture this: you're sitting on your porch, enjoying a legal joint, when suddenly, a pair of missionaries approach you. They ask you to put out your joint, but you refuse. Are you the rude one, or are they? One 22-year-old Canadian man found himself in this exact situation, and the internet is divided over who's in the wrong. Let's dive into the story and see what happened... 😏🍁

Chilly Canadian Evening 🥶

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Unexpected Visitors 👋

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Classic Missionary Look 👔

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Legal Smoke 💨

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Put Out the Joint? ❌

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Standing His Ground 💪

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

"You Could Leave" 🚶‍♂️

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Annoyed Missionaries 😠

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

The Final Showdown 🤬

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Missionaries Retreat 🏃‍♂️

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Divided Opinions 🤷‍♂️

whydoihaftatalktoyou | whydoihaftatalktoyou

Who's the Real Rude One? 🧐

So, there you have it – a Canadian man enjoying a legal joint on his porch gets confronted by missionaries who ask him to put it out. He refuses, and they leave, calling him a rude a**hole. His friends are divided on the issue, with some calling him rude, others blaming the missionaries, and a few just laughing at the whole situation. Let's see what the internet thinks of this smoky standoff... 🔥🍃

Smoker refuses to put out joint for missionaries, commenters say NTA 👍

Rant_Supreme | Rant_Supreme

Smoker defends joint against religious missionaries. NTA 😎

Gibodean | Gibodean

Defending right to smoke weed on own porch from judgmental missionaries 😈

leonardsansbees | leonardsansbees

Smoker stands up for himself against interrupting missionaries 💨

whitewer | whitewer

NTA, but a snitch? 🤔 Mormon church takes name-calling seriously.

cantgrowcorn | cantgrowcorn

Smoker defends joint against pushy missionaries during pandemic. NTA.

MommaLa | MommaLa

Joint smoker defends porch from irritating missionaries. 😈💨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Enjoying a joint at home is no one's business. 🌿

ttoastii | ttoastii

Smoker stands their ground against judgmental missionaries. 😈💨

TheEmpressIsIn | TheEmpressIsIn

Smoker stands up to missionaries during pandemic. NTA 😎

mischiefxmanager | mischiefxmanager

Smoker sparks debate, but commenters agree: YTA for not sharing 🚫🍕

[deleted] | [deleted]

User defends smoking around missionaries, calls their religion 'effed up' 😒

Sazzie888 | Sazzie888

Smoker defends their right to smoke on their porch. NTA.

Exotic-Land-1657 | Exotic-Land-1657

Ex-Mormon explains why missionaries aren't the assholes here 👏

Eve0529 | Eve0529

When you're mid-hit, can you really be expected to stop?

vchiflex | vchiflex

Missionary gets a surprise visit. NTA shuts him down. 😂

Agreenleaf5 | Agreenleaf5

Commenter defends smoker, sparks agreement in replies. 👍

lushberry_OF | lushberry_OF

Unwanted religious visitors spark frustration and aggression. 😠

followthepost-its | followthepost-its

Smoker stands up for himself against pushy religious missionaries 😎

Wikidess | Wikidess

Canadian smoker stands up for his rights 🇨🇦🍔

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

Smoker stands up to rude missionaries interrupting their activity 👏

monkwren | monkwren

Enjoying a joint while talking to missionaries? NTA according to commenters.

merk34_5 | merk34_5

Missionaries may have ulterior motives, NTA for refusing joint.

TheTriadofRedditors | TheTriadofRedditors

Mormon defends smoker's right to smoke weed. NTA 👍

collegekidscreaming | collegekidscreaming

Smoker defends smoking weed on his mom's property to solicitors. 😈🍕

Tidus790 | Tidus790

Unconventional welcome for door-to-door solicitors 😈💨

Madmaxx_137 | Madmaxx_137

Missionaries interrupt baking, get shut down by atheist. NTA.

chunkeymunkeyandrunt | chunkeymunkeyandrunt

Missionaries interrupt smoker, NTA for refusing to put out joint 👍

Sfb208 | Sfb208

Smoker stands their ground against pushy missionaries. 👌

bobbelcherskid | bobbelcherskid

Religious peddlers demand respect, smoker refuses. Who's right? 🤔💨

HotSalt3 | HotSalt3

Joint saves the day, missionaries spared from unwanted conversation. 😈💨

katchal8a | katchal8a

Respect personal space. NTA for smoking in own space. 👍

LadyKillerCroft | LadyKillerCroft

Mormon commenter unfazed by smoker's joint, calls out immaturity 😎

Poshfly | Poshfly

Commenter criticizes Mormon attitude towards smoking 👍

CreepypastaEmperor | CreepypastaEmperor

Ex-Mormon approves of smoker's defiance against missionaries 😎💨

Chrysania83 | Chrysania83

Enjoying legal weed is NTA, mind your own business missionaries 👌

FourFurryCats | FourFurryCats

Asserting property rights, NTA refuses to put out joint for missionaries.

deefop | deefop

Discovering a Mormon repellent? NTA for refusing joint.

incenseandelephants | incenseandelephants

Canadian non-smoker defends smoker's right to relax on own porch 🇨🇦

JustOneMore_Cat | JustOneMore_Cat

Stoner vs Missionaries: NTA OP handled it well 😂

booksbb | booksbb

Smoker defends his actions against intrusive missionaries. 💪

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

Unapologetic smoker defends joint against religious missionaries. 😈

Onestep420 | Onestep420

Missionaries' rude behavior apologized for, commenter not the a-hole. 🙏

heartsandmirrors | heartsandmirrors

Smoker justified in refusing to put out joint for missionaries 😍

LunaticLizard | LunaticLizard

Boundaries are important, even when smoking a joint 💫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends their position and criticizes religious intolerance

goosegrl21412 | goosegrl21412

Smoker stands up to annoying missionaries, internet approves. 👍

puhhleazy | puhhleazy

Smoker defends joint smoking on own property, deemed NTA. 👍

madkins007 | madkins007

Respectful NTA comment shuts down rude demand from missionaries 🙌

nomorepantsforme | nomorepantsforme

Ex-Mormon defends smoker's right to refuse rude missionaries 💯

Matthewrmt | Matthewrmt

Unapologetic smoker stands up to pushy religious missionaries 💨

Capuch4 | Capuch4

NTA shuts down missionaries, calls them rude AF 😈

On_The_Blindside | On_The_Blindside

Standing up for your rights on your own property 💪

queenjenay | queenjenay

Commenter hates missionaries, wants people to mind their own business 😒

anonymousanonymiss | anonymousanonymiss

Unapologetic smoker receives support for not putting out joint 👌

Misc-fluff | Misc-fluff

Smoker stands up to pushy missionaries during smoke break. NTA.

Vagrant123 | Vagrant123

Smoker defends smoking on own porch, NTA wins!

tinabelcher182 | tinabelcher182

Unwelcome visitors demand smoker extinguish joint, NTA stands firm 💯

BlackfyreWraith | BlackfyreWraith

Defend your porch, NTA. 💪

InCaseofFrire | InCaseofFrire

Defending your property and rights, NTA! 💪🏻

Nolan-358 | Nolan-358

Defending property rights with a fiery response. 💥

ratboy181 | ratboy181

Defending personal space from intrusive missionaries. NTA 😎

intutap | intutap

Uninvited missionaries interrupted smoker, who refused to put out joint. NTA

relevantinterests | relevantinterests

Offering a bong hit: the real reason behind the missionaries' visit?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Canadian smoker defends joint on own porch, not rude behavior.

Spinnerofyarn | Spinnerofyarn

Standing up for your right to smoke on your porch 👍

CharlotteSDJ | CharlotteSDJ

Asserting property rights over smoking marijuana. NTA wins.

TheChicheron | TheChicheron

Uninvited missionaries interrupted smoker, NTA for refusing to put out.

BarbieRedDvl87 | BarbieRedDvl87

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