Cousins Accuse Man of Scamming Them Out of Inheritance 😲 But Who's Really in the Wrong?

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Family drama alert! 🚨 When one man's grandfather passed away, he left the family's traditional homestead to him and his cousins. While the cousins wanted to sell the property and take the cash, our protagonist had a different plan. He cherished the sentimental value and believed the land would increase in value. So, he bought out his cousins' shares at market value. Fast forward a decade, and the land's value has skyrocketed, leaving the cousins feeling cheated. But was it a scam or just a smart investment? Let's dive into the story! 📖

The Inheritance: A Cherished Homestead 🏡

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To Sell or Not to Sell? 💰

noweakness6891 | noweakness6891

Sentimental Value and Potential Growth 🌳

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A Gamble on Public Information 🎲

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Buying Out the Cousins' Shares 💸

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Holding On Through Thick and Thin 🌩️

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A Decade Later: Jackpot! 🎉

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Cashing In on a Small Piece 🏷️

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Cousins' Rage Unleashed 😡

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A Gamble That Paid Off? 🎰

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The Cousins' Argument 🗣️

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Family Demands an Update 💢

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A Bit More Background 📚

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The Grandfather's Intentions 👴

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The Original Agreement 📝

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Scam or Smart Investment? You Decide! 🤷

So, our protagonist bought out his cousins' shares in their inherited homestead, believing it would increase in value. A decade later, his gamble paid off, and the land's value skyrocketed. Now, the cousins are furious, claiming he scammed them out of their inheritance. But he insists it was a gamble based on publicly available information, and he just happened to win. What do you think? Was it a scam or a smart investment? Let's see what the internet has to say about this family drama! 💬

NTA and don't give them a dime. They sold the property willingly.

Cheque-Plz | Cheque-Plz

Family accuses man of scamming them out of inheritance, but he's NTA.

Individual_Physics29 | Individual_Physics29

Land value increases with time, NTA for keeping inheritance property.

Daaayz | Daaayz

Land value increased, cousins didn't consider it. NTA.

citizensfund82 | citizensfund82

Inheritance disputes can get messy 😕 but legally buying out their share makes NTA.

Visualize_ | Visualize_

Family inheritance drama: OP not at fault for taking money.

Cute_Kitten9434 | Cute_Kitten9434

Land values increased, they wanted instant gratification. NTA.

RevolutionaryCow7961 | RevolutionaryCow7961

Bug's Life fans unite in support of NTA comment 👏

LuLouProper | LuLouProper

Family land brings fortune, but greed causes inheritance dispute. NTA.

beepbeepboop74656 | beepbeepboop74656

Don't let jealousy cloud your judgement. NTA 👏

DetailedAmbivalence | DetailedAmbivalence

Enjoying the beauty and memories of a great investment 😍

Jmm1272 | Jmm1272

Commenter defends seller's right to sell without blame. 🤔

Worth-Instruction-43 | Worth-Instruction-43

Investment success = NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fair market price paid, family cries foul for missed opportunity 😕

Wiser_Owl99 | Wiser_Owl99

Inheritance feud settled with a cold dose of reality 👍

ChChChillian | ChChChillian

Inheritance dispute settled? NTA says it's yours to keep 😊

fireandping | fireandping

Investing in land for the long-term pays off. NTA.

CrazyChickenLady23 | CrazyChickenLady23

Don't let the haters bring you down, you're NTA 👏

JeepNaked | JeepNaked

Taking responsibility for your own decisions. 👍

kupo88 | kupo88

Appraisal and payment made, NTA for cousins' stupidity 😍

fanofpolkadotts | fanofpolkadotts

No a-hole here! But what's the story behind it?

BeepBlipBlapBloop | BeepBlipBlapBloop

Cutting out family from inheritance? 🤔 Let's discuss.

Neither-Parfait7795 | Neither-Parfait7795

Fair deal. You paid market value and thought ahead 👍

TypicalAd3575 | TypicalAd3575

Investing in land for decades is smart. NTA comment agrees.

LetsGetsThisPartyOn | LetsGetsThisPartyOn

Taking risks and holding on to land? Definitely NTA 👍

lmmontes | lmmontes

Don't let 'seller's remorse' guilt trip you. NTA 😊

Oxfordcomma42 | Oxfordcomma42

A fair point about the value of land and inheritance 👍

ShadowKraftwerk | ShadowKraftwerk

Don't give them a penny! Get legal advice 👌

whynousernamelef | whynousernamelef

Cousin scamming inheritance? NTA, but they're still big time.

Hugues-Guy | Hugues-Guy

Defending against family greed: NTA stands their ground 💪

speakingtoidiots | speakingtoidiots

Commenter envisions movie script, supports OP's inheritance win. 🎥

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

Commenter defends accused scammer, says cousins should have planned ahead.

CoolMoose9566 | CoolMoose9566

Commenter defends OP and suggests moving on with vacation plans 🍷

Aleksandra2222 | Aleksandra2222

Holding onto sentimental land vs selling for profit. NTA wins.

BookLuvr7 | BookLuvr7

Thinking long term vs short term: NTA for keeping land 👍

One-Awareness3671 | One-Awareness3671

Enjoying inheritance on social media: harmless or petty? 🤔

panzer22222 | panzer22222

Fair purchase, fair game. Cousins have no claim. 👍

quiversend | quiversend

Investment success story: NTA did due diligence and reaped rewards 💰

leggyblond1 | leggyblond1

Jealousy or rightful anger? NTA stands their ground 😎

NoSyrup6636 | NoSyrup6636

Missed opportunity leads to lost inheritance. 😢

NewfromNY | NewfromNY

Fair inheritance distribution, cousins have no right to more money 👍

Laurascudder | Laurascudder

NTA for buying out inheritance, but consult a lawyer 👨🏻‍💻


Generous parents deserve a cut 💰

Raging_Dragon_9999 | Raging_Dragon_9999

Land sale is fair game, NTA. No scam here 👍

drewmana | drewmana

Smart move! Don't give in to their greed 💪

Lil_Red765 | Lil_Red765

Inheritance drama: commenter takes a hard stance with NTA verdict 🤯

DependentProof8305 | DependentProof8305

Inheritance drama: OP not at fault for cousins' impatience 🤷‍♂️

FunPraline4141 | FunPraline4141

Don't give in to family pressure, protect your success 💪

thecratskyone | thecratskyone

Land share sold, no legal grounds for inheritance. NTA 👍

depressivedarling | depressivedarling

Investment paid off, family inheritance saved for generations. 👍

flarefax | flarefax

Making a different choice paid off 👍, don't give in to jealousy 😠

Spanks79 | Spanks79

OP made a smart decision and planned ahead. Cousins regretful now 😊

toomanychelles | toomanychelles

Youngest and smartest cousin outwits greedy family members 👏

Illustrious-Nail3777 | Illustrious-Nail3777

Family inheritance dispute - commenter advises seeking legal counsel 👨🏻‍💻

Aldoburgo | Aldoburgo

Defending against false accusations of inheritance scam with NTA verdict 💪

Embarrassed-Rise-473 | Embarrassed-Rise-473

Taking risks and making sacrifices for inheritance, NTA stands firm.

Musoperson | Musoperson

Investment success leads to NTA judgement for cousin dispute 💪

AnastasiusDicorus | AnastasiusDicorus

Legal sale, not a scam. NTA made a fair deal 👍

LavenderPearlTea | LavenderPearlTea

Calculating the cost of investment and labor for property inheritance 👍

Fragrant-Ad3925 | Fragrant-Ad3925

Unapologetic winner takes all in family inheritance dispute 😎

Bluebird39 | Bluebird39

Commenter defends man accused of scamming, calls accusers scammers 😎

VelusVakarass | VelusVakarass

Family accuses man of scamming inheritance, but are the real AHs 🤷‍♂️

eirenero | eirenero

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