Sister Abandons Child, Sibling Calls Her Out 😱👶

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Picture this: a young woman gets pregnant, gives birth, and then leaves her child behind to live her life without a care in the world. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, that's exactly what happened to one family when an 18-year-old sister got pregnant and left her baby with her younger sibling and parents. But when this younger sibling finally had enough, they confronted their sister and called her out on her neglectful behavior. 😤👶

Sister Gets Pregnant at 18 🤰

feisty-purple | feisty-purple

Life Goes On, Baby Left Behind 👶

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Newborn Left with Family 🍼

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Younger Sibling Steps Up 💪

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No Help from Sister 😔

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Major Rift Forms 🌩️

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Sister Ignores Child 🚫

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Two Years of Neglect 😢

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Sister Avoids Babysitting 🙅‍♀️

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Confrontation Time ⚡

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Sister Asked to Watch Nephew 🙏

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Calling Out the Neglect 😡

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Sister's Reaction 😭

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Neglectful Sister Called Out, Blocks Sibling 🚫

After years of watching their sister neglect her own child, this younger sibling finally had enough and confronted her. They called her out on her behavior, saying she didn't have the right to call herself a mom and that she was a disgrace. The sister, unable to handle the truth, started crying, called her sibling an a**hole, and blocked them on all social media. Now, let's see what the internet thinks of this intense family drama... 💥🍿

NTA for calling out sister's neglectful behavior towards her child 👏

xoxJulezxox | xoxJulezxox

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child, NTA gets support.

HGlancy | HGlancy

NTA for taking care of nephew, sister is soulless. Possible family issues.

CreepyOrlando | CreepyOrlando

NTA. The sister needs to be held accountable for her child. The parents enabled her behavior. OP is a legend for stepping up. 👏

TheVue221 | TheVue221

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child. NTA wins.

blairewilde | blairewilde

Sibling suggests adoption or billing sister for childcare expenses 💰

The_Chaos_Pope | The_Chaos_Pope

Teenager burdened with sister's baby, seeks help from parents. 👶

locheness4 | locheness4

Nephew stands up to sister's neglect, praised for his actions 👏

RoyEsnarom | RoyEsnarom

NTA for calling out sister and mom, but need to set boundaries 🙏. Replies suggest finding ways to distance and not enable.

KorrinStar | KorrinStar

Heartbreaking situation for the abandoned child, unsupported sibling 😢

bbbrashbash | bbbrashbash

Sibling sacrifices for ungrateful sister's child, calls her out. 😱

whatevernew7570 | whatevernew7570

Did the sister have other options? Family drama ensues. 😬

pataconconqueso | pataconconqueso

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child, NTA for OP.

viciousviolin | viciousviolin

Curiosity about the backstory sparks concern and empathy 🤔

namuhna | namuhna

Sibling confronts sister on abandoning child, but sister doesn't care 😢

Throwthisshitaway427 | Throwthisshitaway427

Sibling calls out sister's childish behavior in abandoning her child.

graywisteria | graywisteria

Sibling left to raise sister's child, asks if they're TA 🤷‍♀️

Witcherboobies | Witcherboobies

Curious about the father's involvement, others share the suspicion 🤔

emilliexx | emilliexx

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child, seeks more info 🤔

justfuckingstupid | justfuckingstupid

NTA. Being a mom is more than giving birth 👶

kmart0924 | kmart0924

Father's absence raises questions about child abandonment 🤔

AesopFabel | AesopFabel

Adoption not considered? Curious minds want to know 🤔

ninthandfirst | ninthandfirst

Sensitive topic. Commenter seeks more information on parents' role.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Careful what you say around kids 😱

CanIBeWillyWonka | CanIBeWillyWonka

Engage in a custody battle or call CPS? NTA wins.

techleopard | techleopard

NTA. You're more of a parent than she is 👶. Hold her accountable 👏

ArcticBowWow | ArcticBowWow

Sibling confronts sister for neglecting child, suggests productive communication 👍

jogam | jogam

Curious about sister's situation, commenter questions family involvement 🤔

Leigho7 | Leigho7

Abortion situation in family/location? Commenter seeks information 🤔

halibutcrustacean | halibutcrustacean

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child. NTA.

fishcake__ | fishcake__

Pressure to keep the baby or abandonment? NTA either way 👍

poorviolet | poorviolet

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child, NTA gets real

nustedbut | nustedbut

Heartbreaking possibility behind sister's aversion to her son 😢

PickleChips4Days | PickleChips4Days

Sister's behavior hints at trauma or she's an a**hole. Sad situation.

i-likebigmutts | i-likebigmutts

Commenter expresses concern for sister's mental health and questions parenting decisions.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling suggests suing sister for child support 💪

michehole | michehole

Sibling shares personal experience, supports OP calling out sister 👏

wolfhaley1390 | wolfhaley1390

Curious about the sister's decision to keep the child 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sensitive topic, but important questions raised about options for child.

poe201 | poe201

Sibling defends truth-telling, declares NTA 👍

Unziii | Unziii

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child. NTA.

oaislandgirl | oaislandgirl

Sibling stands up to sister for being a bad mom 👶

Northern-lurker1 | Northern-lurker1

Sibling becomes second mother to abandoned child 👶

avatarkyoshi8815 | avatarkyoshi8815

A cautionary tale about extreme selfishness and manipulation 😱

dumbasstupidbaby | dumbasstupidbaby

Sibling defends calling out sister for abandoning child. 👏

TheLostHargreeves | TheLostHargreeves

Sibling condemns deadbeat parent sister. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling questions sister's motives for keeping or abandoning baby

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartbreaking. Sister criticized for abandoning her child.

Blaknite1738 | Blaknite1738

Sibling calls out sister for neglecting child, NTA in situation 👍

AesopFabel | AesopFabel

Calling out a sibling for neglecting their child 👶

N1ghtSt4lk3r482 | N1ghtSt4lk3r482

Sibling calls out sister for neglecting child, suggests custody battle.

AceyAceyAcey | AceyAceyAcey

Sibling defends sister, but questions why she abandoned her child 🤔

thelastf-given | thelastf-given

Sibling defends OP's NTA stance, but considers sister's perspective 🤔

ElizabethMann | ElizabethMann

Sometimes the truth hurts, but NTA for calling out sister 😊

easyEggplant | easyEggplant

Sibling stands up for abandoned child, calls out irresponsible sister 👶

vodka_philosophy | vodka_philosophy

Sibling defends truth with NTA comment 👏

AGriffon | AGriffon

Sibling suggests adoption for abandoned child. NTA judgement.

CantEatCatsKevin | CantEatCatsKevin

Sibling calls out sister for abandoning child. NTA takes action.

uptown_squirrel17 | uptown_squirrel17

Sibling criticizes sister for abandoning child. 🙅

cowpowmonly | cowpowmonly

The comment section seems quiet, maybe it's adoption time 🤔

MiserableExit | MiserableExit

Sibling defends against child abandonment, calls out concerning behavior 👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious about the mother's reaction? Read on 🤔

Findas88 | Findas88

Sibling defends OP, calls out sub's decline in quality 👍

elhnr | elhnr

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