Man Forgotten on Thanksgiving: Family Drama Unfolds 😲

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Imagine spending Thanksgiving alone, only to discover your family had a gathering without you. That's exactly what happened to a 26-year-old man from Canada. He thought the family's Thanksgiving plans were on hold due to the pandemic, but a social media post revealed otherwise. 😱🦃

A Lonely Thanksgiving 🏠

turkeydayhurt | turkeydayhurt

The Shocking Discovery 📸

turkeydayhurt | turkeydayhurt

Trying to Join In 📱

turkeydayhurt | turkeydayhurt

Connection Issues? 🤔

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A Sad Solo Celebration 😞

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Waking Up to Missed Calls 📞

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The Confusion Continues 😕

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Family Call Drama 📹

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Snapping Back 😠

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Expressing Hurt 💔

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The Family's Response 🗣️

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Apologize? 🤨

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Leaving the Call 🚪

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Is He in the Wrong? 🤔

Our lonely Thanksgiving guy is left feeling hurt and confused after being left out of the family celebration. His family insists he should have just shown up, but he believes he deserved an invite. Was it a simple misunderstanding, or is there more to the story? Let's dive into the internet's top responses to this emotional rollercoaster. 🎢💬

Family forgets about OP on Thanksgiving, gaslights him the next day. NTA.

SonorousBlack | SonorousBlack

Family forgets about OP on Thanksgiving, commenters call out BS. 🤯

UnicornCackle | UnicornCackle

NTA for showing up uninvited, but family should have communicated better 😒

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Showing up uninvited is rude, hosts should communicate clearly 😍

grw313 | grw313

Family excludes member from Thanksgiving, suggests planning for future 🤔

pkkballer22 | pkkballer22

Family forgets about OP on Thanksgiving, blames them for not showing up. NTA 👍

Choklitcheezcake | Choklitcheezcake

OP feels excluded due to lack of explicit invitation to Thanksgiving.

hobo_clown | hobo_clown

OP is NTA and family is at fault 🤷‍♂️

SourNotesRockHardAbs | SourNotesRockHardAbs

Sibling no-shows on Thanksgiving, commenter questions communication and etiquette.

Depuis78 | Depuis78

Family's lack of effort to accommodate OP's needs is unfair 😔

Hannah-Solo | Hannah-Solo

Stand your ground! 💪 Don't apologize for their mistake. 🙌

drawingmentally | drawingmentally

Family drama on Thanksgiving, commenter supports OP, expresses sympathy 🙁

Ladyooh | Ladyooh

NTA. Family didn't even check on you when you didn't show up 🤔

SuperKamiGuru824 | SuperKamiGuru824

Clear communication is key. NTA for setting boundaries 👍

MC_squaredJL | MC_squaredJL

Family forgets about him on Thanksgiving, gaslights him into apologizing 😤

Screaming-Harpy | Screaming-Harpy

Family forgets about Thanksgiving dinner, gaslights and insults OP 😔

thoughtfulurk | thoughtfulurk

Thanksgiving plans forgotten, family drama and self-doubt ensues 😢

IllustriousComplex6 | IllustriousComplex6

Excluded from Thanksgiving potluck, gaslit with autistic blame game. NTA.

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Excluded from Thanksgiving dinner, blamed for being forgotten. NTA.

Dilemma2008 | Dilemma2008

Reaching out and not getting a response, NTA 👍

ponyproblematic | ponyproblematic

Family forgets to tell friend they moved, similar to OP's situation 😳

reality_junkie_xo | reality_junkie_xo

Family betrayal on Thanksgiving, NTA comment exposes their guilt 😱

Feeling-better2day | Feeling-better2day

Family's lack of communication on Thanksgiving is criticized. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family forgets Thanksgiving dinner, blames OP. NTA stands up.

Capital-Philosopher6 | Capital-Philosopher6

Family drama unfolds after autistic person is forgotten on Thanksgiving 😲

doomkittyofdoom | doomkittyofdoom

Excluded from Thanksgiving dinner, NTA seeks apology from family 🤔

unintentionaldespair | unintentionaldespair

Mother should apologize and make it right 🙏

julesB09 | julesB09

Supportive comment validates OP's feelings of exclusion and suggests low/no contact.

JasonJdDean | JasonJdDean

NTA and gaslighting accusation over blaming autism 🤔

spacedoggos_ | spacedoggos_

Don't assume you're invited, take charge of your own plans 👍

tealcandtrip | tealcandtrip

Heartbreaking exclusion from family Thanksgiving, but chosen family is important 😢

TheawkwardalexVGA | TheawkwardalexVGA

Family cancels Thanksgiving dinner, blames forgotten member. NTA deserves apologies.

DKhoneybadger89 | DKhoneybadger89

Exclusion hurts, you're NTA for standing up for yourself 😢

Evilbirdish | Evilbirdish

BritishLibrary | BritishLibrary

adventurer907505307 | adventurer907505307

Family events now revolve around kids, leaving adults out 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family forgets about autistic member on Thanksgiving, gaslights them. NTA.

ccicc2212 | ccicc2212

A heartwarming Thanksgiving tradition of inclusivity and thoughtfulness 🥰

musty_book_aroma | musty_book_aroma

Navigating family dynamics and autism, politeness can be misunderstood 🤔

anypebble | anypebble

Excluded from Thanksgiving dinner, blamed for it. NTA. 🤗

MissPeskyFace | MissPeskyFace

Supportive comment calls out family's cruelty towards autistic member. 🙌

Honest_Ad6044 | Honest_Ad6044

Family gaslighting and blaming OP for being forgotten on Thanksgiving 😕

Flippn_Freddy | Flippn_Freddy

Excluded from Thanksgiving, commenter is NTA and rightfully angry 😠

sparklysparklee | sparklysparklee

Empathetic reply offers comfort to Thanksgiving outcast 🤗

ripleyxxoo | ripleyxxoo

Standing up for yourself on Thanksgiving. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathetic reply offers comfort to excluded Thanksgiving guest 😢

sassylittlespoon | sassylittlespoon

Family forgets about Thanksgiving, commenter rightfully upset 😒

blasiandontraisin | blasiandontraisin

Family drama on Thanksgiving, commenter sympathizes with forgotten man.

Just-Anteater-2496 | Just-Anteater-2496

Feeling excluded but hesitant to show up uninvited. Brother's rude.

Anndee123 | Anndee123

Miscommunication or bad family dynamics? Thanksgiving drama unfolds. 🤔

randomnurse | randomnurse

Family forgets about him on Thanksgiving, blames him for reminding them 🙄

crap_whats_not_taken | crap_whats_not_taken

Family forgets to notify man about Thanksgiving, blames him. 🤷‍♂️

Zee-Zed | Zee-Zed

Commenter questions family's lack of response on Thanksgiving. NTA.

RinoTheBouncer | RinoTheBouncer

Family drama escalates over forgotten funeral. 😕

rocketbot99 | rocketbot99

Exclusion or miscommunication? The root of family drama 🤔

robjapan | robjapan

Family blames man for their mistake, but he's NTA 👏

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

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