Teacher Tells Dramatic Student 'I Don't Care' 😱: Did They Go Too Far?

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We've all had that one classmate who always seems to have an excuse for not doing their homework, but what happens when a teacher finally reaches their breaking point? In this story, a 7th-grade teacher at a Catholic school faces off with a student who's constantly turning in late assignments with a sob story to match. But when the student, dubbed 'Krissy,' tries to explain her latest excuse, the teacher snaps and says, 'I don't care.' Was the teacher too harsh, or was it time for a reality check? 💥📚

The Teacher's Dilemma 🤔

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Meet Krissy, the Drama Queen 🎭

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A Pattern of Excuses 📝

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The List of Excuses Grows 📋

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Pop Quiz Time! ⏰

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Krissy's Latest Excuse 😢

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The Teacher Snaps 🤯

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Krissy's Tearful Plea 😭

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The Ultimatum ⚖️

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Krissy's Parting Words 🗣️

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Questioning the Decision 🤷

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The Aftermath: Was the Teacher Right? 🤔

So, was this teacher too harsh, or did they simply reach their limit with Krissy's never-ending list of excuses? It seems like a tough call, as the teacher was trying to be fair to the other students while still being compassionate. But when is enough, enough? 🤷 Let's dive into some of the top reactions from the internet to see what people think about this sticky situation. 🌐💬

Engaging discussion on whether involving parents is appropriate or not 🤔

noneya_bz | noneya_bz

Calling the parents is crucial for managing student's time. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Middle school trauma can impact school performance. Teacher should investigate further.

Still_Association | Still_Association

Commenter suggests involving school counselor for troubled student, but replies offer differing opinions. 🤔

sparklymeteorite | sparklymeteorite

Teacher dismisses student's mental health concerns, called out as YTA.

Seyaria | Seyaria

Teacher criticized for lack of support for struggling student. YTA.

spunkyfuzzguts | spunkyfuzzguts

Teacher's response to overwhelmed student sparks criticism and concern 😱

lanex328159 | lanex328159

Questioning the legitimacy of student's excuses, is she lying?

halseydota | halseydota

Teacher dismissed student's valid reasons for struggling during pandemic. YTA.

Jazzlike_Humor3340 | Jazzlike_Humor3340

"Soft YTA" teacher loses patience with difficult student 😱

Total-Being-4278 | Total-Being-4278

Teacher receives criticism for saying 'I don't care' to stressed student.

MxMirdan | MxMirdan

Commenter shares personal experience, calls OP YTA for lack of empathy.

Accomplished_Area311 | Accomplished_Area311

Teacher faces backlash for posting about student on Reddit 🤔

doughnutmakemelaugh | doughnutmakemelaugh

Teacher called out for not caring, but was the student too harsh? NTA.

No-Habit1217 | No-Habit1217

Teacher's response to struggling student called out by commenter 😱

macanmhaighstir | macanmhaighstir

User doubts validity of student's family illnesses during pandemic.

crashfrog | crashfrog

Teacher accused of not caring about student's well-being. 😔

monamagnetica | monamagnetica

Undiagnosed ADHD and mental health issues in school - a common problem.

shyaway123456 | shyaway123456

Teacher accused of not investigating student's excuses properly. 🤔

flurry_of_beaus | flurry_of_beaus

Teacher's unprofessionalism called out by student in comment section.

CaraMorrow | CaraMorrow

Teacher's response to dramatic student deemed a**hole move 😑

PunditusMaximus | PunditusMaximus

Understanding the reasons behind a student's behavior is crucial 👨🏻‍🏫💻. Meeting with parents can help 👥.

imatwinknotalesbian | imatwinknotalesbian

Commenter calls out teacher for being a**hole to student 😱

Background-Try-4337 | Background-Try-4337

Teacher's harsh response to struggling student questioned by commenter.

Old-Elderberry-9946 | Old-Elderberry-9946

Teacher called out for saying 'I don't care' to dramatic student.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parental involvement: the missing piece in this YTA situation.

AfterDarkEz | AfterDarkEz

Commenter calls out YTA for enabling student, other replies suggest abuse.

hitman2218 | hitman2218

Late work policy causes controversy in classroom. YTA verdict.

TeeJayReddits | TeeJayReddits

Commenter calls out teacher's lie, defends struggling student. 💪

brilliant-soul | brilliant-soul

Balancing consistency and empathy during a pandemic 🤷‍♀️

LyndaCarter_ | LyndaCarter_

Advocate for Krissy's struggles with undiagnosed ADHD 🚡

daphydoods | daphydoods

Teacher criticized for not involving parents sooner in student drama.

SundaColugoToffee | SundaColugoToffee

Getting parents involved is the best solution 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Student's excuses may be a cry for help 😢: Consider options.

sunbearnamedhoney | sunbearnamedhoney

Teacher offers solution, student rejects it. NTA for saying 'I don't care'.

witchlys | witchlys

Concerned comment suggests potential abuse or disability in student.

WitchInAWheelchair | WitchInAWheelchair

Teacher criticized for lack of empathy towards struggling student 😢

lilacsiren | lilacsiren

Heartbreaking story of a student failed by adults. YTA.

SolutionLow1170 | SolutionLow1170

Commenter suggests talking to parents for student's well-being. Reply raises concern about parents lying to protect reputation 🤔

Agitated_Net3736 | Agitated_Net3736

Ignoring a student's mental health is damaging. YTA in this case.

Nonbinary_bread0 | Nonbinary_bread0

Teacher's insensitive response to student's cry for help. YTA.

_letyourlovegrowtall | _letyourlovegrowtall

Teacher ignores student's distress signals during pandemic. YTA.

DeeDee-MayMay | DeeDee-MayMay

Commenter calls out teacher for dismissing student's struggles with empathy.

panicattheoilrig | panicattheoilrig

NTA offers a reasonable compromise, but some suggest abuse may be a factor 🤷‍♀️

EvocativeEnigma | EvocativeEnigma

Parent questions lack of rules for late work, deems teacher TA 😕

GeekyMom42 | GeekyMom42

Grade 7 student struggling with time management - YTA or NAH?

Wrong-Construction40 | Wrong-Construction40

Empathy matters. Don't dismiss someone's struggles. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Get the parents involved for a better resolution. 👥

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Redditor shares personal experience, calls out teacher for lack of compassion.

Navi_94 | Navi_94

Is Krissy's behavior concerning or just misunderstood? 🤔

Doodleparty | Doodleparty

Red flags raised over student's excuses. 🚨

yourestillaswine | yourestillaswine

Commenter calls out teacher for poor handling of vulnerable student.

sdw839 | sdw839

Commenter calls out student for BSing and suggests counseling options.

Sunny_Hill_1 | Sunny_Hill_1

Concerned commenter asks for missing context about parent involvement.

thistheremixhere | thistheremixhere

Teacher's response to dramatic student raises concerns and eyebrows 😱

Lazy_Difficulty_7738 | Lazy_Difficulty_7738

Teacher should have contacted parents and shown more empathy. ESH.

Araucaria2024 | Araucaria2024

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