Man Demands GF Pay for Prosthesis After She Sabotages His Trip 😱

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Imagine waking up one morning, unable to find your prosthetic leg, only to discover that your girlfriend hid it to prevent you from going on a trip with your buddies. That's precisely the nightmare one man faced when his girlfriend's jealousy took an unexpected turn. The situation escalated when the prosthetic leg was found damaged, and the boyfriend demanded she pay for a new one. 💔🦿

The Unfortunate Accident

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Adjusting to a New Normal

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The Guys' Trip

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Girlfriend's Persistence

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Standing His Ground

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The Missing Prosthesis

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Confronting the Girlfriend

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The Truth Comes Out

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The Damaged Prosthesis

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No Longer Functional

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The Heated Argument

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Demanding a New Prosthesis

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Back to Crutches

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Still Angry

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Parents' Advice

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The Costly Consequence of Jealousy 😔

After a heated argument, the girlfriend hid her boyfriend's prosthetic leg in a desperate attempt to stop him from going on a trip with his friends. When the damaged prosthesis was discovered, the boyfriend demanded she pay for a new one, causing even more tension between them. As the situation remains unresolved, the boyfriend is left to rely on crutches and ponder his relationship. Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 😬

NTA. GF's controlling behavior and refusal to pay for broken prosthesis is a huge red flag. Dump her and take her to small claims court. 🚩

C0pper-an0de | C0pper-an0de

GF sabotages trip, damages medical device. NTA, sue for compensation.

mercifulalien | mercifulalien

NTA! GF sabotages trip by stealing and damaging prosthesis. Consider suing.

Melange-Witch | Melange-Witch

NTA, GF sabotages his trip and steals his leg. Unforgivable 😱

Vixen7-9 | Vixen7-9

NTA. Leave the abusive relationship and sue her for damages 💯

rammy3314 | rammy3314

NTA. Focus on compensation and move on from toxic relationship 👍

Better_Each_Day | Better_Each_Day

GF hides prosthesis, BF demands payment for sabotage. NTA

theredditer91 | theredditer91

Dump her and sue her? Some advice on how to proceed.

DJT4Prison | DJT4Prison

Dump her and sue for damages 💔⚖️

sarahohimesama | sarahohimesama

Redditors agree: NTA, but is this story even real? 🤔

Dszquphsbnt | Dszquphsbnt

Don't let love blind you to your partner's true character 😱

thatkatlady | thatkatlady

Ex-GF sabotages trip and prosthesis, NTA demands payment 💰

Prince_of_Savoy | Prince_of_Savoy

Time to lawyer up! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Controlling partner sabotages trip, demands payment for prosthetic. NTA.

MsB0x | MsB0x

Demand justice for stolen prosthetic and toxic relationship 💪

LumpiestEntree | LumpiestEntree

NTA. Girlfriend's abusive behavior warrants full payment for prosthesis.

Tiamat_fire_and_ice | Tiamat_fire_and_ice

Ex-girlfriend sabotages trip, commenter calls her controlling and abusive 😱

mimiuniverse | mimiuniverse

Girlfriend sabotages trip and breaks leg, NTA for demanding payment 😱

samsnotmyfriend | samsnotmyfriend

GF sabotages BF's prosthesis, he's NTA for considering breakup 💔

gnixfim | gnixfim

GF damages prosthetic leg, commenter advises to end relationship. 😱

Vstring5 | Vstring5

NTA. Sabotaging someone's aid is abusive and ableist. Call the police.

AnnaVonKleve | AnnaVonKleve

Drop her quick! 🚩 NTA, she sabotaged your wellbeing.

MotorbikeGeoff | MotorbikeGeoff

Dump her and sue her. What kind of monster are you dating? 😱

ChuckUFarley74988 | ChuckUFarley74988

Friend advises to dump girlfriend after sabotaging prosthesis. NTA

TheBaddestPatsy | TheBaddestPatsy

Demanding justice for sabotaged prosthesis, NTA seeks legal action. 💪

DHAN150 | DHAN150

Dump her stupid butt and move on with your life 👋😡


Dump her and make her pay for her actions 👍

catsaway9 | catsaway9

NTA, but calling HER parents? That's a power move 😎

lol1015 | lol1015

Fight for your rights! 💪🏻

Puzzleheaded-Ad2795 | Puzzleheaded-Ad2795

Dating a child in an adult body 🤯. NTA deserves better.

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Commenter calls out girlfriend's behavior, deems OP NTA. 👍

RonaldMcFirbank | RonaldMcFirbank

GF sabotages trip, demands man pay for prosthesis. NTA commenters agree.

SimonSpooner | SimonSpooner

Controlling behavior and sabotaging prosthetics? Definitely NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump her and the bill: NTA deserves better 👌

cricket73646 | cricket73646

Support for legal action against girlfriend's inappropriate actions. 💪

Geniepolice | Geniepolice

Disrespectful partner damages prosthesis, NTA demands payment and legal action 😠

-Spitfire_ | -Spitfire_

Breaking up and taking her to court for sabotaging his trip.

likeahike | likeahike

Demanding ex-GF pays for prosthetic leg after sabotage. NTA.

byebyelovie | byebyelovie

Dump her! 🚮 NTA

DullPencilSquad | DullPencilSquad

Stand up for yourself and take her to court! 💪🏻 Listen to your parents.

LeReineNoir | LeReineNoir

Commenter and replies express shock and disbelief with appropriate emoji.

ChocolatePunkRocker | ChocolatePunkRocker

Demanding payment for prosthesis after sabotage? NTA, that's abusive 😱

Wilbirds1228 | Wilbirds1228

Definitely NTA! Your prosthetic leg is not just plastic! 😱

DeterminedArrow | DeterminedArrow

Girlfriend sabotages prosthesis, commenter demands she pay for damages 💰

anonniemaus | anonniemaus

Fair point, why is it different when a man is affected? 🤔

goldfishpaws | goldfishpaws

Break up with her and make her pay for it 😱

eyespy_01 | eyespy_01

Heartless act by ex-GF, commenter supports NTA's decision.

Spektra54 | Spektra54

Stealing a prosthetic is beyond rude. NTA for demanding payment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump her? 🤔 Redditors weigh in on relationship advice.

lol1015 | lol1015

GF breaks prosthesis, man demands payment. Commenter shocked and outraged.

Deepdishultra | Deepdishultra

Dump the childish, selfish dung beetle and move on 👋

hullaballooloo | hullaballooloo

Dumpster the relationship and make her pay for the prosthesis 😱

CobaltAce51 | CobaltAce51

Dump her and sue her! 💔⚖️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump her and sue her - a lack of empathy 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Outrage over girlfriend sabotaging boyfriend's mobility out of jealousy 😱

Foreign_Law3727 | Foreign_Law3727

Dump the girlfriend, get a lawyer, she's a monster 😱

Adventurous_Coat | Adventurous_Coat

When the answer is too obvious even for AITA subreddit 😂

sluuuurp | sluuuurp

Commenter shocked by man's prosthetic leg, no replies.

didyouseethewayheloo | didyouseethewayheloo

NTA. GF sabotages trip, damages prosthesis, and controls freedom. Abuse alert! 😱

gingerdaisy03 | gingerdaisy03

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