Dad Refuses to Ask Son to Fund Stepdaughter's Wedding 💍🤯

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Weddings are supposed to be a time of love and celebration, but sometimes they can bring out the worst in people. This dad found himself caught in the crossfire between his wife and their children's upcoming weddings. With two weddings on the horizon, the family is divided over financial matters, and the dad has taken a stand that's causing some serious tension. Let's dive into the story and see what's going on. 😬💔

Two Weddings, One Summer 🌞💍

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Tom's Lavish Venue 🏰💸

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Judy's Jealousy 😒👰

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The Fear of Comparison 😥🎭

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Wife's Solution: Tom's Money 💰👩

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Dad's Stance 🚫🗣️

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Wife's Anger 😡💔

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Drawing the Line 🚧👨

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Refusing to Bother Tom 🙅‍♂️📞

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Wife's Accusation 😠🤦‍♂️

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The Ongoing Argument 🥊💥

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Wedding Wars: Dad's Dilemma 🤯🎭

Caught in a whirlwind of wedding drama, this dad is standing his ground against his wife's request for him to ask their son Tom to help fund Judy's wedding. He believes that what Tom earns is none of her concern and that it's not fair to pressure him into funding his sister's special day. The wife, on the other hand, feels that the dad is refusing to help and that Tom should at least be given the chance to decide if he wants to contribute. With emotions running high, it's clear that this family's wedding season is off to a rocky start. Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🍿📱

NTA. Sister can save up for a fancier wedding later.

DJT4Prison | DJT4Prison

Stepdaughter's wedding: Wife delusional, son has zero obligation to pay 💰

happygal222 | happygal222

NTA. Tom shouldn't be penalized for his stepdaughter's choices. 👍

ellensundies | ellensundies

NTA refuses to fund stepdaughter's wedding, wife demands money. 💍🤯

LeafCase9847 | LeafCase9847

Stepmom demands son pay for stepdaughter's wedding, internet outraged 😱

Ok_Chance_4584 | Ok_Chance_4584

Stepdaughter feels entitled, wife plays favorites. NTA for dad.

Dont-trust-it | Dont-trust-it

Sibling wedding expenses causing family drama. NTA stands firm.

PuxinF | PuxinF

Stepdaughter and wife acting entitled. Son not obligated to pay. NTA 👏

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

Weddings don't have to be expensive to be special 💍

Zorgas | Zorgas

Cheap and tacky weddings can last the longest ❤️

SkrillaSavinMama | SkrillaSavinMama

Finances shouldn't dictate family relationships. NTA 👍

ur_mom_cant_get_enuf | ur_mom_cant_get_enuf

Stepdaughter not entitled to son's money. NTA for refusing.

ThinksUnsexyThoughts | ThinksUnsexyThoughts

Daughter should have a long engagement and save up 💎

amarschderwelt | amarschderwelt

Wife wants equal weddings for stepchildren, commenter says NTA

EveningJellyfish1 | EveningJellyfish1

Son shouldn't fund stepdaughter's wedding. NTA for refusing. 👍

giantbrownguy | giantbrownguy

Wedding expenses should be covered by the couple, not siblings. NTA 👍

cookie_monster_911 | cookie_monster_911

Stepmom wants son to pay for step-sister's wedding? NTA

DialPlumeria | DialPlumeria

Choosing fairness over favoritism in a wedding. 💍

RoyallyOakie | RoyallyOakie

NTA defends wedding budget against wife's criticism 💍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling weddings can be different, NTA for not asking Tom.

Edemamee | Edemamee

Let Judy save up for the wedding 💎, your wife can help 👨‍👩‍👦 with a second job 💰

herbivorouscarnivore | herbivorouscarnivore

Wife wants 'fairness' but pressures OP to ask son for help 🤯

TrickInteresting8032 | TrickInteresting8032

NTA. The wife's entitlement is unfair and petty 😒

simba1998 | simba1998

Agreement with NTA comment, no further discussion.

IReplyToPplWithNoIQ | IReplyToPplWithNoIQ

Delay the wedding to avoid comparison. NTA wins 👍

Inevitable-Mastodon1 | Inevitable-Mastodon1

NTA dad refuses to fund stepdaughter's wedding, wife disagrees 💰❌

Iveline | Iveline

Support for not asking son to fund stepdaughter's wedding 👏

TexasForever361 | TexasForever361

Wedding guests who care more about experience than happiness are worst 😒

amyenne22 | amyenne22

Wedding drama: NTA dad suggests courthouse wedding or postponement. 💍

phnmnl-cnfdnc | phnmnl-cnfdnc

Father stands up to entitled stepdaughter's unfair demands 👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls stepdaughter an a**hole for expecting others to pay for her wedding.

SimpleRevolution6146 | SimpleRevolution6146

Support for dad's decision to not fund stepdaughter's wedding 💰

electricstaplerchan | electricstaplerchan

Stepbrother refuses to fund stepsister's wedding 💍

DistributionOk4169 | DistributionOk4169

Stepdaughter and wife seem entitled. NTA for refusing.

mangoreload | mangoreload

Son's wedding, son's money. Judy is not entitled to it 👍

Mutedfloral | Mutedfloral

Weddings are about love, not money 💕👰‍♀️

Mirianda666 | Mirianda666

Stepdaughter's wedding causing family drama, wife is the real problem 🤯


NTA for refusing to fund stepdaughter's wedding 💍

kiwi5270 | kiwi5270

Wife's jealousy is bizarre. Good on you for not engaging.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepdaughter should wait to get married until they earn more 💍

alexking58 | alexking58

Stepdaughter wants lavish wedding, but NTA dad won't pay 💰

neuronerd_90 | neuronerd_90

NTA. It's astonishing that your wife expects you to intercede.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Big dad energy 💪🏼 NTA for refusing to pay.

Western_Wallaby_8803 | Western_Wallaby_8803

Wife's wedding expectations are unrealistic 😑

Dalek_Sect | Dalek_Sect

Unrealistic expectations for stepdaughter's wedding. NTA dad.

lilliamos60 | lilliamos60

22 and broke? NTA dad refuses to fund stepdaughter's wedding 💍

Headup31 | Headup31

Commenter shocked by situation, agrees with dad's decision.

justkillintime99 | justkillintime99

NTA - Great parenting. Is it really about the wedding costs?

Ju5tSomeb0dyEls3 | Ju5tSomeb0dyEls3

Stepdaughter's entitled wedding demands met with NTA response 👏

BexB783 | BexB783

Agreement with no context 🤔

wytherlanejazz | wytherlanejazz

Let her wait a bit for a fancier wedding 💍🍻

sempirate | sempirate

Stepdaughter's wedding expenses aren't son's responsibility. NTA 👍

CastleBravoXVC | CastleBravoXVC

Wife should ask Tom herself or Judy can ask directly.

clinomaninha | clinomaninha

NTA. Let Judy ask for money herself. Simple logic.

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

Stepdaughter's wedding, son's savings and favoritism. NTA wins.

serasatanx | serasatanx

Commenter sympathizes with dad, calls out wife's selfishness. 👍

little_ballof_fur | little_ballof_fur

Daughter's wedding, daughter's responsibility. NTA for refusing request 👍

Only-here-for-sound | Only-here-for-sound

Stand your ground, dad. Don't let your wife guilt-trip you. 👊

torbaapshala | torbaapshala

Parenting done right 👏, stay out of the drama 😎. #NTA

ieya404 | ieya404

Agreeing with the comment, no a-hole here 👍

RabbitOfCaerbonnog | RabbitOfCaerbonnog

Stepmom should help pay, NTA for not making son pay 💰💍

AdministrativeEnd140 | AdministrativeEnd140

Equal opportunities for step-siblings' wedding expenses 💍

Kitsumekat | Kitsumekat

Wedding expenses should be split equally. NTA 👍

stevedresnor | stevedresnor

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