Ex-Wife Sabotages Daughter's Love Life for Her Own Gain 😱

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We've all heard of helicopter parents, but this one takes it to a whole new level! A 45-year-old man's ex-wife (35f) went to extreme lengths to break up their daughter Alana's (16f) relationship with her boyfriend Eric (18m), all in an attempt to date Eric's dad (44m). The ex-wife's meddling caused a massive family drama, leading to the daughter moving in with her dad. 😮🍿

The Ex-Wife's Master Plan 🕵️‍♀️

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When Love Gets Complicated 💔

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Eric's Dad Puts the Brakes On 🛑

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Drunk Confessions 🍷

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The Plot Thickens 📚

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Dad Steps In 🦸‍♂️

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Ex-Wife's Sabotage Escalates 😤

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Examples of Ex-Wife's Schemes 📝

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The Truth Comes Out 🕵️‍♂️

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The Real Motive Exposed 🎯

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Alana's Reaction 😡

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Dad Confronts Ex-Wife 📞

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Ex-Wife's Defense 🛡️

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Dad's Response 🗣️

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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The Fallout: Was Dad Too Harsh? 😕

After the dust settled, the dad started to question if he went too far when he lost his temper. Despite the ex-wife's outrageous actions, he wonders if he should've handled the situation differently. 🤔💭 Let's see what the internet thinks of this wild family drama...

NTA for telling Eric's dad. Ex-wife needs to be stopped 😱

FFBTheShow | FFBTheShow

NTA advises Alana to come clean to Eric and her dad 👍

TheVue221 | TheVue221

Age gap controversy sparks in the comments section 🤔

kspicydaddi | kspicydaddi

Parent seeks help to keep child safe from abusive ex-spouse.

Mean_Environment4856 | Mean_Environment4856

Ex-wife's selfishness puts daughter in danger. NTA for intervening. 😱

National-Priority729 | National-Priority729

Commenter sympathizes with daughter's behavior, calls out ex-wife's actions.

Accomplished_Cup900 | Accomplished_Cup900

Protect your daughter from emotional abuse and manipulation by her mother 🚨

FoolMe1nceShameOnU | FoolMe1nceShameOnU

Ex-wife's behavior towards daughter's love life is beyond unacceptable 😱

DefinitelyNotGilroy | DefinitelyNotGilroy

Commenters defend OP against irrelevant accusations, support his current situation. 👍

LV-Four26 | LV-Four26

Age difference leads to disaster, commenters agree ESH 😞

genericfluser | genericfluser

Commenter accuses OP of having a kid with a teenager 🤔

Coco_Dirichlet | Coco_Dirichlet

Ex-wife's extreme reaction to daughter's dating life questioned. 🤔

Hob-Nob1974 | Hob-Nob1974

A 29-year-old's questionable decision defended with NTA.

Gvmntcontrolledzebra | Gvmntcontrolledzebra

A backhanded compliment from a selfish parent 🥴

Gordonoftheearth | Gordonoftheearth

Father defends himself against assumptions of grooming and predatory behavior.

asterixofavalon | asterixofavalon

Misunderstanding about age gap leads to assumptions and accusations 😕

cbfchappy | cbfchappy

Supportive parent navigates ex's sabotage of daughter's love life 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter suspects ex-wife's behavior is due to mental instability 🤔

MomToShady | MomToShady

Ex-wife's selfish actions backfire, causing daughter to suffer. NTA.

beag_ach_dian | beag_ach_dian

NTA stands up against ex-wife's manipulative behavior 💪

SomeCrazyGamer1 | SomeCrazyGamer1

Support and protect Alana from her manipulative mother. 🙏

vodka_philosophy | vodka_philosophy

Age difference and emotional abuse raise red flags. NTA, but beware.

SocksAndPi | SocksAndPi

Protecting daughter from toxic ex-wife. NTA 👍

getjicky | getjicky

Ex's crazy behavior warrants warning daughter's boyfriend. NTA.

SubRedditLurker08 | SubRedditLurker08

Mom defends her actions to protect daughter's love life 👏

PerfectBiscotti | PerfectBiscotti

Crazy ex-wife tries to sabotage daughter's love life 😱

redditavenger2019 | redditavenger2019

Ex-wife sabotages daughter's love life for personal gain 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter questions OP's age gap and parenting decisions 🤔

emo_zombie | emo_zombie

Supporting daughter against ex-wife's love life sabotage 👏

UsernameRestriced | UsernameRestriced

Support for a parent who prioritized their daughter's feelings 👏

laurenthesailor | laurenthesailor

Ex-wife's sabotage backfires after Eric tells his dad. 😏

According_Version_67 | According_Version_67

Judgmental comment on young mother's behavior, no replies.

MusicFinal | MusicFinal

Parenting done right 👏. NTA and Alana is lucky to have you.

OptimalCreme9847 | OptimalCreme9847

Age difference between parents raises eyebrows in comment section 🤨

unknownwhitecat | unknownwhitecat

Mom takes the crown for being the a**hole 😠

psyk2u | psyk2u

Protecting daughter from ex-wife's sabotage. Dad needs to know! 🚨

dreamcatcher1966 | dreamcatcher1966

Defending age gap relationships and calling out assumptions. 💪

ThePandanator888 | ThePandanator888

Expose ex's sabotage and update us on dad's reaction 🤞

b00kw0rm_ | b00kw0rm_

Protecting your daughter from a sabotaging ex: NTA 😍

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Harsh criticism for a man who impregnated a teenager 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting daughter from abusive ex, seek help and support. 👍

Pandas-Brat | Pandas-Brat

Ex-wife's manipulation backfires as commenter suggests dad's rejection.

Normie316 | Normie316

Commenter defends OP, suggests daughter should live with OP instead.

ladyredcyn | ladyredcyn

Daughter exposes ex-wife's sabotage to Eric, NTA for not telling dad 😊

FairieWarrior | FairieWarrior

Ex-wife sabotages daughter's love life, OP calls her out. NTA 😱

Hugh_Jaynus_83 | Hugh_Jaynus_83

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