Mysterious Forbidden Room Sparks Outrage Among Friends 😲🔑

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We all have our quirks, but what happens when a roommate's need for privacy clashes with a group of friends' curiosity? One guy, who we'll call Party Master, loves to throw parties, while his roommate Red, who's autistic, prefers to avoid the limelight. To accommodate Red's needs, they created the Forbidden Room - a cozy, locked sanctuary where Red can escape during parties. But when Party Master revealed the room's purpose, their friends were not happy. 😠🚪

The Roommate Agreement 🤝

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

Introducing the Forbidden Room 🚪

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

The Two-Key System 🔑

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

The Secret Revealed 😮

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

Friends Get Furious 😡

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

Demands for Entry 🚪🔓

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

Compromise Attempt 🤔

theforbiddenroomaita | theforbiddenroomaita

Red's Side of the Story 🗣️

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Trust Issues 😟

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The Forbidden Room Debate 🤔

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Overnight Attention 🌙

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Clarifications 📝

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Staying Strong 💪

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Red's Response 🗨️

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Feeling Less Crazy 😌

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The Great Forbidden Room Standoff 🚪🔒

After revealing the purpose of the Forbidden Room, Party Master's friends are furious, demanding access to the room and accusing him of enabling Red's social distance. Despite their anger, Party Master stands his ground, refusing to compromise on Red's safe haven. Red, grateful for the support, feels less 'crazy' for needing a place to escape. But is Party Master in the wrong for keeping the Forbidden Room exclusive? 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Friends disrespect roommate's needs and preferences, OP is NTA 🙌

MagicMauiWowee | MagicMauiWowee

Respectful roommate stands up for introverted friend 👏

LeSchad | LeSchad

Friend defends their right to use their own room. 💪

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

NTA for creating a room for introverted friend 🤝

[deleted] | [deleted]

Creative solution for introverted roommate sparks rude demands from friends 😑

YugenSelcouth | YugenSelcouth

Defending a friend with autism against disrespectful house guests 🔑

ReallyLuvUrPeaches | ReallyLuvUrPeaches

Protecting your roommate's needs: NTA. Friends need to back off 👍

VegasNomad702 | VegasNomad702

Advocating for acceptance and accommodations for individuals on the spectrum 👏

bird0026 | bird0026

Respect Red's privacy and autonomy. Friends should talk to him directly.

Order66-Cody | Order66-Cody

Rename the forbidden room to something less tempting 😂

MoonpieSonata | MoonpieSonata

Setting boundaries is key 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground and shut down the AH friends 💪

webbkitten | webbkitten

Party plans on hold, but NTA's solution for room dilemma praised 👍

cheddarBear11 | cheddarBear11

Creating a safe space for a friend with social anxiety 🙌

ShmamBo88 | ShmamBo88

Supportive friend defends controversial decision. 👍

TheRandomeer | TheRandomeer

NTA roommate creates safe space for autistic friend 👏

squid_with_a_laptop | squid_with_a_laptop

Defending Red's privacy against entitled friends 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's choice is being respected, friends are entitled and rude 😠

mangonlime | mangonlime

Friends try to invade private space, commenter defends homeowner's rights.

glom4ever | glom4ever

Creating a safe space for a friend with social anxiety 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment defends friend's privacy and boundaries. 👏

Fiestyfemale | Fiestyfemale

Respect your friend's privacy and your own property 👍

lobsteristrash | lobsteristrash

Putting red above all else makes commenter NTA 🙌

Holysunlight | Holysunlight

Friends outraged by mysterious forbidden room, commenter defends couple's decision.

SavannahChelsea | SavannahChelsea

Your house, your rules. Friends need to respect boundaries. 🙌

GeneralFakename | GeneralFakename

Friends outraged over entitlement to forbidden room access 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Privacy is key 🔑. NTA for setting boundaries.

GulagCumshot | GulagCumshot

Friends post forbidden room pics online without permission, get banned 😱

MountainDewde | MountainDewde

Roommate praised for being understanding and respectful towards friend's needs 🙌

lrw0329 | lrw0329

When your comment speaks volumes on its own 🤷‍♂️

kashkeya | kashkeya

Setting boundaries is key 🔑

karowl | karowl

Hosting parties during pandemic? YTA. Not hosting? NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate praised for protective actions 💪

lewdsnollygoster | lewdsnollygoster

Supportive comment defends Red's right to privacy and autonomy 👏

Red_Sparx | Red_Sparx

Roommate not a toy or pet. NTA. Friends being entitled.

pusasabaso | pusasabaso

Commenter calls entitled friends out, sparks outrage 😠

ZeroAssassin72 | ZeroAssassin72

Friend finds perfect solution for parties, gets called NTA 🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respectful friend defends his safe space, sparks outrage among friends 😠

jlane13 | jlane13

Friends outraged over need for alone time in forbidden room 🤯

Muffinbra | Muffinbra

Confusion and disbelief over mysterious room in article 🤔

graaaaady | graaaaady

Friends misunderstand autism, Red needs room for security. NTA 👍

That-Pilot | That-Pilot

Friends demand host discomfort, commenter says NTA 🙌

_wednesday_76 | _wednesday_76

Friends demand access to room for roommate with social anxiety 😠

DivineTarot | DivineTarot

Set boundaries and ditch immature friends, NTA comment section.

Swedishpunsch | Swedishpunsch

Respectful friend enforces boundaries for autistic friend, but friends disrespect them 😠

C_Alex_author | C_Alex_author

Roommate asks if they're TA for accommodating autistic friend 🤔

modern_machiavelli | modern_machiavelli

Friends' lack of understanding towards autism sparks outrage 😠

SkynyrdRocker | SkynyrdRocker

Friendship goals! A wholesome comment section with no drama 😊

florescentee | florescentee

Red's room, Red's rules. No controversy here! 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Autistic commenter praises friends for having a safe space 🙏

WowAObviousAlt | WowAObviousAlt

Friend's noble act sparks admiration among commenters 👏

palatablezeus | palatablezeus

Language struggles unite us all 😉📖

dmr1313 | dmr1313

Being a good friend and housemate deserves a standing ovation 👏

Kufat | Kufat

Educating friends about autism - NTA comment wins hearts 👍

synodalpha | synodalpha

Couple prioritizes safety and privacy, friends outraged. 😡

sheephulk | sheephulk

Respect Red's autonomy and choices. NTA for setting boundaries.

minahmyu | minahmyu

Creating a Forbidden Room is a thoughtful solution for introverts 😊

distorted_realities | distorted_realities

Friends outraged over mysterious forbidden room, but OP not at fault

thekyledavid | thekyledavid

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