😱 Family Gathering Turns Sour: Estranged Father Holds Baby Without Permission!

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Imagine attending a family gathering, only to find your estranged father holding your baby without permission! 😳 That's exactly what happened to one woman, who had cut ties with her father 16 years ago after he left her mother for another woman. Now married with a child and another on the way, she found herself face-to-face with her father at a cousin's party. Little did she know that the night would take a dramatic turn, leaving her fuming and questioning her cousin's loyalty. 😤💔

Cutting Ties with Dad

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A Family Reunion

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The Unexpected Encounter

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A Trusting Cousin?

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Father's Attempt to Connect

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Leaving Baby with Cousin

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The Unthinkable Happens

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Baby in Distress

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Confrontation and Exit

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Father's Facebook Drama

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Painted as the Monster

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Invasion of Privacy

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Grateful for Feedback

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A Family Affair Turned Nightmare 😨

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a woman's estranged father held her baby without her permission at a family gathering, causing her to see red and leave the party in a huff. 😡 But the drama didn't end there! The father took to Facebook, portraying himself as the victim and painting her as a heartless monster. 🤬 To make matters worse, he's been posting about her and sharing her childhood pictures without her consent for years. With the internet's support, she now feels validated in her actions. 💪 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Stand your ground! NTA for setting boundaries with family 👏

juswannalurkpls | juswannalurkpls

Setting boundaries with estranged father, sympathy on Facebook is juvenile 🙅

OilSeeYouL8er | OilSeeYouL8er

Cutting contact with estranged father and family after unwanted contact.

vodka_philosophy | vodka_philosophy

Supportive commenter defends OP and jokes about being a stranger 😄

monster_young | monster_young

ESH: Commenter and replies debate OP's decision to attend family event.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for not wanting father to hold baby, but should seek therapy for excessive anger towards him.

classactdynamo | classactdynamo

Commenter defends OP, suggests projection by previous commenter.

cortsnort | cortsnort

Commenter calls out OP's biased narrative and recommends reflection.

mg521 | mg521

Debate on whether OP was justified in cutting off their father.

ious_D | ious_D

Family drama at a gathering leads to ESH situation.

Ita_AMB | Ita_AMB

Cheating father causes family rift, but is estrangement justified? ESH

mujeresliebres | mujeresliebres

Misunderstanding or not, consent is important when holding someone's baby 👶

liarslittlepretty | liarslittlepretty

Setting boundaries as a parent is important 👍

singinscotlawyer | singinscotlawyer

Cutting off toxic family members is necessary for healthy relationships 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Don't engage with his post, let him reap what he sowed 👍

never_say_never | never_say_never

NTA for not allowing estranged father to hold baby, but consider letting go of grudge.

DocSternau | DocSternau

Who cares about the estranged families page? NTA for sure! 😊

sknyjros | sknyjros

16 years of estrangement and a baby leads to drama.

iqbal93 | iqbal93

Cousin and dad crossed the line. NTA for standing up.

Thrwforksandknives | Thrwforksandknives

Setting boundaries with family is tough, but necessary. YTA verdict.

mghwsh | mghwsh

Father holds baby without permission, cousin defends him. Who's TA?

CassieBear1 | CassieBear1

NTA for cutting off lying, cheating father who chose mistress over family.

saddoggirl | saddoggirl

Unconcerned about online opinions, commenter is not the a-hole.

LeMot-Juste | LeMot-Juste

Grow up! 🙄 Commenter calls out bad behavior.

tdogg240 | tdogg240

Don't let your estranged father's words get to you 🙏

Upgradedcannonfodder | Upgradedcannonfodder

OP's bitter attitude towards their estranged father sparks concern. 💔

dacoyle | dacoyle

Set boundaries with family, even if it's tough. 👍

EvilAuntBecky | EvilAuntBecky

No more family events? 🤔 Commenter thinks so. Replies agree.

daffoils7 | daffoils7

Standing up to an abusive, estranged father. NTA 👏🏼

Missa7610 | Missa7610

Estranged family Facebook group attracts self-absorbed a**holes. NTA.

Dan-D-Lyon | Dan-D-Lyon

NTA for setting boundaries with estranged father. Congrats on family!

Ayelmar | Ayelmar

16-year-old advises estranged father to seek therapy for resentment.

BeeDiggety | BeeDiggety

Cutting off toxic family members is never easy 🚫, but sometimes necessary. NTA.

jennlovesyarn | jennlovesyarn

Respect for the mother's rules, empathy for her pain. Congrats! 🎉

princess-cupcake17 | princess-cupcake17

Father holds baby without permission after 16 years. NTA

cloveroli | cloveroli

Curious about the dad's past behavior, seeking context 🤔

Alarming_Regret | Alarming_Regret

Insightful comment on dealing with estranged parents and toxic beliefs 👍

Cute-Hawk | Cute-Hawk

Cousin and estranged father act entitled to baby, OP not in the wrong. 🙄

awkwardly_competent | awkwardly_competent

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😢

Reading4LifeForever | Reading4LifeForever

Father holds baby without permission: Miscommunication or overreaction? 😕

zugzwang_03 | zugzwang_03

Don't let the narcs get to you! You're NTA 👍

wind-river7 | wind-river7

Protecting your baby is top priority! 👶 NTA for setting boundaries.

luvingme | luvingme

Cutting out toxic family members for the sake of your own family 👏

ButterSunflower | ButterSunflower

You did the right thing 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Trust issues arise after unwanted baby holding at family gathering. 🤔

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

Agreed! 👍 No way that baby was safe with him.

RoxyMcfly | RoxyMcfly

Reconnecting with estranged father holding baby without permission. 😊

enamarduk | enamarduk

NTA for not wanting estranged father near your child. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Estranged father holds baby without permission, NTA feels disrespected 😕

DawnWalkerW0lf | DawnWalkerW0lf

Father's manipulative move with baby enrages commenter

LostSoulsInRevelry | LostSoulsInRevelry

Cutting ties with toxic family members is necessary. 🙌

BlackWaygook | BlackWaygook

Asserting parental rights. NTA 👏

Supersonicspeed24 | Supersonicspeed24

Cousin's mistake leads to trust issues. NTA.

Dana07620 | Dana07620

Protecting your baby is top priority! 👍

abbigirl184749 | abbigirl184749

Dreams can be a warning sign 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

It's your baby and your decision. Cousin should have known better.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Estranged father wants to be called grandpa, NTA says no.

LGMHorus | LGMHorus

Commenter suggests more communication is needed for family healing.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Upholding boundaries with estranged father. Cousin and father TA.

bluecarnallove | bluecarnallove

Cutting toxic family members: 🙌 or 👎?

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😞

ellahood2003 | ellahood2003

Estranged father holds baby without permission, NTA sets boundaries.

caffeinatedmermaid17 | caffeinatedmermaid17

Respectful NTA cousin holds baby without permission, dad manipulates on Facebook

rikishocker | rikishocker

Betrayal of trust with estranged father holding baby without permission 😱

ktheway | ktheway

NTA - Family disrespected boundaries, cousin at fault for allowing it. 👏

KittyKiitos | KittyKiitos

Stepmother's knowledge of father's marriage impacts judgement. 🤔

Corginos_Dorkus | Corginos_Dorkus

Handling an estranged father holding a baby without permission - NTA

Bairbearbarebear | Bairbearbarebear

Readers sympathize with the mother's frustration and anger 😠

WickedLovely90 | WickedLovely90

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