Teen Fights to Keep Pet Snake 🐍 Despite New Stepsiblings' Fears

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Meet Frederick, a ball python who's the center of a family drama. A 15-year-old boy received Frederick as a gift from his grandparents and has been taking care of him ever since. But now, his mom is engaged to a man with kids, and the soon-to-be stepsiblings are scared of the snake. As the families plan to move in together, the pressure is on for the teen to give up his beloved pet. Will he stand his ground, or will Frederick be forced to slither away? 🐍

Meet Frederick, the Beloved Pet Snake 🐍

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A Family Affair 💍

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Fear of Frederick 😨

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Moving In Together 🏠

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Roommate Dilemma 🛏️

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No Room for the Snake 🚫

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Mom's Solution: Let Go of Frederick 😢

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Offers for a New Pet 🐶

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Standing His Ground 💪

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Seeking a Solution 🤔

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Considering Moving In with Grandparents 🏡

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Alternative Options 🔄

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Staying with Frederick ❤️

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A Scaly Standoff: Teen Fights for His Pet Snake 🐍

This 15-year-old is determined to keep his pet snake, Frederick, despite his soon-to-be stepsiblings' fears. As the families prepare to move in together, he's offered to move Frederick's enclosure and even considered living with his grandparents to keep his beloved pet. The teen believes that if his stepsiblings just gave Frederick a chance, they'd learn to live with him. The internet is divided on the issue - should the teen stand his ground, or should he let go of Frederick for the sake of family harmony? Let's see what people have to say about this scaly situation! 🐍💬

Teen fights to keep pet snake despite new stepsiblings' fears

Tiny_Shine5828 | Tiny_Shine5828

Teen's pet snake causing conflict in shared bedroom. NTA.

Auroraburst | Auroraburst

Teen fights to keep pet 🐍 despite stepsiblings' fears. Suggestions given.

CajunKC | CajunKC

Keep the pet and ask to move into the office 🐍

Myorangecrush77 | Myorangecrush77

Teen stands up for pet snake 🐍 despite stepsiblings' fears

Barelyaberry | Barelyaberry

🐍 Keep standing up for your responsibility and danger noodle. NTA.

velkana | velkana

Fear not! Redditor stands up for pet snake 🐍👏

DarthGayAgenda | DarthGayAgenda

A beloved pet snake causes conflict between step-siblings. 🐍

Apgamerwolf | Apgamerwolf

Don't get rid of a living creature because of irrational fears 🐍. Compromise needed.

Careless_Mango | Careless_Mango

Teen stands up for pet snake against step-siblings' fears 🐍

Inallea | Inallea

Family expects teen to give up pet snake for new stepsiblings 🐍

alyom | alyom

Protect Frederick at all costs! 🐍❤️

Jovet_Hunter | Jovet_Hunter

Teen fights to keep pet snake 🐍 despite new stepsiblings' fears. Commenter sympathizes and suggests alternative options. 😢

fell_on_a_freudian | fell_on_a_freudian

Teen fights for pet snake despite blended family tensions 🐍

HunterDangerous1366 | HunterDangerous1366

Don't snake-shame! 🐍 NTA, step-bros should give it a chance.

NightOwlEye | NightOwlEye

Commenters empathize with fear of snakes and support OP's love.

Disneyland4Ever | Disneyland4Ever

Keep your pet snake 🐍, don't let anyone make you feel guilty. NTA 👍

CyclonicHavoc | CyclonicHavoc

Teen fights to keep pet snake despite stepfamily's fears 🐍

kitscarlett | kitscarlett

Grandparents as a solution? 🤔

LavenderPearlTea | LavenderPearlTea

🐍 Stand your ground! Keep your boopnoodle, NTA!

crimvel | crimvel

Heartwarming support for teen fighting to keep pet snake 🐍

OriolesrRavens1974 | OriolesrRavens1974

Stand up for your pet 🐍 and express your feelings clearly 👍

DazzlingAssistant342 | DazzlingAssistant342

Family moves in, wants snake gone. NTA fights back 🐍

ayymahi | ayymahi

Engage new stepsiblings with education and set rules for Frederick 🐍

Wonderful_Ad_6089 | Wonderful_Ad_6089

Don't let your step-siblings ruin your slithery friendship 🐍❤️

DrunkOnRedCordial | DrunkOnRedCordial

Snake is family too 🐍 Don't re-home for stepsiblings' fears. #NTA

jyguy | jyguy

Step-siblings' fears can't take away a girl's pet snake 🐍

Mission-Jaguar3465 | Mission-Jaguar3465

Love knows no species! 🐍❤️ Stand your ground, NTA.

Beautiful-Dot4645 | Beautiful-Dot4645

Parental insensitivity towards child's pet, a**hole move 🐍

Cosmeticitizen | Cosmeticitizen

Commenter calls out mom's selfish behavior and priorities 😠

Calm-Association2774 | Calm-Association2774

Clear and concise: NTA, end of story 👍

redditluvsaita | redditluvsaita

Compromise with step-siblings needed to keep pet snake 🐍

Kooky-Hotel-5632 | Kooky-Hotel-5632

Suggestion to keep the pet snake safe and close by 🐍

Mum_of_rebels | Mum_of_rebels

Stand your ground and keep your pet 🐍. NTA.

Key-Raise9268 | Key-Raise9268

Supportive comment suggests delaying marriage to avoid conflict 👍

DeepPuddle01 | DeepPuddle01

Grandparents may be a better option. NTA 🐍

Leopard-Recent | Leopard-Recent

Bonded with pet snake, teen seeks refuge with grandparents 🐍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Step-siblings should learn to avoid the snake, not the owner. 🐍

StressyandMessy24 | StressyandMessy24

Snake tax please! NTA, but TA parents and step-siblings 🐍📷

Slach31 | Slach31

Stepbrother fears pet snake, but mom's new husband is the real issue 🐍

Polina_m1 | Polina_m1

Keeping pets during a family merge 🐍 NTA

bluepancakes18 | bluepancakes18

🐍 Keep your pet snake! Calmly explain your feelings to mom.

SunlightRosalie | SunlightRosalie

Supportive comment defending pet snake, Frederick 🐍❤️

tortxrra | tortxrra

Home space allocation drama, but pet snake stays 🐍👍

No-Locksmith-8590 | No-Locksmith-8590

Protect your pet snake 🐍 and stand up to the AHs.

LavenderPearlTea | LavenderPearlTea

Don't let anyone slither away your happiness 🐍👦🏻👧🏻

lanibird- | lanibird-

Grandparents may help keep Frederick 🐍. NTA wins.

NtlDerpFoundation | NtlDerpFoundation

Standing up for your pet 🐍 and your rights. NTA

CraigThornton78 | CraigThornton78

Mature OP offers options but step-siblings fear pet snake 🐍

isi_na | isi_na

Don't let your snake go! 🐍 Family is family. 💕

GeminiFireheart | GeminiFireheart

Grandparents' house may be a better home for Frederick 🐍

Ahsoka88 | Ahsoka88

Step-sister approves of pet snake 🐍, commenter not the a**hole

Particular-Hotel7166 | Particular-Hotel7166

Grandparents may be able to help keep Frederick the snake 🐍

Megmca | Megmca

Teen shows responsibility for pet snake despite step-siblings' fears 🐍

InkedAlly | InkedAlly

Snake is family too! Moving without him isn't an option. 🐍

PiperAnne55 | PiperAnne55

Snake-loving commenter supports teen's pet despite step-siblings' fears 🐍

Haztlen | Haztlen

New stepsiblings on a power trip over pet snake 🐍

kb709 | kb709

Pets are family 🐶 too, don't get rid of them for step-siblings 👥

Churchie-Baby | Churchie-Baby

Don't give up your pet! 🐍 Stand up for yourself!

PenPenLane | PenPenLane

Sibling rivalry over pet snake and office space 🐍💼

woahThatsOffebsive | woahThatsOffebsive

Stand up for yourself and your snake 🐍🐍, don't let anyone bully you. #NTA

Valiant_Strawberry | Valiant_Strawberry

A snake-loving teen is caught in a tough spot with new stepsiblings.

Cendrenna | Cendrenna

Parents forcing pet snake dilemma on blended family. 🐍

One-Illustrator8358 | One-Illustrator8358

Stand your ground and keep your pet snake 🐍👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepdad's kids resent sharing room, mom wants OP to give up pet 🐍

Ancient-Transition-4 | Ancient-Transition-4

Stand your ground! Your pet snake is irreplaceable 🐍 😎

crafty_and_kind | crafty_and_kind

Snake lovers unite! 🐍 Don't let the haters win. 🙅‍♀️

yeswehavenobonanza | yeswehavenobonanza

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