Dad Refuses to Pay Son's College Tuition After Years of Rejection 😲💔

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Imagine being a father who's been through a tough divorce, lost custody of your child, and then had your son reject you for years. Now, imagine that same son suddenly reaching out to you, not for love or reconciliation, but for money to pay for college. That's the heartbreaking situation one man found himself in, and he's wondering if he's in the wrong for refusing to pay his estranged son's tuition. Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story. 😢🎢

The Painful Backstory 💔

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Losing His Son 😞

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The Heartbreaking Reality 😢

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Starting Over 🌱

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Trying to Stay Connected 📞

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A New Life and Family 💕

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The Unexpected Call 📱

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The Painful Request 💔

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The Heartbreaking Decision 😢

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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Divided Opinions 🤔

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Attempts to Reconnect 📞

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Financial Situation 💰

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Clarifying the Situation 📝

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Mental Health Struggles 😔

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To Pay or Not to Pay? 🤔💸

After years of heartache and estrangement, this dad found himself faced with a difficult decision when his son, who had rejected him for years, suddenly reached out asking for money to pay for college. With a successful business and a new family, he's been able to provide for his stepchildren, but is he wrong for refusing to pay for his son's education after being treated like a stranger for so long? Opinions are divided, and the emotional stakes are high. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💬

Father refuses to pay son's tuition after years of rejection. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Father not responsible for son's college tuition.

eilig | eilig

Commenter questions OP's narrative, but still judges NTA.

BitiumRibbon | BitiumRibbon

NTA dad refuses to pay for college after years of rejection.

TheCookie_Momster | TheCookie_Momster

NAH commenter suggests OP talk to son about past and build relationship 👍

Currycarib | Currycarib

Father considers paying for son's college tuition in exchange for a relationship

JackNotName | JackNotName

Father refuses to pay son's tuition after years of rejection. NTA.

lloyd9929 | lloyd9929

NTA. Love makes family. Ex-wife may have caused parental alienation.

singforfood | singforfood

Father refuses to pay son's tuition, but is he really wrong?

savethepangolins90 | savethepangolins90

Commenter assumes NTA and speculates dad's reason for not paying.

QualifiedApathetic | QualifiedApathetic

Father stands firm on not paying son's tuition. NTA.

AndromedaGreen | AndromedaGreen

Ex-husband's wealth won't pay for son's tuition 💵

Fickle_Session | Fickle_Session

Taking a stand: NTA refuses to pay son's tuition 💪

cjxerxes | cjxerxes

Father not responsible for son's college tuition due to ex's actions 👍

probably_not_carole | probably_not_carole

Father refuses to pay for college tuition, but could have handled it better. YTA 😑

phan801 | phan801

Father wants genuine relationship with son, not just money.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father refuses to pay son's tuition, commenters urge reconciliation. 💔

escape777 | escape777

Father stands his ground on not paying son's tuition 💔

From_The_Heart1020 | From_The_Heart1020

Father defends himself against accusations of being a bad parent 👍

cheesypuzzas | cheesypuzzas

Ex-wife and son accused of greed in college tuition dispute 👍

ExistenceofOphelia | ExistenceofOphelia

Can a compromise be reached? 🤔 Suggestions for paying off loans.

knixatemylunch | knixatemylunch

Family isn't just DNA, NTA for refusing to pay tuition 👍

teresajs | teresajs

Son's entitlement to dad's money questioned. NTA.

BlackWaygook | BlackWaygook

NTA, cutting ties doesn't entitle you to money. Guilt-tripping = bad 👎

Tired-and-stressed | Tired-and-stressed

Son's estranged father only contacts him for money. NTA.

Threeminusme | Threeminusme

Commenter suspects troll post and questions OP's financial ability.

EggBoyandJuiceGirl | EggBoyandJuiceGirl

NTA. Karma bites. Let him suffer for pushing you away. 🤪

Fishyburn | Fishyburn

Father not obligated to pay son's college tuition. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for refusing to pay college tuition, but step-dad is TA 👎

nifflersvault | nifflersvault

Father not obligated to pay for estranged son's college tuition 💔

SoSayWeAllx | SoSayWeAllx

Empathetic 16-year-old supports dad's decision to not pay tuition 👏

UniKing45 | UniKing45

Father-son relationship strained over college tuition payment 😔

poyorick | poyorick

Father justified in refusing to pay son's college tuition. 💪

-your__mom- | -your__mom-

Father-son relationship broken, tuition payment denied 💔

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

Father refuses to pay son's tuition, comment defends father's decision.

sexylassy | sexylassy

Commenter sympathizes with OP's situation and supports their decision. 👍

polkapro | polkapro

Compromise with your son by contributing a percentage of tuition 👍

tinymechanist | tinymechanist

Standing up to entitled children 👊

SaccharineSins | SaccharineSins

Curious commenter seeks answers, gets none 🤔

Zenopus | Zenopus

Dad's refusal to pay tuition due to past lies and divorce.

biff64gc | biff64gc

NTA. You don't owe anyone anything, but a compromise helps 👍

aclockworksmorange | aclockworksmorange

Rebuilding a relationship with a distant father, but not as a cash cow 👍

MadGod1210 | MadGod1210

Father denies son's tuition, open to relationship but not exploitation 🙏

DrLilyPaddy | DrLilyPaddy

Empathetic comment encourages father to reach out to son for relationship 💜

BeTheChange_Engage | BeTheChange_Engage

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