✈️ Girlfriend's Airport Pickup Turns Sour 😠: Who's the Real A**hole Here? 🤔

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We've all had those moments where we're tired, hungry, and just want to get home after a long journey. But what happens when your significant other, who has already gone out of their way to pick you up, refuses to give you a lift for the last leg of the trip? This is the story of a couple who found themselves in a heated debate after a simple airport pickup went awry. 😠🚗💨

The Sweet Airport Pickup 🛬

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The Plan to Hang Out 🏠

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Key Conundrum 🔑

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The Unexpected Suggestion 🚌

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The Exhausted Traveler 😩

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The Unpleasant Weather ☔

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The Boyfriend's Reasoning 🚫🚗

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"Easier for You" 😒

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The Long, Cold Bus Ride 🥶

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The Aftermath 💢

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The Boyfriend's Defense 🛡️

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The Disconnection 🤷

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The Gender Swap 🔄

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The Time Miscalculation ⏰

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The Uncharacteristic Behavior 🤔

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Love on the Rocks: A Bus Ride Too Far? 🚍💔

After a long, exhausting trip, our protagonist was picked up by their girlfriend and driven home. But when they realized they didn't have their key and needed to go to the university to get it, their girlfriend suggested they take the bus instead of driving them. This led to a cold, wet, and miserable bus ride that left our protagonist fuming. 😤 When they finally returned, they told their girlfriend to go home, sparking a debate about who was in the wrong. Was it too much to ask for a short drive, or should they have been more understanding of their girlfriend's efforts? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💬🔥

Dump him. Waiting in the car for an hour and a half? 🤔

DoobieDoo0718 | DoobieDoo0718

Boyfriend's airport behavior deemed unacceptable by commenters. 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend's AH behavior at girlfriend's place. NTA for sure 😊

get_yer_stupid_rope | get_yer_stupid_rope

Boyfriend's passive-aggressive behavior after girlfriend forgets key 😠

LiaArgo | LiaArgo

Allergies aside, is the boyfriend selfish or just clueless? 🤔

Thart85 | Thart85

Red flags of narcissist behavior and manipulation. Tread carefully. 🚩

geishabird | geishabird

Sweet gestures or calculated moves? NTA gets called out. 😒

RudeHelicopter4662 | RudeHelicopter4662

NTA: Commenter sympathizes with OP and calls out boyfriend's behavior.

debdnow | debdnow

Partner's lack of consideration on airport pickup sparks NTA response 😠

EnergyThat1518 | EnergyThat1518

Commenter calls out OP's boyfriend, gets agreement from reply

crumblybuttons | crumblybuttons

Love shouldn't be an excuse for bad behavior. NTA 👏

Jjustingraham | Jjustingraham

Boyfriend's selfishness puts girlfriend at risk. NTA 👏

biopticstream | biopticstream

Girlfriend's boyfriend waits 90 mins at bus station, NTA wins

ionlyreadtitle | ionlyreadtitle

Boyfriend's selfishness leads to sour airport pickup 😠

Holymolyhannah | Holymolyhannah

Boyfriend's airport pickup gone wrong, commenter calls out AH behavior 😠

RevolutionaryCow7961 | RevolutionaryCow7961

Dump the garbage 👋😠 - NTA's got your back 👏

Greenelse | Greenelse

Spelling aside, ex-boyfriend is 1000000% the a**hole 😠

Popular-Emu7380 | Popular-Emu7380

Airport pickup disaster almost ended the relationship 😱

NickelPickle2018 | NickelPickle2018

NTA for feeling confused about boyfriend's strange behavior at airport.

legendary_mushroom | legendary_mushroom

Exes show how a partner should treat you 😘

Gwynzireael | Gwynzireael

Boyfriend turns a favor into a burden. NTA 👏

angelblade401 | angelblade401

NTA for making him leave after he refused to take you

ImposterSyndrome412 | ImposterSyndrome412

Fly away from that relationship! 🛫 NTA deserves better 👍

Amaryllis83 | Amaryllis83

Partner's lack of basic hygiene standards raises red flags. 😑

AlienGoddess91 | AlienGoddess91

Partner's airport pickup turns sour as he sits in car. NTA.

Frequent_Jellyfish69 | Frequent_Jellyfish69

Seinfeld fans unite! NTA for not driving a few blocks.

IntrinsicM | IntrinsicM

Partner's failure to pick up from airport sparks debate. 😠

SnooRabbits302 | SnooRabbits302

Commenter seeks context for airport pickup gone wrong 🤔

RasaWhite | RasaWhite

When forgetfulness becomes a relationship issue 🤔

milkandsalsa | milkandsalsa

Relationships are give and take. Did you offer to help with gas? 🚨

taintedaffection | taintedaffection

Ex-boyfriend's manipulation and gaslighting flagged by commenter. NTA confirmed 👍

LateEvening6026 | LateEvening6026

Girlfriend's airport pickup goes wrong after an hour wait 😠

soph_lurk_2018 | soph_lurk_2018

Dump him! 💔 You're NTA and deserve better. 🙌

BitOCrumpet | BitOCrumpet

Commenter defends OP's actions with a touch of sass. 😎

Dogmother123 | Dogmother123

Girlfriend forgets keys, boyfriend's reaction makes him TA 😑

raisedonadiet | raisedonadiet

Doubts raised on authenticity of the story 😕

SorcererZxase | SorcererZxase

Long, cold bus ride vs. waiting in a warm car 😒

AJFurnival | AJFurnival

Partner upset with truth? NTA for calling out bad behavior. 🤔

MattDaveys | MattDaveys

Boyfriend forgot purse, drove back at 2am. NTA wins!

pvssyliqvor | pvssyliqvor

NTA commenter calls out someone's uncaring behavior 🙌

WeightEfficient6912 | WeightEfficient6912

Curious for an update on this NTA airport pickup situation 😂

Blonde-Betty | Blonde-Betty

Roommate forgets key, commenter calls out both parties' faults 😠

Hellolost | Hellolost

Forgetting your keys: innocent mistake or major inconvenience? 🤔

bugbirdy | bugbirdy

Girlfriend's airport pick-up goes wrong, commenter finds it weird. 🤔

Necessary_Variety323 | Necessary_Variety323

Gender switcheroo sparks debate: YTA or NTA for airport pickup?

Frosty_Engine_7575 | Frosty_Engine_7575

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 You don't deserve that treatment.

Bright_Sea_7567 | Bright_Sea_7567

Unpopular opinion but YTA OP. 😕 Inconvenience of rides explained.

Rough-Culture | Rough-Culture

OP is TA for treating their partner like a taxi 🚫

thenord321 | thenord321

Walking to the library: a healthier and faster option 🚶️

HippGris | HippGris

Understanding neurodiversity: Comment suggests boyfriend may be on spectrum 🤓

Automatic-Friend-213 | Automatic-Friend-213

A sweet gesture turned sour. Is it time to end it? 🤔

Bookish4269 | Bookish4269

Passive-aggressive partner triples wait time at airport pickup 😠

Sufficient_Claim_461 | Sufficient_Claim_461

Dump the baggage: Commenter advises to lose disrespectful boyfriend. 👋

ladytypeperson | ladytypeperson

Partner's true colors revealed. NTA deserves better 👏

Walesgurl | Walesgurl

Partner's airport pickup fail sparks NTA judgement and relationship advice

Doormatjones | Doormatjones

Don't waste your time waiting for someone else's mistake ⏳

Caladrius- | Caladrius-

Partner's selfishness and punishment leads to justified breakup. 👍

BlobulousPesto829 | BlobulousPesto829

Partner's manipulative behavior warrants a breakup. NTA 👍

ash992 | ash992

👍 Not the a**hole, dump him! 💔

ctortan | ctortan

🚨 BREAK UP ALERT 🚨 NTA wins this round.

gloomgore_ | gloomgore_

NTA comment receives sassy response for breakup update 😍

ProfessionEnough6265 | ProfessionEnough6265

Unorganized essentials lead to airport pickup disaster 😕

MadMaid42 | MadMaid42

YTA for not having your keys together. Both are AH 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Forgetting keys at home: a universal problem 😂

No_Guarantee_6756 | No_Guarantee_6756

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