Sister's Husband Calls Cops on Babysitting Aunt 😱

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Imagine babysitting your sister's kids and suddenly having the cops show up at your door! That's exactly what happened to a 30-year-old woman who found herself in the middle of a family dispute. Her sister's husband, with whom she doesn't get along, decided to involve the authorities after a heated argument. 😤👮‍♂️ Now, the babysitting aunt is left questioning whether she should continue helping her sister out or distance herself from the drama. Let's dive into this wild story! 🍿

Sister's Husband and Aunt Don't Get Along

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A Heated Argument

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Aunt's Sharp Response

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BIL Leaves in a Huff

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Aunt Agrees to Babysit

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Unexpected Visit from the Cops

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BIL's Shocking Accusation

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Clearing Up the Misunderstanding

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Sister Confirms the Truth

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BIL's Petty Revenge

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Aunt's Fear

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Cop Resolves the Situation

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Sister Apologizes

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Aunt's Decision

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Sister's Plea

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Aunt's Suggestion

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To Babysit or Not to Babysit? 🤔

After a family argument, this babysitting aunt was left shaken when her sister's husband called the cops on her, accusing her of keeping his stepkids without permission. 😲🚔 Now, she's torn between wanting to help her sister and fearing more drama with the authorities. She's suggested her sister's husband step up and take care of the kids, but her sister claims it's complicated. What do you think about this messy situation? Let's check out some top responses from the internet! 💬

NTA. Sister's husband calls cops on babysitting aunt 😱. Commenters suggest sister leave toxic relationship.

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Babysitting aunt not the a**hole for not wanting to see sister's husband alone with kids. Commenters advise getting a notarized letter from sister.

ForwardPlenty | ForwardPlenty

Supportive comments suggest sister's husband is scary and controlling 😱

kellylovesdisney | kellylovesdisney

BIL calls cops on aunt, commenter says NTA, warns against repercussions 😱

angelclawsfrank | angelclawsfrank

Confusion over stepfather's legal authority leads to police intervention 🤔

Curlygirl34 | Curlygirl34

NTA babysitting aunt warned to never babysit again by BIL.

Important-Pop-2800 | Important-Pop-2800

NTA struggles with sister's husband filing false police report 😱

shadowofajoke | shadowofajoke

Protecting your family from toxic people 👍

ITSlave4Decades | ITSlave4Decades

Standing up against abusive behavior and bogus calls to cops 💪🏻

Queen_Aurelia | Queen_Aurelia

Sister's husband called cops on aunt. Commenters suggest divorce. 😱

TheGloriousUllr | TheGloriousUllr

Stand up for yourself and demand justice. NTA 💪

prodrvr22 | prodrvr22

Aunt won't babysit again unless stepdad is out of picture 🙅

3heartsattic | 3heartsattic

Babysitting aunt not the a**hole for refusing to enable sister's husband 🙌

Antique_futurist | Antique_futurist

Supportive comment calls for sister's escape from controlling relationship 👏

trekqueen | trekqueen

BIL falsifies police report, causing sister to suffer consequences. NTA.

theranchmonster | theranchmonster

Supportive comment suggests sister's marriage is doomed, offers future help.

redcore4 | redcore4

Babysitting gone wrong, BIL calls cops - NTA's safety first 😱

Stitchapuss | Stitchapuss

Supportive comment calls sister's husband a nightmare, NTA.

Kebar8 | Kebar8

Protecting yourself is top priority. Offer resources to sister.

Mirianda666 | Mirianda666

Aunt babysits sister's kids, gets cops called. NTA for refusing again.

win7119 | win7119

Protecting family from toxic in-laws 🙌

BigPhar | BigPhar

Commenter acknowledges complexity of situation and offers empathetic advice.

jacquilynne | jacquilynne

Aunt wins, but sister's husband won't get free babysitting anymore 😊

Individual_Ad_9213 | Individual_Ad_9213

Supportive comment section agrees: NTA for babysitting aunt 👏

TruckOk7081 | TruckOk7081

Sister's husband refuses to watch kids, mocks mental illness, and gambles.

roxannefromarkansas | roxannefromarkansas

NTA stands for Not The A**hole. The comment suggests that involving the cops is a deal breaker. 😕

Fonz136 | Fonz136

Take legal action against abusive brother-in-law. NTA.

hello_dali | hello_dali

Sister's husband calls cops on babysitting aunt. NTA for refusing.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground! NTA. Demand an apology from BIL 💪

Alarmed-Hamster-4047 | Alarmed-Hamster-4047

Police called on babysitting aunt, but does the husband have legal rights? 🤔

Greedy-Text1251 | Greedy-Text1251

Babysitting aunt wins after brother-in-law calls cops 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Aunt stops babysitting after BIL calls cops. NTA. 😱

Unit-Healthy | Unit-Healthy

Sister's husband calls cops on babysitting aunt, NTA but sister is AH 😱

lollixs | lollixs

Curious about sister's husband's reason for not babysitting 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out sister's husband and suggests leaving him 💔

JuliaX1984 | JuliaX1984

Babysitting aunt not the a**hole, sister's husband is crazy 🤯

BloopyBloopBoopBoop | BloopyBloopBoopBoop

Supportive comment urges divorce and protection from abusive husband.

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Aunt refuses to babysit sister's kids due to toxic husband. NTA 👍

witchbrew7 | witchbrew7

Deadbeat stepdad gets a wake-up call 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Babysitting aunt called by cops, NTA defends with glass houses proverb 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister's husband calls cops on aunt for babysitting. Commenters outraged. 😠

Em4Tango | Em4Tango

Aunt wrongly accused, NTA. Consider pressing charges against BIL 💪

Upstairs_Past2832 | Upstairs_Past2832

Dealing with a difficult BIL and supporting your sister 👫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family member calls cops on babysitting aunt, commenter supports NTA.

HWGA_Exandria | HWGA_Exandria

Concerned comment suggests possible abuse in family, advises caution.

Affectionate-Dirt777 | Affectionate-Dirt777

Stand up for yourself! NTA. File a complaint against BIL 👊

webbinator999 | webbinator999

Babysitting gone wrong. NTA for prioritizing safety. 😱

digmachine | digmachine

Protecting yourself from a crazy stepdad. NTA 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister's husband calls cops on aunt while babysitting 🤪

Beabarb | Beabarb

Protecting yourself from a vindictive BIL who called cops 😱

Scarletzoe | Scarletzoe

Toxic brother-in-law puts aunt and uncle in danger 😱

Stace34 | Stace34

NTA. Report BIL for false police report to protect yourself.

PARA9535307 | PARA9535307

Sister's husband called cops on aunt for babysitting. Commenter calls him AS.

reena3883 | reena3883

Supportive comment tells woman to leave her useless husband 🙌

Hpspyro | Hpspyro

Sister's husband gets what he deserves. NTA wins this round.

Flickywoo | Flickywoo

Helping family is important, but not at the cost of safety 🚨

JulieAnne313 | JulieAnne313

Aunt chooses safety over sister's inconvenience. #NTA 🙌

PurpleAquilegia | PurpleAquilegia

Aunt wants to keep babysitting but needs legal protection. 👍

Psychological_Sail80 | Psychological_Sail80

Protect yourself from vengeful in-laws. NTA 😊

snortsrainbows | snortsrainbows

Supportive advice for dealing with a vengeful brother-in-law 👍

DiTrastevere | DiTrastevere

Concerned commenter suggests sister may be in abusive relationship 😔

Careful-Self-457 | Careful-Self-457

Aunt wrongly accused of babysitting, seeks legal help. NTA 👍

lonewolf369963 | lonewolf369963

Aunt accused of wrong doing, defends herself against husband's actions 🤷

Legion1117 | Legion1117

Aunt not at fault for sister's husband's overreaction 😞

UrHumbleNarr8or | UrHumbleNarr8or

Supportive comment suggests reconsidering helping sister, filing EPO against BIL.

robbysmithky | robbysmithky

Suggests a compromise to help sister in abusive relationship. 👍

shitd0tcom | shitd0tcom

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