Woman Deletes 'Embarrassing' Childhood Video, Family Furious 😱📼

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We all have those embarrassing childhood memories that we'd rather forget, but what happens when your family won't let you live it down? 😳 One woman (F25) found herself in this exact situation. When she was 9-10 years old, she recorded a 'show' of herself singing and dancing, only for her trousers to fall down, revealing her underwear. Her family found the video and teased her relentlessly for years, causing her immense anxiety. 😢 But when they threatened to share it on social media, she decided enough was enough and deleted the video. Now, her family is furious and calling her selfish for erasing 'precious memories.' Let's dive into this dramatic tale! 🍿

The Embarrassing Video 📼

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The Unwanted Discovery 😳

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Family's Relentless Teasing 😥

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Years of Blackmail 😡

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The Threats Continue 🚨

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Enough is Enough! 🛑

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Taking Matters into Her Own Hands 🖥️

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The Great Deletion 🗑️

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Accused of Being Selfish 😒

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Family's Disappointment 😔

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A Cruel Revelation 😢

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Was She Wrong for Deleting the Video? 🤔

After years of being teased and blackmailed by her family, this woman finally took matters into her own hands and deleted the embarrassing video. But now, her family is furious and calling her selfish for erasing 'precious memories.' 😠 She argues that she gave plenty of warning and was fed up with it being used against her. She also believes that memories shouldn't come at the expense of someone's mental health or be used for emotional blackmail. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐

Family bullies OP over childhood video, NTA for deleting it 👏

TyrannasaurusRecked | TyrannasaurusRecked

Family bullies OP for deleting embarrassing video. NTA. Secretly plan escape 👋

Bruiscear | Bruiscear

Deleting childhood video was necessary to stop emotional abuse 👏

TorchwoodFour | TorchwoodFour

Defending a woman who deleted an embarrassing childhood video 📹

sage_ley | sage_ley

Family bullies woman for deleting embarrassing childhood video. 😱

Korike0017 | Korike0017

User suggests hilarious revenge plan for family's anger over video deletion 😂

ArchyDWolf | ArchyDWolf

Family wants to keep blackmail material? NTA for deleting it 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up against bullies! NTA, cut contact with them 💪

Suitable-Cod-1381 | Suitable-Cod-1381

Standing up to bullies and protecting yourself is important! 💪🏼

Unusual_Variant | Unusual_Variant

Escape from toxic family with NTA support 🙌

Jane_the_Quene | Jane_the_Quene

Family mad because they lost blackmail material. Good for OP 👏

CrimsonKnight_004 | CrimsonKnight_004

Empathetic comment supports OP's decision to distance from toxic family.

Jovon35 | Jovon35

Standing up to family bullies. NTA wins this round 💪

ThinkingIsNotACrime | ThinkingIsNotACrime

Stand up for yourself and distance from toxic family 💪

TraditionalAd7252 | TraditionalAd7252

Stand up for yourself and surround yourself with supportive people 👏

Fresh-Assignment5559 | Fresh-Assignment5559

In-laws sharing embarrassing childhood photos? Not the a-hole! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family abuses daughter with childhood video, OP not the a**hole.

DrMindbendersMonocle | DrMindbendersMonocle

Stand up for yourself! Deleting the video was the right move 👏

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

Protecting privacy or breaking the law? NTA, you decide.

queensilence4 | queensilence4

Savage! NTA deletes 'embarrassing' video, family outraged 🤬

He_Who_Is_Right_ | He_Who_Is_Right_

Cutting ties with toxic family members can be liberating 👏

Nova_Lurker | Nova_Lurker

Deleting childhood videos: NTA, memories should bring joy not torture 🙌

JurassicParkFood | JurassicParkFood

Empathetic comment supports OP against childhood bullies 👏

Super-Sun8330 | Super-Sun8330

OP is suggested to secretly film family and share publicly. 😏

Fine_Helicopter7214 | Fine_Helicopter7214

Family drama over deleted childhood video. NTA comment support 👏

bacardi-coke | bacardi-coke

Woman stands up to family's blackmail over childhood video 👏

Mobile_Busy | Mobile_Busy

Heartbreaking childhood video deletion leads to no-contact suggestion.

MaryK007 | MaryK007

Standing up to abusive family, NTA for deleting video 👏

Creative_Trick_3818 | Creative_Trick_3818

Deleting an embarrassing video caused family outrage. NTA wins.

MrsJRRzombie | MrsJRRzombie

Deleting embarrassing childhood video sparks family feud 😱

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Family bullying is not okay. It's time to prioritize your happiness 🙏

Silly-Cat-2999 | Silly-Cat-2999

Supportive commenter offers help and calls out OP's family. 👏

Hgg1127 | Hgg1127

Supportive comment calling out toxic family behavior with helpful subreddit.

Jazzlike-Village9159 | Jazzlike-Village9159

Commenter claims not the a**hole in abusive family dynamic.

thenightm4reone | thenightm4reone

Family outraged after woman deletes childhood video 😱

PrincessSquidgy | PrincessSquidgy

Empathetic comment offers support to OP against family's mistreatment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground. You deserve respect and privacy. 💪

Wizardinred | Wizardinred

Standing up for yourself against family 💪

Ineffable_Confusion | Ineffable_Confusion

Taking control of your online presence 👏

Glock212327 | Glock212327

Family drama? NTA, but cartoon villains? 🤷‍♀️

Just-Like-My-Opinion | Just-Like-My-Opinion

Stand up for yourself! You deserve better 💪

artemisthewild | artemisthewild

Family bullies and blackmails over childhood video, NTA wins 👏

Livetorun123 | Livetorun123

Standing up for yourself against family 👊

Wide-Philosophy3222 | Wide-Philosophy3222

Family's cruel intentions exposed, commenter supports OP. 👍

FreakingFae | FreakingFae

Toxic family dynamics can be hard to escape. Stay strong 💪🏻

AluminumOctopus | AluminumOctopus

Agreeing with the commenter's sentiment about terrible families 😠

Salz78 | Salz78

Stand up for yourself and cut toxic family out. 👊

Chemical_Relation008 | Chemical_Relation008

Toxic family? Cut them off. You deserve better 👏

rocklandguy324 | rocklandguy324

Commenter not at fault for deleting embarrassing childhood video

Momof5munsters | Momof5munsters

Agreeing with the decision to delete embarrassing childhood video.

Livinthedream_111 | Livinthedream_111

NTA but family is full of them 🤯

BbyMuffinz | BbyMuffinz

Family used embarrassing video to blackmail and humiliate, NTA 👏

Littlelady0410 | Littlelady0410

Stand your ground! You have the right to delete 👊

PurpleAquilegia | PurpleAquilegia

Stand your ground! Share this thread with your family 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family shares embarrassing stories, but this is too much. NTA

imaginaryblues | imaginaryblues

Deleting childhood video caused family feud. NTA verdict.

originalgenghismom | originalgenghismom

Stand up to bullying and protect your privacy. NTA 💪

Cutesy-potatoe | Cutesy-potatoe

Family feud: commenter takes side against rotten relatives 👍

daloman | daloman

Standing up to family bullies, NTA deletes childhood video 👏

disruptionisbliss | disruptionisbliss

Taking control of your own content. Family drama ensues 🤷‍♀️

Soylent_Milk2021 | Soylent_Milk2021

Empathetic comment receives support, stands up to family bullying. 👏

Radiant-Walrus-4961 | Radiant-Walrus-4961

Deleting a childhood video shouldn't lead to family blackmail 😡

DahbrodooD | DahbrodooD

Family upset after woman deletes childhood video. NTA.

J_2993 | J_2993

Family ridicules daughter's deleted video, commenter supports NTA stance.

katd82177 | katd82177

Standing up against family bullying. NTA 💪

Zanith66 | Zanith66

Standing up for oneself against emotional abuse 💪

tothepayne | tothepayne

Protective dad defends daughter's privacy with passion 💪

LinusV1 | LinusV1

Don't let your family bring you down! You're NTA 👏

gytherin | gytherin

Standing up to emotional abuse from family. You're NTA 👏

IJustWantWaffles_87 | IJustWantWaffles_87

Family ridiculed her childhood trauma, but she's disgraceful for deleting? 🤔 NTA

Pretty_Society3219 | Pretty_Society3219

Cutting ties with toxic family? NTA, you do you 👍

LissaBryan | LissaBryan

Standing up to parental blackmail - NTA wins this round 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting off abusive family: a necessary step 👍

GlitterFairy_21225 | GlitterFairy_21225

Toxic family dynamics and emotional abuse. Seek therapy. NTA.

Necessary_Fig2438 | Necessary_Fig2438

Standing up to family abuse 💪

DazzlingAssistant342 | DazzlingAssistant342

Deleting an embarrassing childhood video causes family drama 😱

Mermaidtoo | Mermaidtoo

Defending against family backlash for deleting embarrassing video 🙌

PeanutbutterBandit | PeanutbutterBandit

Cutting toxic family ties for happiness. NTA wins support. 👏

Bgerrits3 | Bgerrits3

Standing up to family bullying, NTA takes control 💪

BlobulousPesto829 | BlobulousPesto829

Empathetic response to childhood video deletion 😢

LuciusMaximal | LuciusMaximal

Support for OP's decision to delete video, condemnation of father's behavior.

Aggravating-Plum8147 | Aggravating-Plum8147

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