Mom Refuses to Rehome Pet Rabbit for Stepdaughter's Sake 😲🐰

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What happens when a beloved pet rabbit and a stepdaughter's curiosity collide? Drama, that's what! A 28-year-old woman has been a loving stepmom to her husband's 12-year-old daughter, doing everything she can to make her feel like a part of the family. But when it comes to her cherished pet rabbit, she's drawn a line in the sand. The rabbit has been in her life for six years, and she's not about to let it go for anyone. But is she being too stubborn? Let's dive into the story and find out! 🐰💥

A Special Bunny 🐇❤️

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Becoming a Stepmom 👩‍👧

[deleted] | [deleted]

No Kids Allowed 🚫🧒

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The Rabbit's Room 🚪🔒

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A Breach of Trust 😠

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Furious Husband 😡

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Rehome the Rabbit? 🏡🐰

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Silent Treatment 😶

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Edit: Teaching Time 📚

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Edit 2: Boundaries 🚧

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Bunny Drama: A Family Divided 🐰💔

This stepmom loves her pet rabbit and her stepdaughter, but she's not willing to compromise when it comes to the bunny's safety. Despite her husband's anger and demands to rehome the rabbit, she's standing her ground. She plans to teach her stepdaughter how to handle the rabbit carefully, but will also have a serious talk with her husband about respecting boundaries. Will this furry friend continue to cause a rift in the family, or can they find a way to coexist peacefully? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💬

Teach daughter to handle rabbit safely to prevent future issues. 🐰

Radio_Caroline79 | Radio_Caroline79

Husband's trustworthiness questioned in rabbit rehoming situation 😳

OatmealCookieGirl | OatmealCookieGirl

12-year-old stepdaughter wants to bond with pet rabbit. NTA suggests teaching her how to handle the rabbit safely.

KhaosCookie | KhaosCookie

Teach your daughter to handle the rabbit, not rehome it 🐰

HeatherAnne1975 | HeatherAnne1975

NTA for standing up for your pet rabbit and boundaries. ❤

XadhoomXado | XadhoomXado

A gentle reminder to prioritize safety for both child and pet 🐰

HeadlineBay | HeadlineBay

Stepdaughter's needs cannot be 100%. Red flags raised. 🚨

UnencumberedChipmunk | UnencumberedChipmunk

Stepmom initially refused to rehome rabbit for stepdaughter's sake. ESH.

Jed08 | Jed08

Debate over whether a 12-year-old can handle a pet rabbit 🐰

NoticeBeneficial294 | NoticeBeneficial294

Teaching daughter to handle rabbit properly is a reasonable compromise 🐰

kittynaed | kittynaed

A locked room for a pet rabbit? This situation is strange 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepdaughter wants to love pet rabbit, but ESH in this tale.

merlinsbeard999 | merlinsbeard999

Lonely rabbit needs a friend 🐰

MillipedePaws | MillipedePaws

Teaching respect for animals is a mother's responsibility 🐰

SimplyNRG | SimplyNRG

Husband using rabbit to entertain daughter, NTA for changing lock

likeahike | likeahike

YTA for not letting your stepdaughter spend time with the pet 🐰

OneCalledMike | OneCalledMike

Teaching daughter to handle rabbit is overdue 🐰

jg700 | jg700

Sibling rivalry over snacks? We've all been there 🤣

SimplyNRG | SimplyNRG

Teaching 12-year-old stepdaughter to handle rabbit safely. NTA.

salukiqueen | salukiqueen

Pet rabbit causing marital issues and child safety concerns 🐰

Front_Thought_9988 | Front_Thought_9988

Commenter thinks OP is the a**hole and husband too 😬

WhyCommentQueasy | WhyCommentQueasy

The Rabbit Room: a forbidden space for all humans 🐰

ABCtacos | ABCtacos

Keeping a solitary rabbit may be illegal in some places 😮

YoSocrates | YoSocrates

Husband ignores wishes, mom locks rabbit away, ESH. Trust daughter.

Natural_Ad_8911 | Natural_Ad_8911

Coexistence is key for child and rabbit 🐰😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter accuses rabbit owner of obsession and selfishness.

caribulou | caribulou

Teaching kids pet responsibility is key 🐱

TheRiddler1976 | TheRiddler1976

Passionate defense for pet rabbit sparks debate 🐰

talulabaker13 | talulabaker13

Commenter calls out overprotective mom for refusing to rehome rabbit

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pet rabbit drama leads to family boundary issues and disrespect.

gunnyhunty | gunnyhunty

Teaching pet responsibility to kids is important 🐰

bizianka | bizianka

Mom accused of loving rabbit more than daughter 😲

tangnapalm | tangnapalm

Encouraging comment suggests letting daughter handle pet rabbit for more love 🐰

travel0503 | travel0503

User calls out OP and husband for mistreating pet rabbit 🐰

Sea-Cauliflower705 | Sea-Cauliflower705

RenieJune | RenieJune

evil_urges | evil_urges

gucknbuck | gucknbuck

A heated ESH comment about prioritizing stepchild over future kids.

Raging_Dragon_9999 | Raging_Dragon_9999

Sharing a room with a rabbit? YTA according to commenters 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teach kids to handle pets early on to avoid conflicts 🐱

gringaellie | gringaellie

Teaching proper pet care is key 🐱. Don't ban the daughter.

cmlobue | cmlobue

NTA! The husband's behavior is concerning. Change the lock 🔒

chiyostoppedcaring | chiyostoppedcaring

Teaching children to care for pets is important. Husband needs apology.

tikitori | tikitori

Teaching a child to care for a pet 🐰👧 could bring joy. ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Concerned commenter raises safety issues with rabbit's living situation 🚨

sorchajuniper | sorchajuniper

Teaching kids to handle pets is important 🐰

BodaciousBonnie | BodaciousBonnie

Husband should have intervened, but they need to talk about expectations.

deadbodyswtor | deadbodyswtor

Bunny or daughter? A tough choice for this stepmom 😕🐰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teach the 12-year-old how to handle the rabbit 🐰

_blueberry | _blueberry

Rabbit drama in a locked room. Everyone needs to chill 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband disregarded boundaries, now giving silent treatment. NTA.

LadyStonio | LadyStonio

Teach your daughter to handle the rabbit safely 🐰👧🏻🐇

Cultural-Concept-485 | Cultural-Concept-485

Teaching kids to love and care for pets 🐰❤️

Motor-Winter5581 | Motor-Winter5581

Choosing not to have kids doesn't make you an a**hole. Husband is at fault.

Silly_Year846 | Silly_Year846

Husband called out in NTA comment 👏

Chrysania83 | Chrysania83

A rabbit room with toys and a special lock? ESH.

perfect_fitz | perfect_fitz

Teaching a 12-year-old how to treat a rabbit 🐰 👨‍👩‍👧 is better than rehoming it 😔

AnnetteyS | AnnetteyS

Teach the 12-year-old to handle the rabbit properly! YTA 😠

jzielke71 | jzielke71

12-year-old stepdaughter can't interact with pet rabbit. ESH.

SleepingOnTheLazyBoy | SleepingOnTheLazyBoy

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